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How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Laptop or Notebook Keyboard

How to clean, upgrade, repair or disassemble a laptop or notebook keyboard. Links to tips, tricks and HOWTOs. If you have written a free guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Acer Aspire 5100This guide will explain how to take apart the laptop and exchange major components such as CD/DVD drive, memory, hard drive, wireless card, cooling fan and keyboard.
Acer Aspire 5315Under the battery cover you can find three black screws which appear to correspond to the cover above the keyboard on the upper side of the laptop. Unscrew these to get the keyboard replaced.
Acer Aspire 5517This guide shows how to remove the hard disk drive, memory, DVD drive, wireless card and keyboard.
Acer Aspire 5733How to replace a failed notebook keyboard.
Acer TravelMate 800LCiA short guide explaining how to remove the laptop keyboard (in German).
Acer TravelMate 2400This guide tells you the secret trick how to pull the cover which gives access to the notebook keyboard.
Acer TravelMate 6292An illustrated guide to keyboard substitution for this laptop.
Acer TravelMate 6592GThis is the guide to replace the keyboard on this laptop. It is fairly straight forward to do and all the tools you need are: #1 Phillips screwdriver and a small flat screwdriver.
Acorn A4Dismantling the laptop as far as the motherboard, removing the screen and replacing the LCD panel, pictures from the motherboard and keyboard details.
Alienware D9THow take the keyboard out of a gaming notebook.
Apple iBook Dual-USBA fiber optic backlit keyboard for the notebook.
Apple iBook Dual-USBA keyboard illumination hack, describing how to use white or blue LEDs to backlit the notebook keyboard.
Apple iBook G3Zen and the art of keyboard maintenance. How to take all the caps off and fix a broken keyboard cable.
Apple iBook G4Keyboard blues: make a hybrid keyboard of a G3-iBook-keyboard and G4-iBook-keyboard.
Apple iBook G4Zen and the art of keyboard-maintenance.
Apple iBook G4Keyboards can rapidly be covered with mud. But they can keep on for years if one takes carefully care of them and do not use them as a food tray! Quick cleaning of an iBook keyboard.
Apple iBook (White)Tips, tricks and pictures about cleaning the keyboard.
Apple PowerBook 1xxMemory upgrade, hard disk upgrade, modem installation, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoOverclocking, cleaning the keyboard, changing the CAPS LOCK light to a red LED, adding a hard drive activity light, adding a ADB port in place of the modem, repairing the AC adapter port.
Apple PowerBook Duo 2xxMemory upgrade, keyboard exchange, hard disk upgrade, modem installation, backup battery replacement (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 5xxMemory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange, modem installation, CPU upgrade (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 1400Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 2400Key-cap replacement instructions.
Apple PowerBook 3400/G3Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 5300/190Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard replacement (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G3 SeriesWorried about an overly flexible keyboard?
Apple PowerBook G4 15''Poison Powerbook: how to make the backlit keyboard glow red, Apple logo color mod, keyboard cleaning and take apart instructions.
Apple N.N.Your quick guide to replacing Apple keys: there are several types of Apple laptops and therefore a lot of different keycaps. Luckily, most of the keys work the same way across all of the PowerBook, iBook, and MacBook models. The only tool that may be needed for key replacement is a flat head tool such as a nylon spudger or a flat head screw driver [PDF].
ASUS A4740KBPHow to integrate the receiver of an external cordless Logitech USB mouse and keyboard into the laptop case between the rear panel and GPU/chipset heatsink.
ASUS A8J (and W3J)Replacing a laptop keyboard isn't difficult, if you know what you are doing. Most of the time, because laptops keyboards seem so well integrated, it is tough to get started without knowing where to start.
ASUS Eee PC 701 4GHow to add a light to illuminate the keyboard from above.
ASUS Eee PC 701 4GWhat good is that portable PC if you can't type anywhere and anytime? Clearly, a keyboard backlight like those found in higher-end laptops is the answer to your nocturnal typing woes. And for less than $15, such a backlight can be installed with minimal fuss.
ASUS Eee PC 900How to replace a keyboad in the UMPC aka netbook.
ASUS Eee PC 1201nThis guide shows how to remove the NetBook memory modules, keyboard, top cover, hard drive, cooling fan and CMOS battery.
ASUS L3800CThis guide reveals the secret trick to get the keyboard removed and get access to the inside of the notebook.
ASUS L3800CThe secret trick to get the keyboard of this notebook removed.
ASUS M6NHow to make the notebook silent, by fixing the rattling keyboard.
ASUS X50R (F5 series)There is a little trick you need to know to get the notebook keyboard out and replaced.
Averatec AV3250Laptop Keyboard Repair: Not all notebook keyboards are made the same, and the keyboard you get when buying one of those budget notebooks isn't always a high durability keyboard, especially if you are a heavy typist. This laptop had a few keys that died after about two years of usage. This HOWTO describes repairing the silicon membranes instead of buying an expensive original keyboard. After disassembling the defective keyboard, you will see that the silicon membranes that provided the support for each key where independent, unlike their desktop counterparts, where there is usually one big membrane covering the entire keyboard. So you may use the membrane of one of those slim desktop keyboards that are cheaply available everywhere.
COMPAQ Armada E500Replacing laptop keys (and keyboards).
COMPAQ Armada M700Keyboard replacement instructions.
COMPAQ LTE 5000 [archived link]This page discusses how to safely and easily clean the keyboard on a notebook computer.
COMPAQ 486How to convert a laptop keyboard into a desktop keyboard.
COMPAQ Presario 2500Reattach a broken or lost keyboard key.
COMPAQ Presario 2580USThis guide explains how you can remove and replace keyboard, memory and hard drive for the laptop. The keyboard replacement procedure is relatively simple and you can easily do it yourself at home. Proceed on your own risk.
COMPAQ Presario CQ61 (or HP G61)How to substitute the keyboard of the notebook. You can search for a new replacement keyboard using the part number (517865-001) from the keyboard sticker.
COMPAQ Presario V2000Most V2xxx keyboards shared the same problem; when typing in the area where the arrows are, you can feel that there is space between the keyboard and the metal casing. You can hear a vibrating sound, like if the keys were bouncing. The easy fix is to remove the keyboard, and put some kind of thin cloth, kleenex, whatever below the keyboard. The keyboard now becomes firm and easy to use.
COMPAQ Presario V2000To take apart the display panel and access the LCD screen, it's necessary to separate the display panel assembly from the laptop base. The model number is printed on the back of the screen: B140EW01. This guide also explains the replacement of the notebook keyboard.
DELL Inspiron 700MYou can use this guide for replacing a damaged keyboard and replacing/upgrading RAM modules, this laptop can take up to 2GB memory total. There are two memory slots in pne of them located on the bottom of the case and another one under the keyboard. You can install up to 1GB memory in each slot, use PC2700 DDR SDRAM SODIMM memory modules.
DELL Inspiron 1100"Captain Disassemble" to the rescue: how to replace the keyboard.
DELL Inspiron 1100/1150/5100/5150Keyboard removal instructions.
DELL Inspiron 1525Remove two screws in the battery compartment, which are securing the keyboard bezel. Now you can lift up one side of the keyboard bezel with a screwdriver. Remove the keyboard bezel with your fingers. But be careful, there is a thin ribbon cable connecting the button board to the motherboard.
DELL Inspiron 1545A concise notebook keyboard replacement manual.
DELL Inspiron 1750How to replace a broken keyboard.
DELL Inspiron 3700/3800Keyboard replacement tutorial.
DELL Inspiron 6000How to exchange a broken or lost laptop keyboard key.
DELL Inspiron 9100/8600/8500/D800/M60/XPS [archived link]This is an easy to follow tutorial to fix the "flex" in the keyboard.
DELL Inspiron 9400/E1705Would you like to replace a damaged keyboard in your laptop? This is relatively easy even for inexperienced users.
DELL Inspiron B120This article tells about keyboard key replacement.
DELL Inspiron mini 9Ten ways to upgrade your netbook. Due to their diversity, netbooks don't share common upgrade paths as typical desktop PCs do. Here are instructions for: battery replacement, rearranging the keyboard keys, upgrading the solide-state drive, adding more RAM, overclocking the processor, improving the Wi-Fi from 802.11g to 802.11n, adding a touchscreen, adding a GPS receiver as well as adding a drive-activity light.
DELL Inspiron mini 10There is no easy access to the hard disk drive from the bottom of the netbook, it is mounted inside the case, under the keyboard. Use this guide either for removing/replacing the keyboard or for removing/replacing/upgrading the HDD.
DELL Inspiron XPS M1210This laptop has two memory slots, one of them can be easily accessed from the bottom of the case, but the second one is hidden under the keyboard. You can install up to 2GB (DDR2-533 PC2-4200 or DDR2-667 PC2-5300) memory modules into each slot. These instructions are also helpful for keyboard substitution.
DELL Latitude C840The keyboard removal and replacement procedure is pretty much straightforward and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.
DELL Latitude CPxKeyboard replacement guide.
DELL Latitude CPxThe Ultimate DELL 8IK Keyboard Fix: how to replace the original laptop keyboard with a small USB keyboard.
DELL Latitude CPx [archived link]There is a problem with some of Dell's notebook/laptop computers periodically or permanently a diagonal row of keys 8 i k , will stop functioning. Here is a simple but unofficial method of repairing a laptop that had the dreaded 8ik keyboard flaw.
DELL Latitude D520How to access the memory module installed into the internal slot under the keyboard. You can use this guide for substituting the keyboard as well.
DELL Latitude D620This set of instructions will help you to remove and replace the laptop keyboard. After you have removed the keyboard, you will be able to access the memory module installed into the internal slot. And you will be able to clean the cooling fan and heatsink, too.
DELL Studio 1537A complete step-by-step notebook tear down and basic troubleshooting techniques for: keyboard, memory, hard drive, cooling fan and heatsink.
DELL N.N.How to remove and replace the laptop keyboard? Just put the bezel aside and you will see the laptop keyboard screws.
DELL Vostro 1220This guide explain how to remove and replace a failed hard drive which is mounted deep inside the laptop case it will also show how to access and remove other main laptop parts such as DVD drive, memory modules, keyboard, wireless card and CMOS battery.
eMachines 250 NetBookThis tutorial explains how to exchange the hard drive, memory and keyboard of the netbook.
Fujitsu LifeBook P-5000All the tips and trick to get a keyboard key exchanged.
Fujitsu LifeBook P-7230Taking the keyboard out is the first step of everything in most notebook. Thus, you will find it much easier when trying to upgrade anything else. What's surprising most is you don't have to have even a screw driver to complete this job since the manufacturer decided to use a sticky tape and plastic lock mechanism to stabilize the keyboard instead of any screw and it gets the job done nicely.
Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook S-2110Replacing the keyboard: an illustrated step-by-step guide.
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi-1556 (Reg.No.P53IA0)Keyboard replacement screwed at underside without panel.
GateWay 4000Need to fix a broken or fallen off keyboard key? This illustrated HOWTO explains all the dirty work.
GateWay M275You need to replace a broken keyboard key? Here is a useful guide.
GateWay M6846This guide will explain how to remove and replace a defective notebook keyboard.
GateWay MT6704How to substitute the laptop keyboard.
GateWay MX7000How to substitute a keyboard key: step-by-step explanations and pics.
GateWay Solo 400SD4Keycap substitution guide.
HP 530How to replace the top cover assembly to get access to one of a broken touch pad button. In order to replace the top cover you will have to disassemble the notebook completely and remove all internal parts including hard drive, keyboard, motherboard, cooling fan and other key components.
HP 1033CL Mini-NoteA short illustrated guide to keyboard substitution.
HP 2133 Mini-NoteHow to remove keyboard, replace memory and access hard drive of the UMPC. In the battery compartment can find three screws, which are securing the keyboard to the laptop base. Remove these three screws and carefully lift up the top side of the keyboard. The small plastic latches securing the keyboard on both sides should not be a problem.
HP Envy 15In this notebook the keyboard is mounted to the top cover assembly, after the assembly has been removed, you will be able to access the hard drive, internal memory modules, all three cooling fans as well as CMOS battery.
HP Pavilion DV1000A tutorial about laptop keyboard key replacement.
HP Pavilion DV2000A guide to keyboard key substitution.
HP Pavilion DV 3500Following this guide laptop keyboard replacement is not difficult and if you are careful enough, you can swap the keyboard in about 10-15 minutes.
HP Pavilion DV6000How to reattach a lost keyboard key.
HP Pavilion DV8000TA keyboard checkup guide.
HP Pavilion DV9000How to remove hard drive, memory, wireless card and keyboard.
HP Pavilion N5425Reseating the keyboard connector.
HP Pavilion TX1000This guide tells how to replace a damaged keyboard.
HP Pavilion ZE 1000Keycap exchange: a concise guide.
HP Pavilion ZV 5000Here are instructions for upgrading the laptop memory in seven relatively easy steps. Upgrading memory on this laptop could be tricky because one of the memory expansion slots is located under the keyboard.
HP/COMPAQ 6515bThis guide explains how to remove the keyboard and clean the cooling fan.
HP/COMPAQ NC6120This directions will teach you how to remove the laptop keyboard and replace it.
HP/COMPAQ NC6320This guide explains how to remove and replace the display panel from. Also you can use this guide for: replacing or upgrading the memory module installed in the internal memory slot, removing and replacing the keyboard, removing and replacing the cooling fan, cleaning the heat sink, removing and replacing the CMOS (RTC) battery.
HP/COMPAQ NC6400 [archived link]How to remove the keyboard (aka: Where is the second RAM Slot?)
HP/COMPAQ NC6400This laptop has two memory slots. One of them could be easily accessed from the bottom but the second one is hidden under the keyboard. In order to replace the memory module in the internal slot you'll have to remove the keyboard.
HP/COMPAQ NX7000This direction will teach you how to remove the laptop keyboard and replace it.
IBM ThinkPad 560 [archived link]Repairing a design flaw of the keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad 770DaliPC: an old laptop being transformed into an "electronic painting". Booting with no keyboard hack.
IBM ThinkPad 770ETake apart an old notebook and reassembly it as a digital picture frame. The keyboard hack describes how to go along without keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad 770ZAn illustrated explanation of the key mechanism, how to remove the spring, ring and frame of a keyboard key.
IBM ThinkPad i1400HOW-TO: Laptop resurrection and upgrade, battery revival, membrane keyboard repairs, trackpoint transplant, adding USB ports and wireless LAN.
IBM ThinkPad R50Revitalizing an aging notebook on the cheap: this tutorial will show you how to clean the notebook up, replace its slow and overloaded hard disk drive, install extra memory, replace the keyboard, and gave it a software tune up.
IBM ThinkPad R500This HOWTO explains how to substitute the keyboard of the notebook.
IBM ThinkPad T20How to change a broken keyboard key.
IBM ThinkPad T20, T21, T22Keyboard replacement instructions.
IBM ThinkPad T30You can easily remove and replace the keyboard at home without taking your laptop to a repair shop. This guide should work for many other ThinkPad laptops because they all have similar cases.
IBM ThinkPad T30Keyboard key substitution in all details.
IBM ThinkPad T40/T40p, T41/T41p, T42/T42pAccording to the official hardware maintenance manual these laptops can take up to 2GB memory total. You can install up to 1GB memory module into each slot, but before you have to take off the keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad T43This guide explains how to replace the cooling fan assembly, this laptop was starting up with a Fan Error message indicating the cooling fan failure. Also you can use this guide for removing and replacing the keyboard and hidden RAM module.
IBM ThinkPad T410sYou can find a new replacement keyboard by the FRU number (not part number): 45N2071 and this guide will help to attache the new keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad X300Keyboard replacment made easy.
IBM ThinkPad N.N.How to repair a missing notebook key.
Lenovo 3000 V200This guide explains how to remove the keyboard and replace the launch board (aka button board). The launch board is a board with the power and volume control buttons located under the keyboard bezel.
LG S1How to remove the keyboard from the laptop.
One Laptop Per Child - OLPC XOSo let's say that your XO laptop keyboard doesn't work. No matter if it's due to the "sticky keys" problem, or if you happened to dunk it in the kitchen sink in a foolish waterboarding test. Either way, you'll need to strip your XO.
Packard Bell Easynote MZ35/MZ36 (aka Argo C2)A detailed procedure for getting the keyboard off the laptop.
Panasonic ToughBookPutting a LED into the case to light the keyboard (includes take apart pictures).
Panasonic CF-50 ToughBookHow does the hinge mechanisms under the keyboard key work? Key exchangement tricks.
Panasonic CF-S23J8 Let's NoteHow to open the keyboard to get access to the hard disk drive (in Japanese).
Samsung X10+ XTM1700RAM, hard disk and keyboard upgrade, with disassembly pictures.
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MZXKeyboard removal guide with pictures.
Sony VAIO PCG-FX501How to change the CPU, fixing the noisy keyboard (in German).
Sony VAIO PCG-KThis short step-by-step tutorial explains how to change a single keyboard key.
Sony VAIO PCG-V505This guide explains how to remove the keyboard and access both memory modules. The whole process will take around 10-15 minutes and can be done even by an inexperienced user.
Sony VAIO PCG-V505CPLaptop keyboard key replacement guide.
Sony VAIO VGN-C250N (aka PCG-6R3L)This guide will help you to remove and replace the notebook keyboard.
Sony VAIO VGN-FEKeycap substitution: how to fit the plastic hinge mechanism into the metal keyboard hooks.
Sony VAIO VGN-FE855EThis guide will help you to remove and replace memory, hard drive, optical drive and keyboard.
Sony VAIO VGN-S150 (aka PCG-6C2L)How to remove the laptop keyboard and clean it from spilled soda.
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ160PHow to fix the spacebar (video).
Sony VAIO VGN-T350 (model PCG-4E1L)You may use this guide for replacing the keyboard or accessing the internal memory slot which is located under the keyboard.
Toshiba Libretto 50CTA quick guide on how to install PS/2 mouse and keyboard connections to the standard port replicator.
Toshiba Portege M200How to replace individual keys on your laptop's keyboard.
Toshiba Portege M600How to remove and replace the keyboard on this laptop.
Toshiba Portege M700This guide will assist you in taking apart and removing all internal parts from the Tablet PC. Major tasks you can accomplish using this guide are: replace laptop keyboard, replace or upgrade the memory module in the internal slot, clean the cooling fan and heat sink, replace cooling fan, replace laptop motherboard and processor. Start taking apart the laptop by removing the keyboard and use a sharp object to lift up the right side of the plastic bezel located under the keyboard.
Toshiba Portege R200How to remove and replace a damaged laptop keyboard.
Toshiba Qosmio F40/F45This guide explains how to remove all major parts from this laptop to replace sparte parts like keyboard removal, display, hard drives, memory, CD/DVD drive, motherboard, video card and cooling.
Toshiba Qosmio X305This guide will explain the complete disassembly of the laptop. So you can use this guide for replacing the keyboard, video card, cooling fans, motherboard, hard disk drive, memory, optical drive and other internal parts.
Toshiba Satellite A15Individual keyboard caps replacement guide.
Toshiba Satellite A75Keycap replacement guide.
Toshiba Satellite A215These instructions show how to remove the wireless card from the laptop. Also, you can use this guide for removing the keyboard.
Toshiba Satellite A505This article shows how easy it is to replace a laptop keyboard. There may be minor differences between other brands, but these instructions should translate pretty well to other manufacturers. Start by removing the keyboard bezel, which is a little strip of plastic that hides the screws holding the keyboard in place.
Toshiba Satellite P15If you need to replace the key of this laptop or similar models this tutorial tells you all you need to know.
Toshiba Satellite U305How to remove and replace the laptop keyboard.
Toshiba Satellite Pro S300MDo you need help in substituting a broken laptop keyboard? Just follow this guide.
Toshiba Tecra M7This manual shows how to access and remove all internal parts of the Tablet PC. This includes the keyboard removal and replacement procedure, the CD/DVD drive removal procedure, replaclement of both memory modules and the cooling fan.
Toshiba Tecra M9How to remove the keyboard to get access to the memory slot.
N.N.Cleaning instructions for a laptop keyboard.
N.N.How to reattach or replace a laptop keyboard key.
N.N.Can you a laptop keyboard apart completely and clean it from liquid spill? Is it easy to repair a damaged keyboard?
N.N.One or more keys fell off the laptop keyboard and you are not sure how to put them back? Don't worry, most likely you can fix the keyboard and it's not necessary to buy a new one.

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