Mobdro was one of the most efficient live TV apps in the world because of its free services and other convenient features. However, Mobdro has been down for quite a while now and no one knows if it will ever come back. Therefore, we have listed the best alternative live-streaming apps for you in this article.

What is the Mobdro app and what is it used for?

Mobdro was a very well-known application that provided streaming services for free. Besides, it was available on every operating system, both iOS and Android. The app allowed you to watch streaming movies on any device such as smart TV, PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The big difference between Netflix and Mobdro is that the latter allowed you to watch the program through a pirated streaming channel. In other words, Mobdro didn’t host any videos on its platform as Netflix does, but it was a third-party app showing content from various sources all filtered into several categories for users’ convenience.

Why was Mobdro the most popular streaming application?

As we mentioned earlier, apart from Kodi, Mobdro was always the top viewer choice because of the following reasons:

  1. Free Service: First and foremost, people were in love with Mobdro because it was free to use and you could enjoy TV shows and movies for free!
  2. Available on every device: Mobdro was working on Android smartphones, tablets, smart TV, and on PC.
  3. Unlimited high-quality videos: Thanks to its enormous database, with Mobdro, you could pretty much find anything you wanted. The app featured hundreds of TV channels with millions of high-resolution videos, including news, shows, movies, sports, music, and much more.
  4. Few annoying pop-up ads: Another good point that many people loved is that there were fewer ads showing on the screen than with other similar apps. For the paid users, they could enjoy 100% ad-free streaming.
  5. Downloadable videos: Mobdro not only provided unlimited streaming content but also allowed users to download them and watch them offline on their devices. Such a useful option!
  6. Easy-to-use: Mobdro had a ton of videos that were well classified into 12 different categories. Moreover, the overall interface was very easy-to-use.

What happened to Mobdro? Why is it not working anymore?

Mobdro’s users are not able to connect to the application anymore. When you try to use the platform, you will face a connection error page. In fact, the problem of the black screen happened several times in the past but had an easy fix by refreshing or re-installing the app.

Nevertheless, it is possible that the app will be permanently closed at this time due to legal issues. Similar to other streaming applications, Mobdro is an unverified IPTV and may be considered illegal since it was sharing out many copyrighted movies and shows.

What are recommended alternatives to Mobdro in 2021?

Since Mobdro is down and our favorite platform may not come back anytime soon, we have listed 5 recommended streaming apps like Mobdro that you can use as an alternative:

Kodi (Free)

Of course, the first alternative to Mobdro is Kodi, one of the largest streaming platforms. The app provides 100% free services and works efficiently on every device. With Kodi, you will have access to an abundance of content from many channels. Another positive point, you can freely download Kodi for Firestick via the Downloader app.

Xumo TV (Free)

Xumo TV is a great replacement for Mobdro as well. Although there are fewer channels available than Mobdro, Xumo features various well-known channels such as NBC News, Hallmark Movies & More, etc. Also, you will surely find a wide range of movies in many genres.

Most importantly, Xumo TV is the official streaming platform and is available on Amazon Store, Apple Store, and Google Store. Besides, it is free to use and doesn’t require signing in.

Sling TV (Paid Service)

Sling TV has become progressively popular in the United States. The latter is also an official application and offers up to 100+ famous cable TV channels including Cartoon Network, CNN, Fox News, and much more.

One downside of Sling TV is that you have to subscribe to the monthly plan which costs around $35. With this price, you can choose between the “Orange” plan (about sports and families) and the “Blue” plan (for news & entertainment). In conclusion, Sling TV is an interesting choice for people who prefer a safe and legal platform to watch TV online and don’t mind paying one more monthly bill.

Rokkr (Free)

Rokkr is also ranked on the top entertainment application. The developers claim that Rokkr is not only an official live streaming app but also a functional media browser. Thus, you will access all content including a TV series catalog in one place.

If you would like to get Rokkr on your device, you can download the app directly through the Google Play Store and the installation process is very simple.

Live Net TV

Last but not least, Live Net TV offers more than 800 TV channels that are arranged in 9 genres, such as entertainment, music, news, kids, sport, etc. The videos are available in both SD and HD quality and can be played on Android, MX as well as XMTV players. In addition, you can freely access all content without any registration or subscription.

How can you download streaming apps on FireStick?

Amazon Fire Stick is a portable device that lets you watch YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming apps on the TV. In case you would like to install more applications, “Downloader” is the fastest and the easiest way to get new programs onto your Fire TV devices.

  • Before starting, you have to install the “Downloader” first. Let’s open FireStick and look for the “Find” option on the home page.
  • Click on “Find” and then search “Downloader”. Thereafter, download and install the program.
  • After the installation is finished, open the “Downloader” and put the URL link of the streaming app you want to download into the empty box, for example:Live Net TV =
    Kodi =
  • Click “go” and wait a few minutes for the download before installing.
  • Now, the new app should be available on your Firestick. If not, go to “Manage Installed Application” on Setting and click “Launch” on your target app.
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