ASUS L3800C: Notebook Keyboard Replacement Guide

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The ASUS L3800C notebook comes with a special way to fix the keyboard. You need to know a certain trick to open the keyboard for replacement and deeper access to the innards of the machine, for example if you want to upgrade or change RAM and hard disk drive. If you need more detailed photos just click on the thumbnails.

Asus l3800c keyboard view from top.jpeg
  This is the ASUS L3800C notebook keyboard viewed from above not yet opened.

Asus l3800c keyboard hidden hole.jpeg
  Above the keyboard there is a cover, which contains a small hole on the left as well as on the right. The hole on the left (right above the F2 function key) contains the hidden keyboard lock. Releasing this lock is the the secret "open sesame" to get access to the innards.

Asus l3800c keyboard microphone hole.jpeg
  Attention: on the right there is also a small hole (marked with a small microphone icon). Behind this hole the microphone is attached. Don't poke into this hole, otherwise the microphone will be destroyed.

Asus l3800c keyboard removal with paper clip.jpeg
  Take a paper clip and push it into the hole on the left. Now you can move the keyboard cover to the left easily.

Asus l3800c keyboard partly removed.jpeg
  A view from the top with the keyboard cover partly removed.

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