By now, you probably know that companies call upon SEO agencies to reach you, the consumer. To get the results they are looking for, these agencies have to understand how the Google search engine work. In this article, we’ll explain to you how they think, in order to get to the heart of Google and help their clients get to you.

SEO Agencies Look for Google’s Needs

How can you please your better-half, your friends and family? By understanding their needs in order to fulfill them. Companies do the same with their clients, and it is no different when it comes to getting to Google’s heart, or so it would seem. In fact, SEO specialists now say that the best way to get results in their work, is by filling the three needs that Google has: Understanding, Credibility and deliverability. Though it wasn’t always this way, these would be the elements Google is looking for today.

Could that be it? Is it that simple to get results through a SEO marketing campaign? Well, it may sound easy, but they certainly need to know how to go about satisfying Google before they see their clients at the top of result pages. Let‘s have a quick look at each of its needs, to understand better the actions that are taken to fill them.


Here, the question is not for the SEO agency to understand Google, but to know how Google can understand the website of their clients. To do so, it needs to have clearly defined what the objective of the website is, what it offers and the audience it wants to reach. In order to do so, they will recommend that the writing and the content is clear and that it includes relevant images and videos. The categories on the website also have to be in good order, and they have to be logical. In other words, thay need to think about how to communicate with a machine.


Once the first part is filled, the given website becomes one solution in a world of many solutions. So what Google will do then, is evaluate which one of the solution is the best for the person using the search engine in the case of this particular query (you). A few things that will make a website stand out of the crowd are: Accurate and updated content, peer-group approval, good reviews and positive user comments. That is also where good inbound links become important, as Google takes it in account before sending you on a given website.


This is the last one on the list, but it might be the most determining factor of the three. By now, Google has concluded that the website is a credible choice, but it’s not enough yet. It has to also determine if it can deliver what it offers. If so, that’s the page Google will direct you to.

Now you know how companies manage to get to you!

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