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Repairing of Laptop and Notebook LCD Displays

Do you need repair instructions for your laptop's or notebook's LCD display or display hinges? Or need to replace the inverter? Here are links to do-it-yourself guides. If you have written a free HOWTO yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

N.N. LCD inverter test: basic laptop electronic testing for backlight or inverter failure.
N.N. Checking CCFL LCD backlight tubes using AA batteries and a cheap inverter.
N.N. Troubleshooting flowchart for laptop display problems before you rip it apart.
Alienware Area-51m (aka Sager/Clevo/ Midern 56x0) A hinge crack solution without using the original replacement parts.
Acer Aspire 3620 How to remove LCD screen and FL inverter board from the laptop.
Acer Aspire 3810T You can search for a new replacement LCD screen by the model number printed on the original screen: B133XW01 and to do the job take this free guide.
Acer Aspire 5100 Let's get inside the notebook to replace the LCD display and the inverter board as well.
Acer Aspire 5315 The machine displayed a corrupted display with a wave shape and verticle lines obscuring the image with the right-hand side of the panel blank. This indicated the LCD panel itself had failed, probably due to impact from a foreign object or excessive torque being applied to the screen during opening/closing of the lid. Here follows a procedure for the removal and refitting of the LCD panel on this laptop.
Acer Aspire 5620/5670 You can save hundreds of dollars by replacing a damaged or failed LCD screen yourself but you have to be very careful, so proceed on your own risk.
Acer Aspire 5745G-6726 This laptop model uses a relatively inexpensive LED-backlit LCD screen, to replace a broken screen it is not necessary to remove the display panel, it will be a little bit harder to remove the screen bezel but possible, the LCD screen model is printed on the back of the screen: LP156WH3 (TL)(A2).
Acer Aspire One 532H This illustrated take apart guide helps you upgrading RAM, HDD, WiFi and replacing a broken LCD screen (in Italian).
Acer Aspire One A0751h NetBook (Model ZA3) How to change the screen (model number: B116XW02, 11.6 Inches LED-backlit).
Acer Extensa 4620Z Replacing the right display hinge: parts, tips and illustrations.
Acer Iconia Tablet screens are quite fragile and they are often easily damaged. Whilst replacing a tablet screen can be rather complex, when armed with the correct knowledge as well as the correct tools you should be able to successfully replace a broken screen yoursel..
Acer TravelMate 330 How to work around damaged laptop display hinges. Display hinge damage, usually caused by a drop or fall, is a common reason leading to replacement of older, otherwise working, laptops. This article explains an inexpensive method, which doesn't require specialized repair tools or skills (just some Velcro and a fishing line), which can extend the life of a laptop if its display hinges are too weak to hold up the display. It isn't for the case where the display has totally broken off the body of the laptop.
Acer TravelMate 513T Laptop Cabrio: How to use a laptop with a broken display as a desktop PC (in German).
Acer TravelMate 4652LMiDisplay hinge replacement tutorial.
Acer TravelMate 8100 The screen backlight of this laptop went off, it still turns on but the image on the screen is very dim, this is most likely caused by either a bad inverter or a failed backlight lamp.
Acorn A4 Dismantling the laptop as far as the motherboard, removing the screen and replacing the LCD panel, pictures from the motherboard and keyboard details.
Apple iBook  [archived link] Description of a dead display and broken hinge wire disaster.
Apple iBook Dual-USB  [archived link] Sticky hinge and flickering screen repair. How to check the backlight control cable with an oscilloscope.
Apple iBook G4 14.1'' LCD replacement guide.
Apple iBook G4 How to fix an iBook G4 screen using an iBook G3 display.
Apple iBook G4 Replacing a broken laptop screen is more often than not, a very easy project. If you have a broken screen, don't jump on ebay and sell it for considerably less than it's worth. Instead, go to ebay and try to find the replacement LCD, the entire cover for your computer, or even better, your computer with a blown motherboard but intact screen!
Apple iBook G4 Generic LCD screen replacement guide.
Apple iBook G4 DIY LCD screen replacement, with illustrations and tips and tricks.
Apple iPad mini Apple repairs often are extremely costly. Though Apple repairs are by no means the easiest of tasks, with the correct knowledge, the correct tools and this manual you should be able to replace a broken screen yourself.
Apple MacBook Almost every screw in the MacBook belongs to a unique location. This guide shows how to deal with this issue when replacing a broken screen.
Apple MacBook 13.3'' Laptop LCD Removal Instructions: this tutorial will help you go from laptop to LCD screen in 8 easy steps.
Apple PowerBook 180 Illustrated how to replace a laptop screen.
Apple PowerBook 180c Using a laptop LCD with a VGA connector.
Apple PowerBook 520c This tutorial explains how to use plastic epoxy that becomes rock hard for fixing worn out display hinges.
Apple PowerBook 5xx  [archived link] How to fix cracked display hinges, with two selfmade L shaped pieces of aluminium.
Apple PowerBook 5300CS How to use the notebook with broken hinges and without display. Illustrated take apart and ethernet card installation guide.
Apple PowerBook Duo A completely illustrated step-by-step display replacement guide (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G3 14.1''  [archived link] LCD replacement, you can do it yourself.
Apple PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Broken hinges, detailed instructions on how to fix that wobbling screen.
Apple PowerBook G3 WallStreet How to do a display hinge repair.
Apple Powerbook G3 Wallstreet  [archived link] Fix loose sound ports, display hinge and the power plug using a tongue depressor. Replacing the original hard disk with a bigger one.
Apple PowerBook G3 Wallstreet [1998] Hinge/Clutch Repair: this PowerBook series commonly suffers from worn out LCD hinges. The main symptom of this problem is an LCD screen that just won't seem to stay in the upright position. The most likely cause of this is a broken or worn out hinge, or clutch assembly inside the machine.
Apple PowerBook G4 (AlBook) Some experiences with the RadTech Aluminum Powerbook Chassis Enhancement Kit aka AlGlide trying to fix weak display hinges.
Apple PowerBook G4 (AlBook) After a few years the display hinge can get a little loose. Thankfully this is just a matter of a few screws that need to be tightened! Here's how to do it.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium Fixing a broken LCD backlight.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium How to replace broken display hinges and cables.
Apple PowerBook G4 Replacing and fixing the display hinges.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook) Broken display hinges repurposed as a compact desktop Mac. New G5 iMac to look something like this?
Apple PowerBook G4 Titianium (TiBook) Display take-apart, re-assembly and various other related infos.
Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium How to repair broken $1600 hinges for ONLY $10!
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook) Replacing broken display hinges, an illustrated guide.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook) Replace the hinges without removing the display but keep the cables attached.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' Aluminium [2005] Exchanging the LCD panel.
Apple PowerBook G4 1.67GHz Is your Powerbook/MacBook/iBook screen broken? Did Apple quote you the costs of a new laptop to replace it.
Apple PowerBook G4 17'' Pointers for opening the display the 17 Inch display is completely different from the 12 and 15 inch displays, do not waste your money on any take apart guides for those models, they won't help you; they will only confuse you. The main source of difficulty in separating the back from the display is that it is held on by these fiendish spring-metal fingers that actually tighten their grip when you attempt to pull the back off.
AST Ascentia N.N. A Bright Outlook for Laptop Users With Dark, Dim Displays. Don't spend money on a new display when the solution may be as simple as a failed backlight.
ASUS FonePad ME371MG Sometimes it can be frustrating to replace a broken screen and the repair can get expensive. That's where this free instructions will guide you through the entire process.
ASUS Memo Pad Though not the easiest of tasks, armed with this manual and the right tools, you should be able to replace a broken touchscreen digitizer yourself. What's more, by replacing a broken touchscreen yourself, you can save money and time.
ASUS A8Jc The display hinges of this machine itself are fine, the problem is how the hinges are connected with the case of the laptop. The problem is that, at the other side of the hinge, there's a screw which gets loose. You can tighten the screws, but you have to remove the plastic around the screen first. To do this, first remove the screws that are behind little round black rubber things which are easy to remove because they are just glued, probably they've already worn off. The rest is a matter of trying not to break clips. To help you, this guide provides an image where the clips are marked with green circles.
ASUS A8Jc Got fed up with the ultra loose hinge of this laptop? Tighten the screws under the hinge cover, only helps marginally. Since the hinge is actually loose in its joint with the LCD (rather than hinge <--> body joint being loose). In order to tighten the joint between LCD and the metal hinge (the cylinder looking thing) you first have to pry out the LCD bezel cover. Before that, you have to take the 6 rubber covers off and unscrew the screws beneath them.
ASUS Eee PC 1201n This netbook has a LED-backlit screen, which is not cheap and replacing it in a laptop repair shop probably doesn't make sense because it may cost a few hundred dollars. But if you can find a cheap screen and replace it yourself this is a different story.
ASUS F5M-AP033 After five years of reliable working every day the hinge of this laptop broke. The biggest problem was the left hinge, which broke off the lower part. Professional replacing will cost more than hinges themselves, but you can do the job yourself.
ASUS U52F This laptop has a LED backlit LCD screen which is relatively cheap these days (part number B156XW04 V.0).
COMPAQ Armada  [archived link] This slideshow features step-by-step pictures telling how to remove the display.
COMPAQ Armada 100S How to cure some display problems: random stripes and caused by a loosened plug/port, because if pressed at some point the display housing (you need to find out where) the stripes disappeared/appeared again. This is usually a sign, that something is loose inside. Solving the problem could be very simple - just take the laptop apart and try to fix the loose part.
COMPAQ Aero Screen disassembly, the tale of a journey inside, hinge repair.
COMPAQ Presario COMPAQ Presario's have a bad habit of cracking and tearing the orange flexi-cable that goes through the hinges that connects the LCD to the main board. Here is an approach for a cheap repair of the defective display cable.
COMPAQ Presario 700Z Do-it-yourself display hinge repair tricks.
COMPAQ Presario 1200 Laptop Hinge Hack: buy a lid support at a local hardware store and attach it to the case.
COMPAQ Presario 1681 Replacing an LCD CCFL backlight tube. Or, what to do when your LCD screen/laptop screen goes dark, black, red, orange, or any other annoying color.
COMPAQ Presario CQ50, CQ60, CQ70 (aka HP G50/G60/G70) In most notebooks you can replace the LCD screen without separating the display panel from the base but not in these machines. In order to replace LCD screen in these models you will have to remove the keyboard, keyboard cover and display panel.
COMPAQ Presario CQ62 (aka HP G62) These repair instructions will help with: replacing a failed or broken LCD screen, replacing a bad video cable and replacing damaged hinges.
COMPAQ Presario F730US .If you want to replace the LCD screen or inverter board, it's not necessary to remove the whole display panel, you can do that while the display panel is still attached to the laptop base. But if you want to replace display hinges, you'll have to remove the display panel first.
COMPAQ Presario M2000 If the backlight of your laptop stopped working and the image on the screen is so dim that you can barely see it under bright light, most likely you have a failed inverter board. There is a good chance to fix the problem if you replace the inverter board. If you replace the inverter board but the image is still dim, most likely there is a problem with the backlight lamp inside the LCD screen. If that's the case, try to replace the LCD screen. Note: it's much easier to disassemble the laptop display panel when the display panel is separated from the laptop.
COMPAQ Presario V2000 A step-by-step LCD replacement manual with illustrations.
COMPAQ Presario V2000 To take apart the display panel and access the LCD screen, it's necessary to separate the display panel assembly from the laptop base. The model number is printed on the back of the screen: B140EW01. This guide also explains the replacement of the notebook keyboard.
COMPAQ Probook 4540S Sometimes a damashed laptop screen can be a source of great frustration. Though, contrary to popular belief, with this guide laptop screen replacement requires very little technical expertise.
DELL Inspiron  [archived link] Slideshow showing step-by-step pictures how to remove the display.
DELL Inspiron 300M / Latitude X300 This tutorial is for those who wish to fix the loose hinge problem.
DELL Inspiron 300M How to remove 4 screws and the hinge covers to fix a loose hinge without taking apart the entire LCD.
DELL Inspiron 600M How to take apart the laptop display completely, with many detailed pictures.
DELL Inspiron 1520 The notebook started to get a whining noise right under the DELL logo below the screen right in the middle. It would change pitch depending on how bright the screen was set at. The process to replace the inverter is fairly simple.
DELL Inspiron 1525 In order to remove the LCD screen and the inverter board you will have to take apart the display assembly.
DELL Inspiron 1545 How to replace a cracked LCD screen with LED backlight: model number LP156WH2 (TL)(A1).
DELL Inspiron 1564 To replace a broken screen start with separating the screen bezel from the display cover with a piece of soft plastic.
DELL Inspiron 1750 It is very easy to disassemble the display panel on this notebook and the entire LCD screen replacement process takes about 30 minutes.
DELL Inspiron 4100 A New Lease Of Life For Laptop, replacing the display hinges.
DELL Inspiron 6000 To get the screen replaced start by removing the six screw covers from the screen bezel.
DELL Inspiron 6000How to fix a wobbly display hinge.
DELL Inspiron 6000 (1505, 1525) This guide shows the start and cure of typical hinge problems, the plastic seperates because the hinge is loose inside.
DELL Inspiron 7500 How To Change the LCD Screen.
DELL Inspiron 8600 Replacing LCD Backlight Inverter: an illustrated step-by-step take apart and repair assistance [PDF].
DELL Inspiron 9300 (E1705) How to repair the laptop hinges for less than $10. This guide shows the start of typical hinge problems, the plastic seperates because the hinge is loose inside. The problem actually stems from the fact that the hinge is steel, the screws are steel, however the mount with the threaded holes is aluminum. So, as you open and close the lid, you wobble the screws and stress the aluminum and the screws get loose.
DELL Inspiron 9400 How to exchange the LCD screen and inverter board from the laptop.
DELL Inspiron B130 Replacing and Upgrading a Notebook LCD Screen.
DELL Inspiron B130, 15.4'' Step-by-step LCD screen replacement manual with pictures.
DELL Inspiron E1505 Want better performance from your laptop? The conventional wisdom has long held that you should simply buy a new one. You can put such conventional wisdom aside: upgrading a laptop may not be for the timid or the impatient, but if you're handy with a screwdriver, and the sight of a circuit board doesn't scare you, an upgrade can be a far more affordable solution. Upgrades covered: RAM from 1GB to 2GB, HDD from a 5400RPM, 120GB drive to a 7200RPM, 200GB model, miniPCI wireless card from 802.11b to 802.11a/b/g, BlueTooth card added, optical drive, LCD screen with better resolution or matte instead of glossy, CPU from a 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo to a 2GHz Core 2 Duo T7200, graphics card nVidia 7300 with a more powerful ATI X1400.
DELL Inspiron E1705 (9400) How to fix a damaged notebook screen hinge.
DELL Inspiron XPS M1530 This set of instructions explains how to remove the LCD screen and inverter board. You can disassemble the display panel without removing it from the laptop.
DELL Inspiron XPS M1710 If you want upgrade or replace your laptop LCD screen, you must know the original manufacturer (OEM) part number. How to know the laptop LCD screen part Number? For the most part, laptops are constructed quite similarly and therefore have a similar process for screen removal.
DELL Latitude Illustrated how to replace a notebook backlight and LCD.
DELL Latitude N.N. The first challenge for getting into this notebook and checking connections replacing the screen or backlight is to find the screws. This machine has four screws hidden under rubber pads at the corners of the screen. Once the screws securing the plastic bezel are removed, you still have to unsnap it from the body of the lid. Once the screws are removed, put the LCD assembly on the keyboard while removing the connectors. The first connector to remove is a simple ribbon cable which delivers the digital video signals (addressing for the LCD matrix) to the screen.
DELL Latitude C540/C640 How to remove and replace broken laptop display hinges.
DELL Latitude C6xx Take apart instructions to get the LCD screen removed.
DELL Latitude C810/840 How to fix the black backlight by adding a capacitor before the input of the MP1010 Monolithic Power Systems MPS circuit (in German).
DELL Latitude D610 Taking apart and repairing instructions to fix a notebook LCD screen with water damage.
DELL Latitude D620 These LCD screen removal steps will be very similar for many other laptops from this manufacturer.
DELL Latitude E5400/E5500 Using this guide you do not need to call Doctor Laptop to replace the screen and the inverter board. The best way to find a compatible replacement screen is searching by the screen model number (LTN141AT07 in this particular example) or manufacturer part number (0HT326 in this particular example), Both numbers are printed on a sticker on the backside of the LCD.
DELL Latitude XPi 133ST  [archived link] How to replace your backlight tube or LCD.
DELL N.N. This guide explains how you can remove and replace LCD screen, video cable and inverter board on DELL laptops. These instructions should work for most DELL laptops and will be very similar for many other laptop brands.
DELL Studio 1555 To replace the LCD screen it is not necessary to disassemble the laptop completely and remove the display panel, the LCD screen model number is BT156GW01 V.4 and the DELl part number is 01G5D3.
DELL Studio 1735/1737 In order to take apart the display assembly (to replace the LCD screen) it has to be removed from the laptop base first.
DELL Vostro 1520/1521 This guide explains how to replace a damaged LCD screen from the laptop, the LCD screen was cracked and it could not be repaired.
ECS DeskNote A980 LCD monitor assembly and replacement guide.
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pa-2510 LCD display inverter repair guide.
GateWay N.N. How to convert a laptop LCD screen into a stand-alone display.
GateWay N.N. How to replace a broken and flickering backlight.
GateWay M6846 This guide tell how to remove and replace a broken notebook LCD screen.
GateWay MT3707 The laptop starts with a reddish image on the screen and after a some seconds the screen light goes off completely. The image is still on the screen but it's very dark. This reddish image indicates a problem with the backlight lamp. In this case the entire LCD screen has to be replaced. There are six screws securing the screen bezel. These screws hidden under six rubber plugs.
GateWay MT6704 This guide gives instructions for removing a broken LCD screen from the laptop and replace it with a new screen. Before you start, turn off the laptop, unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. You'll find six rubber screw seals on the display bezel. Remove all seals with a sharp object and also remove all six screws found under the seals.
GateWay Solo 5100 How to change the HDD, the LCD screen inverter, the LCD panel and the ribbon cable (in Japanese, partly translated into English).
GateWay Solo 9550 Upgrading a laptop can be a costly endeavor, depending on how many components need replacing. At some point you have to decide if it makes more sense (financially) to scrap the older system for a shiny new model. This HOWTO goes an upgrade path for: a new display, a bigger hard drive, some extra memory and a DVD burner instead of a CD/RW.
HP 2000-210US How to replace a broken screen: make some notes during the disassembly process about screw locations, because some screws have different length.
HP G62 (or COMPAQ CQ62) You can use these instructions for the following repairs: replacing failed or broken LCD screen, replacing bad video cable, replacing damaged hinges and more.
HP Pavilion DM 4 To search for a new replacement LED backlit LCD screen take the model number printed on the sticker at the backside of the screen: B140XW02.
HP Pavilion DM 4 Video instructions for replacing a broken LCD screen.
HP Pavilion DV 3 Do-it-yourself instructions for replacing a damaged screen without separating the whole display assembly from the laptop base as shown in the official service manual. You can search by the screen model number (LTN134AT02) to find the exact replacement screen.
HP Pavilion DV5 How to troubleshoot a non-working LCD notebook display (in Italian).
HP Pavilion DV 2000 How to substitute the LCD screen which is mounted between the display cover and bezel. The screen bezel is secured to the display cover with six screws hidden under plastic screw seals.
HP Pavilion DV 5T-1000 In order to remove the notebook screen, you will have to separate the display panel from the laptop base.
HP Pavilion DV6 With the instructions from this guide you should be able do the following laptop repairs: replace LCD screen, change video cable and replace broken hinges.
HP Pavilion DV6000 Fixing a laptop with a bad LCD screen. The lower part of the screen displays a garbled image and the upper part works just fine. An external monitor displays image properly. So it has an issue with a bad screen and it has to be replaced.
HP Pavilion DV 7T-1000 This post explains how to disassemble the display panel.
HP Pavilion DV9000 The left hinge has cracked and in doing so, also broke the embedded locknuts in the top LCD cover. This guide explains a cheap remedy for the this common problem. The laptop now closes like new and the monitor turns off when in closed position. This fix works for part numbers 3JAT9HATP05 and 3JAT9HATP21. But probably could work for other models.
HP Pavilion DV 9000 A broken left hinge is a known issue with HP Pavilion DV9000/DV9100/DV9200/DV9400 series laptops. HP was fixing this issue at no charge under the service enhancement program. But this program has expired and now you are on your own. How to find correct parts for this repair is explained at the end of the guide.
HP Pavilion N5190 Pink tinge LCD and backlight (aka Cold Compact Fluorescent Lamp - CCFL) replacement.
HP Pavilion N5430 (aka OmniBook XE3 Complete disassembly to solve power problems, includes also instructions how to take apart the display.
HP Pavilion ZT 1000 This CCFL backlight replacement pictorial explains a typical laptop disassembly. This is most likely not the exact model you will be servicing, however it is indicative of what you will find in most models. They are all relatively the same and this tutorial will give you a basic idea on the scope of backlight replacement.
HP Pavilion ZT 1175 If the LCD display will goes dark this is in most cases due to the failure of a part known as an inverter. This guide provides an illustrated step-by-step instruction to repair the inverter.
HP/COMPAQ 8510p/8510w This guide explains how to open the display panel and replace the screen inverter board for these notebooks. The inverter board is located inside the display panel beneath the screen. The inverter board works as a power supply for the LCD backlight lamp. When the inverter fails, the LCD screen goes dark. The image is still on the screen but you can barely see it.
HP/COMPAQ NC2400 It's always gutting and expensive to see a new come back in with a smashed screen. You can save the money on labour by fitting it yourself. It's a pretty simple operation that only takes half an hour or so.
HP/COMPAQ NC6220 How to replace a broken screen and repair the surroundings as well.
HP/COMPAQ NC6320 This guide explains how to remove and replace the display panel from. Also you can use this guide for: replacing or upgrading the memory module installed in the internal memory slot, removing and replacing the keyboard, removing and replacing the cooling fan, cleaning the heat sink, removing and replacing the CMOS (RTC) battery.
Hitachi 4140 VisionBook Repairing the display cable.
IBM ThinkPad (unknown model) Using cellophane to convert a liquid crystal display screen into a three dimensional display (3D laptop computer and 3D camera phone).
IBM ThinkPad 390 LCD Replacement Instructions.
IBM ThinkPad 390 A LCD replacement tutorial.
IBM ThinkPad 600E LCD CCFL Replacement.
IBM ThinkPad T30 LCD replacement guide.
IBM ThinkPad T40 Instructions how to replace the LCD screen.
IBM ThinkPad T41 Screen inverter replacement guide, explaining how to fix a laptop backlight problem.
IBM ThinkPad T43p Failure description: the laptop starts with a reddish screen (white color appear to be pink). After a minute or two the backlight goes completely off but you still can see a very faint image on the screen if you look very closely. When you restart the laptop, the screen lights up again but a minute later the light goes off. Solution: the laptop has a failing backlight lamp which is a part of the LCD screen. The whole screen has to be replaced. You can try replacing just the backlight lamp without replacing the screen, but it's not easy and should be done only by an experienced technician.
IBM ThinkPad T60 The screen on any notebook is one of the most vulnerable components and is the single most expensive part to replace in many models. If you are out of warranty, this type of repair can force you to buy a new machine as costs can spiral upwards of 500 dollars for a new panel. If the failure falls under the protection of an extended warranty you can be in great shape, but sending your notebook out for repair can take weeks. This article covers the DIY LCD replacement procedure as well as explain how you might acquire a panel through warranty services for an at-home repair. Take it as a valuable extension to the Lenovo Hardware Maintenance Manual which describes, in a very detailed fashion, how to disassemble the entire notebook in order to replace any component you can think of.
IBM ThinkPad X22 It is considered the lid hooks and the hinges as the most likely potential troubles of the ThinkPad X2x series. Here are some photos and explanations to share the repair process.
IBM ThinkPad X60s This guide explains how to remove a broken LCD screen from the laptop and replace it with a new LCD screen. The display disassembly procedure will work for some other ThinkPad laptops. Before you start, please turn off the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery.
IBM ThinkPad N.N. (Literally) Debugging a Laptop: this guide illustrates how to take apart the display to remove a bug from behind the screen glass.
Lenovo IdeaPad S10 How to fit the Fidohub touch screen panel into the netbook. This is not that easy of an upgrade! This netbook is pretty tight inside that small chassis, which makes it much more difficult to find places to route cables.
LG Xnote S210 If you need to put a new screen into your laptop you can find detailed help here, the LCD screen has the following model number: LTD121EXVV.
Natcomp 340S2  [archived link] How to remove the keyboard and upgrade the memory. A guide to enhance the display hinges (in German).
Panasonic CF-02T8AJ Let's Note How to remove the (left) display hinge, a short guide with pics (in Japanese).
Samsung X10An illustrated display hinge replacement guide.
Samsung X10 1300 II This guide explains how to change broken display hinges (in German).
Sony VAIO misc. models How to fix Sony laptop screens from falling down.
Sony VAIO PCG-505EX/64 How to detach the LCD screen, step-by-step instructions (in Japanese).
Sony VAIO PCG-F11KFX/B (PCG-F1114L) In order to remove and replace a damaged LCD screen this laptop will be disassembled, search for a replacement LCD by the model number printed on the label: LP164WD1 (TL)(A1) RoHS verified Factory ID: LGDNJ.
Sony VAIO PCG-K15  [archived link] Illustrated LCD removal instructions.
Sony VAIO PCG-K33 How to open the display panel and remove LCD screen with inverter. Start with the four screws securing the display bezel to the LCD cover. These screws are hidden under four rubber covers. Two black covers on the top of the bezel and two white covers.
Sony VAIO PCG-NV190An illustrated disassembly guide to get the display repaired.
Sony VAIO PCG-N.N. If your image on your laptop screen is very dull or the light goes out on your screen this is a very common problem. Often it is due to the inverter, which connects the screen to the ribbon cable. The screen and backlight are probably working perfectly, but you need to replace the backlight inverter board.
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ645 This guide will help you to remove the LCD screen and inverter board from the notebook display.
Sony VAIO VGN-NW235F (aka PCG-7184L) How to replace the 15.6 Inch LCD screen (part number B156XW01). If you have a different screen installed, just search by the model number mentioned at the backside of the screen.
Sony VAIO VPC-F11KFX/B (aka PCG-F1114L) Taking apart the notebook to get the screen (part number LP164WD1 (TL)(A1)) exchanged.
Sony VAIO VPC-S111FM (PCG-51211L) How to replace a cracked LCD screen (part number CLAA133WA01A).
Toshiba Equium M40X-189 A short guide to LCD screen replacement.
Toshiba Libretto U100/U105 A few things to know before you start to substitute a broken laptop LCD. Separate the left side of the punching sheet from the LCD mask. Remove one screw hidden under the punching sheet. Separate the right side of the punching sheet from the LCD mask. Remove one screw hidden under the punching sheet. Now you can start separating the LCD mask from the display cover with your fingers.
Toshiba NB305How to remove the screen, a short guide.
Toshiba Portege M200 Tutorial about removing the LCD screen and replacing the digitizer.
Toshiba Portege M300 Taking apart the notebook display panel to get the screen substituted as well as the inverter board.
Toshiba Portege R100 Removing and replacing a damaged laptop LCD screen.
Toshiba Qosmio F40/F45 This guide explains how to remove all major parts from this laptop to replace sparte parts like keyboard removal, display, hard drives, memory, CD/DVD drive, motherboard, video card and cooling.
Toshiba Qosmio F55 This HOWTO explains how to disassemble the notebook display panel in order to remove and replace the LCD screen as well as the inverter board.
Toshiba Qosmio G40/G45 To remove the motherboard and other internal parts, first lift up the keyboard bezel with a sharp object.
Toshiba Qosmio G55 You can use this guide for replacing the screen inverter board and the LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite LCD replacement guide.
Toshiba Satellite 200CDT How to replace the broken backlight with a solar illuminator (in German).
Toshiba Satellite 1415 Partial disassembly explaining how to remove the LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite 2435 Pictures and instructions about removing the LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite Pro 435CDS Screen Repair: Illustrated how to replace a laptop backlight and inverter.
Toshiba Satellite 1110  [archived link] Backlight inverter replacement. How to repair a screen which often goes very dim, with the back light turning off entirely. Pressing the button just under the base of the lid, which is shut when the lid is closed, brings the screen back to life for anywhere between 1 second and a few hours.
Toshiba Satellite (unknown model) LCD Removal Instructions with step-by-step pictures showing how to remove your laptop LCD from a typical notebook computer.
Toshiba Satellite A45 How to remove and replace broken laptop hinges.
Toshiba Satellite A60/65 How to open the laptop display assembly and remove the LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite A75 Instructions for taking apart the notebook display panel, remove the LCD screen and the inverter.
Toshiba Satellite A100 How to substitute a broken laptop screen.
Toshiba Satellite A105 How to remove and replace laptop FL inverter and LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite A210/215 How to disassemble the display panel on the notebook.
Toshiba Satellite A305 If you want to remove or replace the LCD screen and inverter board from this laptop, you'll have to remove the top cover first. This guide will have two parts. In the first part we will be removing the top cover. In the second part we will take apart the display panel. It's possible to disassemble the display panel without removing the top cover, but you can damage the screen bezel while removing it from the display assembly.
Toshiba Satellite A355/A355D All the know-how you need for screen substitution.
Toshiba Satellite L25 This explains taking apart the laptop display panel and removing the inverter and LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite L35 This illustrated guide explains how to replace the notebook screen.
Toshiba Satellite L355D Screen inverter board and LCD substitution.
Toshiba Satellite L640/L640D/L645/L645D How to change a damaged or failed LCD screen. It is very hard to remove the screen bezel when the display panel is still attached. After the display panel is separated from the base, you can start taking it apart and search for a new replacement screen using the model number from the original screen: LTN140AT07.
Toshiba Satellite M35X How to remove or replace LCD screen, display video cable and FL inverter board.
Toshiba Satellite M45 Removing LCD screen and FL inverter board.
Toshiba Satellite M65 This tutorial explains how to remove and replace the laptop LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite M115 How to remove the screen inverter and replace the LCD screen of the notebook.
Toshiba Satellite M305 If you want to remove and replace the video cable, you'll have to remove the top cover first. But if you are just replacing the LCD screen or inverter board, removing the top cover is not necessary.
Toshiba Satellite M505/M505D This is not the proper way to remove and replace the LCD screen. Ideally you should disassemble the laptop completely, remove the display panel and only after that take it apart and remove the LCD screen.
Toshiba Satellite P25 Disassembly to get the LCD screen removed.
Toshiba Satellite P35 How to disassemble a laptop display panel, to replace a LCD screen and a inverter.
Toshiba Satellite P100/P105 First remove the screen bezel to get fully access to the LCD.
Toshiba Satellite P205 Taking apart the laptop display panel and removing LCD screen with inverter board.
Toshiba Satellite U405D This illustrated guide explains how to remove LCD screen and inverter board.
Toshiba Tecra M2 Laptop LCD screen and inverter substitution guide.
Toshiba Tecra M4 (Satellite R10/R15) This guide explains how to remove the inverter board and the LCD screen.
Toshiba Tecra S1 This guide explains how to remove the system board from the notebook. It will also illustrate how you can disassemble the notebook and remove, replace or clean the following parts: battery, hard drive, modem card, memory module, Wi-Fi card, CPU, heatsink, fan, keyboard, touchpad, dvd-rom, top cover, display assembly, speakers.
Zenith Z-Note 425Lnc  [archived link] Using the LCD panel from an old broken laptop as a VGA monitor.
N.N. How to repair your LCD backlight: fault diagnosis, CCFT replacement.
N.N. Instructions for replacing the LCD screen backlight lamp (CCFL).

How to Re-Use an Old LCD Display: PC-Monitor, PictureFrame, Projector

Do you want to bring an old laptop or notebook LCD back to life?

Digital PictureFrameDo-it-yourself instructions to make a digital picture frame.
DIY ProjectorDo-it-yourself projectors (aka beamers).
PC-Monitor I  [archived link] Laptop LCD Panel to PC interface project.
PC-Monitor II Discussions Concerning the Problems Encountered with Using a Laptop LCD as a Monitor or Hooking it to your PC.
COMPAQ Presario 732US A laptop completely stripped down and converted to a second monitor, to create more screen real estate in a small package at a low price.

How to Apply Filters for Privacy or Glaring Displays

Anti-Glare Display Some tips to cover a so-called Anti-Glare display with a special foil to reduce reflections (in German).
ASUS Eee PC 701 4G How to protect your laptop from prying eyes with a privacy filter made by 3M.
Samsung Q35 How to apply the Vikuiti Anti-Reflection Matt Removable - ARMR200 and privacy protection guard from 3M (in German).



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