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How to Make a Digital Picture Frame - DPF from a Laptop or Notebook

Do you want to bring an old laptop or notebook back to life? Here are links to free do-it-yourself instructions to make a digital photo frame (DPF). At the bottom there is a special section about building layout tables and light boxes, which are quite similar to DPFs. If you have written a free guide yourself (or if you know of a tutorial not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Acer TravelMate 521TESacrifice an old notebook and removed the cover to build a custom digital photo frame (DPF).
Acer TravelMate 522TXVA selfmade DIY digital picture frame - or how to turn an old laptop into something useful. Includes a illustrated disassembly guide.
Apple iBook 14''Turn your laptop into a picture frame.
Apple iBookTaking apart an old, broken notebook and creating a digital picture frame with wireless network connectivity.
Apple iBook ClamshellFrom a clamshell to digital picture frame.
Apple iBook (BlueBerry)Creating a Digital LCD Picture Frame.
Apple iBookePicFrame: turning an iBook with a broken hinge into a digital picture frame.
Apple iBook G3Tired roadwarrior takes deskjob: converting an iBook with bent hinges it into a compact, kiosk style computer.
Apple PowerBook 540cA notebook to Digital Picture Frame conversion. Disassembly tutorial, clock batter ressurection, wooden case HOWTO.
Apple PowerBook 1400Doing a laptop to digital picture frame conversion.
Apple PowerBook 1400CBuilding a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook Duo 270c/280cTearing apart any electronic product and mounting it in a new case is frought with perils, this guide will assist you in building a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook 3400cLaptop to Digital Picture Frame conversion, ultimate picture frame resource.
Apple/Macintosh Powerbook 100 [archived link]How to build a monochrome digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook 3400Taking the notebook completely apart and building a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook 1400cDetailed HOWTO about making a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook G3 WallstreetRe-using an old notebook by building a digital frame for pictures.
Apple PowerBook G3Turning a laptop into a picture frame, includes take apart tutorial and pictures.
Apple PowerBook G4 12''WallMac: a fully-functional, wall-mounted notebook.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titaninum (TiBook, 1. Gen.)Hanging Laptop Digital Painting: Take your old laptop, matte it, frame it, and convert it into a hanging framed digital LCD screen to do with as you like.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)TIre wall - a Ti-Book with a broken hinge turned into a wall mounted firewall.
AST Premium Exec 386SX/20Building a digital picture frame.
AST Ascentia J30Homemade digital picture frame.
ASUS Eee PC 701 2GIf you have the desire to create the ultimate digital picture frame, take this instructions to build The Eee PF.
COMPAQ Armada E700This guide explains how to rip off an old broken laptop and turn it into a Digital Picture Frame - DPF.
COMPAQ Armada V300 (E500)A detailed tutorial about turning a laptop into a speech controlled digital picture frame with network connection (in German).
COMPAQ PresarioHow to turn an old laptop into a digital picture frame.
COMPAQ Presario 305This guide explains how to transfer an old laptop into a Digital-Picture-Frame - DPF (in Spanish).
COMPAQ N.N.To make a custom digital picture frame strip an unused laptop of all its extra components. For example get rid of the DVD drive, along with the modem, keyboard, trackpad, and other various bits and pieces. Just keep the battery mounted since it may serve as a nice built-in UPS.
CTX EzBookMaking your own digital picture frame from an old laptop.
DELL Inspiron 3000How to resurrect an old laptop as a digital picture frame.
DELL Inspiron 6400How to use a ready-made frame to put before an old laptop, ask a carpenter to build a box to fit behind the frame, now open the laptop and detach the screen so that it can be pasted on the back. To make space remove the battery, DVD drive, keyboard, trackpad and other components.
DELL Latitude 300Take apart and re-use an old laptop as a digital picture frame.
DELL Latitude CSxBuilding a WallTop: How to put a laptop inside a regular frame and hang it on the wall.
DELL Latitude CSxH 500MHzFunny and very detailed digital picture frame creation "tour". Frame gets pictures wirelessly from the web. Frame hangs on the wall and looks awesome!
DELL N.N.Wall mounted DIY digital photo frame: want to display your favorite pictures on the walls of your home? Framing costs and available wall space limit the number of photos that you can display at any given time, however, and inertia limits the number of times you change display prints. Digital frames are a possible solution to the problem.
Digital/DEC HiNote VP575How to build a digital picture frame, includes dissection pictures.
Fujitsu LifeBook E-6595Digital Picture Frame - DPF that syncs with a central server.
Fujitsu Stylistic 3400SHow to turn a broken Tablet PC into a digital picture frame.
HP OmniBook 5700CTHow to turn the notebook into an electronical picture frame (in German).
HP Omnibook 5700CTAn illustrated tutorial about making a Digital Picture Frame from an old notebook and some wood (in German).
HP OmniBook 5700CTXExplains how to built a digital picture frame using MS-Windows 2000 and an old laptop.
HP OmniBook 5700CTXExplains how to built a digital picture frame using MS-Windows 2000 and an old laptop (in French).
HP OmniBook XE2WallPuter: a photoframe made from an old notebook.
HP OmniBook XE3Turning an old laptop into a DPF: the hardest part is the tearing apart the laptop to its components.
HP Pavilion DV1000Instead of keeping an old laptop, probably stashing it away in my closet you may get creative and use this detailed guide to construct your personal digital picture frame.
HP/COMPAQ NC4010The procedure for building a custom digital picture frame explained: disassemble the laptop, remove all unnecessary components, cram the rest into a picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad (unknown model)DIY digital picture frame runs Windows CE.
IBM ThinkPad 365XDMaking a pictureframe from an old broken laptop.
IBM ThinkPad 370CThe Swedish Chef: How an old laptop gets a second chance in life as a picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 380How to create a digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 380DConverting an old laptop into a digital picture frame, a picture gallery about the conversion.
IBM ThinkPad 560Making an electronic picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 560XProject Bling: How to take some glue and a bit of patience to make digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 560/560ECase Mod: Digital Picture Frame. A complete and illustrated assembly guide.
IBM ThinkPad 600A laptop converted into a rotating digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 770DaliPC: an old laptop being transformed into an "electronic painting". Booting with no keyboard hack.
IBM ThinkPad 770ETake apart an old notebook and reassembly it as a digital picture frame. The keyboard hack describes how to go along without keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad i1400The making of a digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad T21The DIY Digital Photo Frame: Turn an old laptop into a digital frame that automatically displays new shots from your Flickr account, then give it to your mother.
Micron Transport XKEA remote-controlled digital picture frame, includes slideshow software and a selfmade IR control.
NEC Versa V50A digital photo frame built into a nice wooden case.
Olivetti Echos P100DA step-by-step laptop to Digital Picture Frame conversion (in French).
Ricoh G-1200SMaking a digital picture frame for running slideshows.
Siemens PCD-5NDPictureWall: merging an old laptop and a dumped TFT display into something new (in German).
Sony VAIO PCG-505SNA digital picture frame running Linux. Schematics for a nice wooden case.
Sony VAIO PCG-FX210 (7G2L)How to change a laptop into a walltop and fit it into an iMac-like case.
Sony VAIO PCG-FX310How to transform an old laptop into a Digital Picture Frame and put it into a shadowbox.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z1Custom self-contained hanging Wall-PC: dismantle an old laptop and put the guts of it into a new enclosure, e.g. a shadow box. This way it can act like a flat panel and cleanly hang on the wall.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505JSThe goal of this project is to turn an old laptop into a digital photo frame with more features than a normal digital picture frame has.
Sony VAIO PCG-N.N.How to take apart the laptop and turn it into a digital photo frame.
Topline N.N.This laptop modification puts the laptop into a painting-like frame so you can hang it on the wall or set it straight onto a solid surface.
Toshiba Portege 2000The great thing about using an old laptop for something like this is you get a bigger, higher resolution screen than a proper off-the-shelf digital picture frame (DPF).
Toshiba SatelliteeFrame: Learn how to build your own digitial picture frame from scratch.
Toshiba Satellite 100CSA digital picture pad (in German).
Toshiba Satellite 110CS [archived link]Digital Picture Frame FAQ.
Toshiba Satellite 325CDSHow to build a non-destructive notebook digital photo frame (in Portuguese).
Toshiba Satellite 330CDTThe making of a digital photo frame with back/next buttons (in French).
Toshiba Satellite 420CDTDisassembly and reassembly as a digital picture frame - DPF.
Toshiba Satellite 4010CDSHow to take apart the laptop and convert it into a digital picture frame.
Toshiba Satellite 4080XCDTThe DIY Digital Picture / Video Frame: this tutorial will walk you through the steps to create your own digital picture frame from a junk laptop. This is a great way to recycle your old laptop that has been laying around for a while and create something new and useful. It will touch all aspects from the hardware modifications required, to the software and the preparation of your pictures.
Toshiba Satellite 5205-S703How to convert a laptop into a Digital Photo Frame - DPF.
Toshiba Satellite A20 (PSA20C-OCH4DP)A short tutorial about taking the laptop completely apart and converting it into a digital picture frame.
Toshiba Satellite A60Walltop: Design and Construction. The transformation of a laptop into an wall-mounted computer system.
Toshiba Satellite (unknown model)How to make a digital photo-picture frame from an old laptop.
Toshiba TecraDigiFrame - laptop mutilation.
Toshiba Tecra 8000Here is a digital picture frame running BartPE.
Toshiba Tecra 8000How to dissect an old laptop and strip it to it's bare minimum to build a digital picture frame for little money.
Toshiba Tecra 8100Picture gallery explaining the disassembly of a trashed laptop and re-assembly as a digital photo frame - DPF.
Toshiba Tecra 9000The Junktop Revival: building a picture frame from a dumped laptop.
Toshiba (unknown model) [archived link]Converting an old laptop into a picture frame.
Winbook C140An attempt at putting a notebook computer into a picture frame to displaying a gallery of digital photos. Brief walk-through and list of potential issues. Code for web based dynamic photo gallery.
N.N.Convert an old laptop into a digital picture frame.
N.N.A Cheap, Elegant, Digital Picture Frame: How to build a non-destructive laptop digital picture frame.
N.N. [archived link]Digital photoframe made from an old laptop.
N.N.Wondering what to do with an old laptop? Here is your answer: In a nutshell you'll be taking apart some of an old laptop, reconfiguring it a little, mounting it inside a store bought picture box, and sealing it all up.
N.N.How to transform an old portable computer into a DPF (in German).
N.N.Step by step methods on transforming an old laptop and two acrylic sheets into a cool new panel PC. Because technology and design advance so fast, used laptops are worth next to nothing in the second-hand market. You either won't be able to sell an old laptop because it's battered and obsolete or a buyer offers you very little for it. There are two things that you can do with them: toss it in the trash bin, or make something out of it. Of course no one wants to throw it away, so here is a way to make something useful from it.

Layout Tables and Light Boxes

N.N.How to make a layout table from a notebook display.
IBM ThinkPad 600ELightPad: Turning the display from a broken laptop into a light box.

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