Kissanime used to be one of the most popular free anime websites among Japanese animation fans for quite a long time. Sadly the website got shut down on August 15th, 2020 due to a complete deletion of their Google Drive database by Google. After getting a DMCA takedown notice, it was the end of the beloved platform. This is why we came up with these amazing Kissanime alternative websites for you.

Where to watch anime without ads?

There are so many great websites that are similar to the once-famous Kissanime. Moreover, you can find user reviews claiming that some of these websites are even better than the latter. So that being said, let’s see what are your best options for Kissanime alternatives:

Kiss Asians

The first one on the list is KissAsians. You can probably tell by the name that this website is very similar to Kissanime. This online anime platform offers the latest anime series and movies in HD quality. Aside from that, you can also report errors and even request your favorite anime series to be added. One of the best things about this website is that it’s completely free and doesn’t have any annoying ads.


Another one in the Kiss family is Kissmanga. This website is like a sibling to the Kissanime and the Kissasians. KissManga offers a huge collection of new and famous anime series. However, users are required to log in or sign up before using the website but don’t worry, the membership is free. One unique thing about this website is that it carries different types of anime genres a good amount of daily uploads.


This website is also identical to Kissanime. It offers a very large collection of anime series and movies but the great thing about 9anime is that the website doesn’t require any registrations or membership to watch movies. Also, they upload constantly with subtitles if you prefer subbed to dubbed anime.

A-Z interface

This website is considered one of the best Kissanime alternatives and is very safe to use. It offers a huge collection of anime series, movies, shows, and manga series. Dubbed and subbed versions are also available on the website. Moreover, most of the video quality on this site is excellent, plus there is no registration required.


This website is considered one of the top anime piracy websites. It is genuinely safe to use and quite popular among anime fans since the site offers a user-friendly interface. GoGoanime website also provides subbed and dubbed versions and no registration needed. Users can also make requests for their favorite anime movies to be uploaded.

Anime land

You can find the latest anime series on the Anime-land website. A lot of users claimed that Animeland is one of the best sites since it contains an exceptionally large anime collection and features a very beautifully designed homepage. The website also offers the dubbed version of anime and also has a list of anime series and anime movies available for their viewers. Moreover, registration is not required on Animeland.

Anime planet

If you used to like Kissanime then you will definitely love Anime-planet. This website has everything Kissanime used to offer. The platform is generally easy-to-use. Plus, users can see the list of popular anime in the recommendation section on the website. Finally, more than 4000 legal anime shows and movies are available on this website in high-definition.


On AnimeTV, you can access a huge collection of anime series and movies in HD quality for free without any ads. Subbed and dubbed versions are also available. They also upload the latest anime episodes of your best series regularly on their homepage. However, users are required to sign up before using their website.


This website is purposely designed for anime lovers. Otakustream offers a free online anime streaming service in HD format. English subtitles are also available on the site. Different episodes of each anime series are organized beautifully on their homepage which makes searching for series effortless for their viewers.


And to finish our list, this website is very well designed and safe to use. KIMcartoon is the official replacement for Kisscartoon. It provides its viewers with anime series and movies in full HD quality and frequently uploads the latest anime series. However, users are required to register and log in before watching anything. Also, be careful to go on the version, and not the .io one, which turns out to be fake.

In conclusion, here are just some great examples of Kissanime alternatives that anime fans can use. Please keep in mind that some of these websites may be blocked in some countries and you might not be able to access all of them. So if you find that some of these websites don’t work on your device, chances are that they probably got blocked by the government. If that happens, you can just move on to the next website on the list.

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