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This product review checks out the laptop and notebook replacement keys provided by ReplacementLaptopKeys. When I first heard of ReplacementLaptopKeys I was curious about the quality of their keys, the reliability of their service and the difficulties which would occur during the replacement work.

So I decided to order keyboard replacement keys for two of my laptops (IBM ThinkPad T30, Sony VAIO PCG-V505CP detailed guides will follow soon). ReplacementLaptopKeys offers laptop and notebook keys for all major brands on a well organized website. It took me only a few minutes to find the keys I was looking for, to order them and pay them (PayPal and credit card payments are available). Within only one week a small envelope arrived by international shipping from the U.S. to Germany.

All replacement laptop keys are just 4.95 USD or less. ReplacementLaptopKeys states the laptop and notebook keys are "original from the keyboard manufacturer, so you are sure to get a perfect fit and finish every time." I removed some original keys to compare them with the ones provided by ReplacementLaptopKeys and their look and feel is exactly the same.

ReplacementLaptopKeys purchase include all the neccessary parts for a complete keyboard key replacement. So you don't have to worry whether you have ordered the right detail. They consist of three parts: the Laptop KeyCap this is the piece of plastic that has the letter on it, the Laptop Key Retainer Clip or hinge piece holds the laptop key cap to the base of the keyboard and the Laptop Key Retainer Rubber Cup the piece of rubber or silicone that acts as the spring to rebound the key after you have pressed it.

Together with the cap, clip and cup comes a short documentation including pictures telling you how to substitute the key parts. For the IBM ThinkPad T30 it took me only a few seconds to get the new key attached. The Sony VAIO PCG-V505CP was more difficult to repair. It took me some time to understand how the retainer clip had to be clipped in.

Laptop keyboard replacement keys envelope.jpeg
  The envelope containing the key spare parts.

Laptop keyboard replacement keys cap clip cup.jpeg
  Caps, clips and cups.

Laptop keyboard replacement keys documentation.jpeg
  Illustrated keyboard key replacement instructions and invoice.

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