According to the work we do, we use different software. However, most of us will end up working on a word processor on a regular basis, or at least when we need to prepare an official document or a letter to send out. This is why we all need to install one on our computer. In this article, we will present you with the best solutions, when it comes to word processors for your Chromebook.

Increase Your Productivity with the Right Word Processor for your Chromebook

When Chromebook started, it was almost impossible to find a word processor that would be compliant with the computer. Thankfully, it is not the case anymore, as most of the word processor apps can be downloaded and used on Chromebook. This has made this PC much more efficient in terms of productivity as you can now create, edit and print any document you need. However, if you have an older version of ChromeOS, you need to download the latest one in order to be able to access, download and install these apps on your Chromebook. Here are the best word processors available.

Best Word Processor for Chromebook: Microsoft Word

If you are working on a Chromebook (or any other computer), the best word processor is Microsoft Word. Even people working on a Mac, by Apple, can download and edit documents in Microsoft Word format. It is the most common used word processor in the world. In fact, one of the most important elements for the other word processors is that they need to be able to read and write in a compatible format to Microsoft Word. In turn, this software is compatible to almost all formats, including PDF, scripts and letters.

Most Complete Suite for Chromebook, Including a Word Processor: WPS Office

If you work in an office, chances are you’ll also need to create Excel documents as well, for graphics and other data uses. With WPS Office, you will be able to work on a word processor, creating documents compatible to Microsoft Word but also Excel and presentation (similar to PowerPoint) files. It is also compatible with MS Office, Docs, Sheets and Slides, and it lets you create an exchange PDF files easily. It can also save your documents automatically, inside cloud services such as Google Drive, Box and Evernote.

Most Natural Word Processor for Chromebook: Google Docs

Chromebook is a product of Google, therefore, there isn’t a more natural word processor program to use than Google Docs, which is part of the same family. But it’s not its only quality. One of the main reasons to use Google Docs, is that it lets you work on a document with other colleagues at the same time. If someone is currently changing the document, you will see the modifications appear in real-time, making it the most efficient word processor of the list. Google Docs lives inside the Google Drive Cloud, so your documents will always be saved and kept in a safe place, outside your computer. Because Chromebook is a product of Google, Google Docs is also located inside the PC. No other computer has that built-in capacity.

The Simplest yet Most Complete Word Processor for Chromebook: Writer

Writer can be called a “distraction-free word processor.” You use it to write; and that’s all. However, it lets you write all kind of texts easily. If you write a novel, a script or a screenplay, it will automatically get you into the right format to write, making it easier to complete your work. And since it was created especially for writers (as the name clearly suggests it), it lets the user sets writing goals, which makes it easier to reach them, by becoming more efficient in the time you spend writing. Clouds such as Google Drive and Simplenote, are also integrated inside Writer, which makes it safer not to lose any content you have written.

The Best Open-source Word Processor for Chromebook: OpenOffice Writer

If you are looking to create beautiful documents, which will have an impact on its readers, OpenOffice Writer might be the tool you have been looking for. This word processor productivity tool is an open-source, and it is compatible with most formats, including Microsoft Word (.docx.) You can add pictures, graphics and other elements to the presentation easily. You also access the documents directly from the Cloud, keeping them safe at all time.


There are other Word Processors that you can find online, download and work on. Many of them have their own specificities, which makes it worth your time. If you want to know them, go on Play Store and type word processor. They will all come up, and you can find the one that will be right for you. In the meantime, these are a few other names we can suggest:

Word Office, Word Document Reader, JotterPad and Polaris Office

Whatever you do, make sure to choose a word processor that you feel comfortable with. Try a few, at the beginning, and keep a single one, so that all your documents are saved in the same format.

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