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How to Deal with Laptop or Notebook Overheating

Laptop overheating issues can cause several symptoms which seem difficult to solve such as sudden shutdown failures or randomly appearing screen of deaths. Here are links to some helpful assistance to solve these issues. If you have written a free do-it-yourself guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

N.N. When Laptops Overheat, Shut Down, Crash and Smoke.
Advent 6520 Detailed instructions for the replacement of the hard drive. How to clean the fan to prevent overheating.
ASUS Z71V (Z71A) Improving the cooling by adding some thermal paste to the heatpipe.
Averatec AV6200 Laptop deconstruction: this is a quick guide on taking apart the laptop almost completely. How to replace a broken RJ45 ethernet connector plug. Cleaning the heatsink and applying fresh thermal paste.
DELL Inspiron 1100 Fixing overheating problems, some pry apart pictures.
DELL Inspiron 5100 How to clean and replace the heatsink to fix a thermal problem which caused unexpected shutoffs.
DELL Inspiron 5160 How to take apart the case and replace a dead heat sink / fan (cooling unit).
DELL Inspiron 8500/8600 Mod To Prevent Video Card From Over Heating.
DELL Latitude D600 The case of an overheated laptop: this guide explains how to fix a sudden shutdown and overheating problem by taking apart the laptop and removing the dust from the heatsink and fan.
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D-8820 How to cure overheating problems which caused a shut down everytime an application was started more demanding than Mozilla Firefox. Some under the skin dust-cleaning of the heatsink, reattaching the CPU and applying a fresh set of cooling paste fixed the issue.
Gericom BlockBuster  [archived link] After cleaning the fan/heatpipe and new thermal compound for the CPU, successfully put everything together again. Minus some plastic parts from the case which broke apart during the "demolition" and 3 screws left over at end.
HP Pavilion DV 9700 Laptop cooling: it is the strangest thing that all laptops have the same design fault. If operated on the "lap", the needed cooling will be blocked off, it will overheat, and may even cause the battery to explode. Here's how to modify the machine so it will cool properly.
HP Pavilion ZE 5517EA Cleaning & improving cooling of the laptop cured some BSOD's or simply locks up. The clogged-up cooling caused failures until the laptop was taken apart, cleaned from debris and some Arctic Silver 5 compound was applied. This in-depth tutorial provides pictures and all the details you need to know to get the job done.
HP Pavilion ZV 5000 Cleaning Your Laptop Cooling System: this laptop uses two heat pipes with heat sinks and two fans to cool the processor. Through use, those heat sinks and pipes it collects quite a bit of dust reducing the machine's cooling capacity.
IBM ThinkPad T43 Hardware mod for thermally attaching the southbridge (and to a lesser extent the mini-PCI card) to the PCMCIA card cage. Since the PCMCIA cage is a major air intake and gets significant air flow when the fan is running, this effectively cools the southbridge to a comfortable temperature even under full system load.
Sager NP8890 Cleaning heatsink HOWTO and take apart instructions.
Sony VAIO PCG-GRZ630 How to disassembly the notebook and clean the cooling system to avoid overheating.
Sony VAIO VGN-FS315E Like many VAIOs, this one overheated rapidly, often cutting out when it got too hot. These are the steps to clean the fans to prevent overheating.
Toshiba Satellite 1955-S805 Cleaning guide for the CPU heatsink, or how to get rid of a common shutdown problem.
Toshiba Satellite A30 Clean a laptop heatsink: If your notebook is experiencing Blue Screen of Death - BSODs or complete shut-downs then the culprit be a dusty, dirty CPU and heatsink. This means it's time to clean it and gain back stability. Just how to do it is what this guide is all about.
Toshiba Satellite A35 If your laptop works fine for 10-15 minutes and then suddenly shuts down without any reason, most likely it experiences an overheating problem. Follow these steps to remove and clean the CPU cooling fan/heatsink and fix an overheating problem.
Toshiba Satellite A105 A guide to disassembling an overheating laptop and removing dust from the processor heat sink.
Toshiba Satellite P10 Cleaning the heatsink from dust prevents the laptop to overheat and to shutdown at random. This cures some fan noise, too (in German).
Toshiba Satellite P15 How to clean the heatsink and fix a laptop overheating problem.
Heat Extractor Want your own customized heat extractor? So what is this heat extractor really? Well it's a device designed to make your laptop cool - in every meaning of the word. It will also make the fan obsolete and therefore completely silent.
Insulating Laptop Pad When using a notebook/laptop computer actually in your lap, the heat buildup can get annoying. This pad is meant to insulate you from the computer-generated heat, while still allowing it to dissipate heat from below.
Laptop/GPS Car Stand A laptop car stand from about a foot of 1 inch square steel pipe, an old music stand shelf, about 2 feet of water heater copper tubing and a couple of connectors.

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