It is no secret, so many apps nowadays are sold with a subscription plan. If you have a lot of subscriptions at the moment, it’s always a good idea to double-check these subscriptions occasionally to see if you really need them. With so many subscriptions, it can become difficult for you to keep track of all of them and their payment cycles. So, let’s learn how to easily handle app subscriptions in the text below.

How to view your app store subscriptions

To view your App Store subscriptions, you don’t have to go to a website to sign up, and you don’t have to trust any company with your credit card details when you subscribe via the App Store. As you may already know, the subscription will then be paid to the card associated with your Apple ID and will be automatically renewed for the same period of time: normally monthly or annually.

But, the disadvantage is that you are responsible for remembering to cancel app subscriptions when you want to stop using them. However, the App Store normally sends a reminder text for you to remember. Alternatively, you could go to the App Store’s subscriptions page and ask Siri to set a reminder for a week before your subscription expires.

On your Mac:

  • Go to the App Store on your Mac (under the Apple menu)
  • From the menu bar, choose Store; View My Account OR View Details.
  • If prompted, log in.
  • To check how many subscriptions you have or cancel app subscriptions you don’t need to change any details, just scroll down to the Manage section.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can do the following:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • At the top, press your name, which has your Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes, and App Store login information.
  • Select iTunes; App Store from the drop-down menu.
  • Re-enter your Apple ID.
  • Select View Apple ID from the pop-up menu.
  • A subscription choice appears (you might need to verify your username with a password, Touch ID, or Face ID) about halfway down you’ll see an Account Settings page, click on that.
  • There you can update, cancel, or alter the frequency of your subscriptions from this page.

The easy way to manage subscriptions

If you are using macOS or iTunes and want to manage your Music or Apple TV subscriptions, first you’ll need to access your Apple Account. Then, enter your login information to access the settings on your account. All the current subscriptions you are using can be found here. To check a subscription, simply click on it. You can now view all active subscriptions on your device and find out if the connections with iTunes or Apple TV are there. Nonetheless, if you find out that your list is empty, it means your subscriptions may come from a different Apple ID.

For example, in the case of Netflix, you are entitled to subscribe only via Netflix’s App or its Official site and you will not be able to purchase or cancel your subscriptions through the AppStore. If you’d like a subscription to be renewed or canceled, press Edit, next to an app subscription. The subscription to an app can be continued or canceled there. Also, you can adjust plans for your methods of payment too. Lastly, note that for Netflix, once you have paid the application’s subscription amount you will not be refunded like other apps.

How to manage app subscriptions on your iOS device

If you are using an IOS device, go to the App Store and click the top right of the screen on your display page. To find your active memberships, tap Manage app subscriptions. Then, tap the subscription you would like to edit, and there you can now see the option to renew or stop any subscription.

For those using the new iOS version, recent improvements have provided an overdue solution to track your subscriptions and access them from the App Store easily. You just need to select your App Store profile Icon and find “Manage Subscriptions” on the same screen. Now you have all options ahead, navigate them by whatever means you like.

How to manage your active subscriptions on Mac

Here is the way to handle your applications easily in the Mac AppStore. Firstly, go to AppStore then tap the picture of your profile or your name in your sidebar. Then, the apps you purchased will then be sent to the panel. From here, you can manage active and inactive subscriptions you are searching for.

Thereafter, when you press View Information, you will find information identical to the one shown in iTunes at the top of your monitor screen. Here you can access your Apple account effortlessly; click Manage at the bottom of the screen to edit it.


Don’t forget to check your subscriptions regularly. There might be some applications that you no longer use and decide to cancel them in order to save money. And, with this helpful guide, you’ll have all the details you need to effectively manage your subscriptions.

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