How to Fix a “DNS Server Not Responding” Problem

Ever tried to access the internet and instead of seeing a search engine's window you see the error message, "DNS Server is Not Responding"? For many people, such a message sounds like a foreign language, have no solution, and most do not know what a DNS is in the first place. When a Domain Name Server (DNS) is not responding, you will not be able to access the internet. This problem can be solved by following easy steps. First, let us look at why a DNS would have an issue. (more…)

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Common Causes And Solutions Of Computer Shutting Down By Itself Unexpectedly

If you are part of the people who have already asked themselves "Why does my PC shut off randomly by itself?", we guess that you face the issue quite frequently. This can be caused by many reasons but the symptom is always the same: your Windows computer keeps switching off on its own, automatically and for no reason, and obviously without restarting. Overheating, viruses, software crash, hardware malfunction, blue screen... Let's review the main causes and fixes that can create this problem. (more…)

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On The Importance Of Using An External Hard Drive While Reparing Your Computer

Any DIYer will tell you how important it is to use a secondary storage device while fixing your computer, may it be a portable laptop or a PC. Even if the repairing has nothing to do with the internal hard disk where all the data is stored, you're not protected from anything going wrong that could impact your files. Let's review the benefits of using an external hard drive (HDD). (more…)

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Laptops & Notebooks

What To Do When A Lithium Ion Battery gets swollen?

Laptops, notebooks, tablets, e-readers, cell phones... Today, most of our electronic devices are powered by lithium ion batteries. Usually, everything runs smoothly but it can happen that the battery is defective and start to swell, expand or inflate. In this case, it is most often too late to fix it. Here are some explanations about how to prevent this from happening and, if it's too late, how to dispose of your bloated battery. (more…)

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