There is no doubt that Netflix has changed the world of cinema forever, as it has taken over a good part of the globe. However, for those who don’t want to go mainstream or have simply gone through all their library (the part that they wanted to watch, at least), here are a few to visit.

YouMovie: For Live Performances

This Italian streaming website came on the market, in 2021, looking to change the way things are done in this industry sector. To do so, they entered into a partnership with a Canadian company called Triality Productions, which has been preparing the Triality World, for a few years now. This parallel universe will be filled with characters from tv series and films. To launch it, YouMovie will be presenting the first ever live storytelling sessions, on its platform.

The initial two characters that will address themselves directly to their international public, will be Lucifer and his Maiden. They will explain what really happened, at the birth of this parallel universe, and how, together with Adam, they gave birth to the human race. Afterwards, in September, the characters of Luis and Stella, which are a representation of the creators of the Triality World, will replace Lucifer and the Maiden. Afterwards, the whole fictional world of The Triality will take over in November, with the live storytelling sessions by Nicola Kafata (Il Consigliere) and Jeanne Bûcher (The Concierges).

YouMovie will also partner up with various film festivals, and other live events to bring unique streaming presentations, on its platform. Since films on YouMovie are currently available for streaming at no cost, till 2022, don’t wait: Take advantage of their exclusive offer, now before it is gone.

Mubi: If You enjoy being surprised

Mubi has an interesting concept behind its modus operandi. It provides you with a selection of films, which remains for a short period of time, before replacing them with others. They make the choice for you, as they go through festivals to find the most interesting films from around the globe. If you want mainstream, Mubi is probably not the streaming platform you need, though.

BFI Player: Did we say British?

If British films are your thing, then look no further. You have come to the palace of your dream. BFI stands for the British Film Institute. This is the platform where you can stream over 2,000 British films. Some of those have never been shown or just came out in festivals. However, if you do not have a credit card registered in the UK, you will have to look somewhere else for your film streaming needs.

Cinemapreneur: Indian Productions

As you certainly know, India is a great producer of films. Cinemapreneur is the latest platform to stream some of them. What you will find on it, is Indian independent cinema, both in short format and full features. Although the number of titles available is still limited, it is bound to grow, with such an extensive slate of films being produced inside the country.

Ovid: Independent Cinema

Ovid is definitely a strong player, now, in the world of internet streaming. With over 900 titles, it features films, world cinema and documentaries that come from countries all over the world. They have at heart of providing content that matters. That is why they don’t shy away from social and political issues. Some directors of these movies are well known, and their genre of films goes from arthouse to contemporary.

The Film Detective

If you are into classics, then look no further. This American based streaming platform, specializes in them. It contains over 3,000 titles that include western, sci-fi, mystery, family and drama, to name but a few of the genres. Classic TV series from the 50s and the 60s are also featured on the platform.

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