How to Delete or add Thumbnail Direct Links on Google Chrome Homepage

There are a few various web browsers used to navigate on the internet. However, the most popular one is Google Chrome, partly because everyone knows the Google name and also for the fact that it uses the Google search engine by default, which is the most popular way to find what you are looking for on the web. But one of the things Google Chrome does automatically is keep the pages you visit the most and places them as thumbnails on your home page. Here is how you can change them if you want. (more…)

By Jack F., ago

How Are Companies Using SEO in Order to Reach You?

By now, you probably know that companies call upon SEO agencies to reach you, the consumer. To get the results they are looking for, these agencies have to understand how the Google search engine work. In this article, we’ll explain to you how they think, in order to get to the heart of Google and help their clients get to you. (more…)

By Gillian V., ago