What is Openload Stream Authorization and How to Fix Errors

Many people today are using the Kodi app to stream movies and TV series in order to avoid the cost of subscribing to many different internet streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and others. However, the developers and consumers using the Kodi app are under fire by regulators and telecommunication companies regarding the rights of these shows. Sometimes, it is difficult to connect to Openload stream because of this as you get an error message. Here is the explanation on how to solve this. (more…)

By Gillian V., ago

Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair your PC: How to Survive This?

Is there anything worse than having your computer telling you it can’t repair itself? Most probably, but in a world where we are so dependant upon our computers, reading “Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC” will always be a cause for anxiety. When Windows will fail to boot (including the latest versions), the next thing it will do is launch its built-in tool “Automatic Repair” to try and repair itself. But that might not work and that’s when it tells you the bad news… So, what should you do then? (more…)

By Jack F., ago