If we thought we were dependant on our phones and computers before the coronavirus pandemic happened, imagine now? To some of us, it kept us working while others had to go on temporary unemployment and to most of us, it kept us sane throughout this long period of lockdown by watching movies, playing online and talking with friends and families. But what if it broke?

Our Electronic Friends

We live in unprecedented times. No one could have imagined half the world’s population having to be quarantined for weeks and months, depending on where they lived. But it did happen and thanks to our mobile phones, tablets and computers, we were able to keep a minimum of sanity. And today, novelties on the internet are so numerous that we usually don’t have time to roam the World Wide Web to discover them all. Lately, more people have been discovering the new online casinos, which feature a large number of new games as well as live dealers. Today, playing online almost has the same feel as if you were on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. Places like Betiton even welcome you with a variety of special offers when you join their VIP Club.

Since tech companies have closed down most, if not all, of their repair shops and, technicians have to remain home like the rest of the population, if your electronic member of the family breaks down now, it is simply a nightmare inside another one (the coronavirus). It is very unlikely that you will be able to get a part for it, if in fact you know exactly what is wrong with your item. For Apple users, there was nothing easier than to find an Apple Store before the pandemic and bring the MackBook or iPhone for repair. But now, they are closed and no one else can help.

The problem is not just the tool but also the information inside it

A student was mentioning on a forum that she had to go back to an old PC after a MackBook screen was broken. She found herself in a land before time, having to deal with the lack of speed of the PC, but more importantly she did not have access to her notes which were all on the MacBook. Since courses are still being given online, it became quite a large problem for her as she could not go back to study the material.

For those who had to start working from home, a faulty computer could rapidly turn their day into one problem after another. Not all companies can provide new material to their employees if something happens to it during the confinement period. We don’t realize how much faster computers work today until we have to pull out an old laptop to keep working. It makes a great difference in the level of efficiency an employee can provide in a day’s work. Let’s hope their boss understands…

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