DirecTV and The Weather Channel are two of the most popular services in the audio-visual industry in the U.S., since they are both the most complete in their own field. DirecTV distributes a large number of channels to its clients, while the Weather Channel offers the largest and most qualitative information to TV viewers. But where can you find the Weather Channel on DirecTV, on your PC? Below you will find the answer to that question and why there is some confusion about the subject.

Looking for the Weather Channel on your PC

If you look for the Weather Channel on your computer, chances are you will end-up on a page where you will get the latest weather information on the city of your choice… and nothing else. If you are used to watching all the programs on the Weather Channel, that will be quite a disappointment. That is because people pay to have access to the whole content of the Channel Network, through their distributor: DirecTV.

So, if what you want is to get the whole programming, and not just static weather information, you need to type: The Weather Channel on DirecTV on a search engine. It will bring you to a link for DirecTV, presenting you with a direct access to the Weather Channel. However, you still need to be a client of DirecTV to have access to the content. Therefore, it will ask you for a username and a password. If you are not a client, then you need subscribe.

DirecTV: A multitude of Channels

DirecTV is known for the large number of channels it offers its customers. It is especially well-known for sports. On any given Sunday, when you have a paid subscription to DirecTV, you can watch all NFL games you want, through your subscription. That is one of the reasons why so many people choose DirecTV. But it is also because it is complete, featuring a large variety of channels.

One of them is the Weather Channel, which informs viewers, in real-time, of the weather around the USA and in the world. It is one of the most watched channels, as it is a useful service to anyone who needs to go outside the house, whether to get to work or to take part in activities that are held outside.

But DirecTV is also watched by those enjoying travel and cooking shows, as you can find specialized channels talking about these subjects. Kids also love DirecTV, since it features a large number of channels presenting programs made just for them, from educational to cartoons. And those who prefer to watch movies or series have so much choice, that they can be watching 24 hours a day, without seeing the same one twice. All and all, DirecTV is simply the most complete distributors of audio-visual networks in America.

Weather Channel: Live Weather Information on DirecTV

Although predicting weather is still not an exact science, especially in the mid to longer term, it is still quite helpful to prepare ourselves when we get dressed in the morning or when we plan outside activities in the coming days. There is always a good reason to inform ourselves on the weather situation. It is even more true with the Weather Channel, as it presents more than just your regular weather forecast.

When you watch the Weather Channel on DirecTV, you also get to see the situation around the world. If snow falls in a country where it usually doesn’t, you will be able to catch a glimpse of this natural event. If there is a powerful storm, hurricane or tornado, the Weather Channel will bring you images from the devastated zone. It also takes time to explain how weather patterns are formed and bring its viewers entertainment shows built around the weather theme.

The Weather Channel: Above all Competition

The Weather Channel is so big that it has its own weather prediction equipment. It created partnerships with various prestigious American universities (including MIT, University of California, Lancaster University and the University of Oxford), where it operates weather stations. That enables them to get and provide the most precise information on the weather from all around the country, at any given time.

Naturally, it also gets data from the National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center, so they can be fully up-to-date on the weather situation. All of this makes the Weather Channel unique in its capacity to inform the viewers on the latest conditions and to predict the upcoming weather.

It also helps that the Weather Channel is also international. In fact, although they are often known under other names in different countries, the Weather Channel operates networks in Latin America, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Where to find the Weather Channel on DirecTV

If there is confusion about the Weather Channel on DirecTV today, it is because it was actually removed from the distribution for a while. That came after a dispute between the Weather Channel and DirecTV, regarding payment per viewer. The amount given by DirecTV didn’t satisfy the Weather Channel, but instead of raising its offer, DirecTV simply removed the Weather Channel from its programming.

It took three months to find a solution to this dilemma, but since both sides really wanted to solve the issue, they managed to find a compromise. That enabled DirecTV to bring them back inside the group. They positioned them at number 362, which is where you will still find them today.

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