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Do-it-Yourself Projector (aka Beamer) Building and Repairing (LCD, OverHead, Dia)

Do you want to build a projector (aka beamer) yourself? Or do you need to repair or upgrade a broken projector? Here are links to free practical do-it-yourself tutorials. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

DIY Projectors

Lumenlab A "Do-It-Yourself" LCD projector is a real projector you can build. This projector can achieve HDTV quality, rivaling projectors which cost many thousands of dollars. It can be used with Powerpoint presentations, video games (Playstation 2, Xbox), DVD movies and more.
VolksBeamer A new life for an old dia projector (in German).
Volksbeamer Filius 4 LCD Projector with 1,8" TFT Lilliput and TFT cooling (in German).
N.N. Building your own high-resolution XGA projector with 3,500 ANSI lumens is not very difficult. This article and the accompanying video take you through it step by step.
AST (unknown model) How to make a do-it-yourself projector from an old laptop display.
N.N. Operation "Big Screen", a comprehensive survey of do-it-yourself projectors.
Big TV Build a projection TV where you can have an image of over 7 feet across. In this site you will see how a projection system works and some different ways to make your own projector for about $300 and cost about $10 a year to run.
N.N. A great wealth of free guides explaining theory and techniques of building different kinds of selfmade projectors.
DIY OverHead Projector A Do It Yourself (DIY) Overhead Projector.
Phone-Projector Merge Merging an old dia-projector and a LCD display from a mobile phone into a projector (in German).
VolksBeamer A selfmade projector made from an old Ennamat 150W dia projector (in German).

Repairing Projectors

Sony VPL-ES1 This Teardown may help to fix or replace many items that could possibly go wrong with this digital projector, replacing the lamp, to changing the Automatic Lens Door and so on.

Repairing Projector Lamps

InFocus Systems LP210 Beamer How to change an expensive quicksilverlamp to a halogenlamp.

Selfmade Projector Screens

Tyvek Projector Screen Make a projection screen very quickly and very cheaply with TYVEK, a PVC pipe, rope, and plumbing pipe.

Selfmade Projector Mounts

Closet Flange Mount Build your own projector mount.
Cheap Mount A custom-made projector mount.

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