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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble an HP/COMPAQ Laptop or Notebook

Do you want to repair your Compaq laptop or notebook? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures or dismantling videos, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for laptops and notebooks models made by Compaq . If you have written a repairing guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry. Also you can publish a guide in the Laptop and Notebook Repair Wiki.

HP/COMPAQ 2710p Memory modules, hard drive and some other components can be accessed from the door on the bottom of the tablet PC. Just remove six screws securing the cover and remove it.
HP/COMPAQ 6515b This guide explains how to remove the keyboard and clean the cooling fan.
HP/COMPAQ 6735b Some bad experiences with a cheap non-original replacement battery.
HP/COMPAQ 6730s/6735s How to remove the cooling fan which is mounted under the motherboard. Basically you need to take the whole notebook apart and remove all internal components one by one. Why wouldn't the manufacturer make a door for the cooling fan? Why should it be so complicated to replace the cooling fan?
HP/COMPAQ 6730s/6735s The web camera is mounted inside the display panel above the LCD screen, to access and replace the web camera it is necessary to disassemble the display panel completely.
HP/COMPAQ 8510p/8510w This guide explains how to open the display panel and replace the screen inverter board for these notebooks. The inverter board is located inside the display panel beneath the screen. The inverter board works as a power supply for the LCD backlight lamp. When the inverter fails, the LCD screen goes dark. The image is still on the screen but you can barely see it.
HP/COMPAQ 8510p/8510w Before you start to follow this disassembly guide, you should turn off the laptop and unplug the power adapter.
HP/COMPAQ NC2400 It's always gutting and expensive to see a new come back in with a smashed screen. You can save the money on labour by fitting it yourself. It's a pretty simple operation that only takes half an hour or so.
HP/COMPAQ NC2400 This guide covers the complete disassembly of the notebook and specifically mentions some common faults that this machine suffers from.
HP/COMPAQ NC4010 The procedure for building a custom digital picture frame explained: disassemble the laptop, remove all unnecessary components, cram the rest into a picture frame.
HP/COMPAQ NC6120 This directions will teach you how to remove the laptop keyboard and replace it.
HP/COMPAQ NC6220 How to replace a broken screen and repair the surroundings as well.
HP/COMPAQ NC6220 How to make a dummy VGA connector to get OSX86 installed smoothly.
HP/COMPAQ NC6320 This guide explains how to remove and replace the display panel from. Also you can use this guide for: replacing or upgrading the memory module installed in the internal memory slot, removing and replacing the keyboard, removing and replacing the cooling fan, cleaning the heat sink, removing and replacing the CMOS (RTC) battery.
HP/COMPAQ NC6400  [archived link] How to remove the keyboard (aka: Where is the second RAM Slot?)
HP/COMPAQ NC6400 This laptop has two memory slots. One of them could be easily accessed from the bottom but the second one is hidden under the keyboard. In order to replace the memory module in the internal slot you'll have to remove the keyboard.
HP/COMPAQ NC8430 (NW8440, NX8420) This guide explains how to remove and upgrade the memory modules. The notebook came with 1 GB (two 512MB modules). The service manual states that this model can take up to 4GB total. You can install up to 2GB memory module into each slot. HP recommends using PC-4200 DDR2-533 SODIMM memory modules. If you can not find PC-4200 DDR2-533 memory, you can use PC-5300 DDR2-677 or PC-6400 DDR2-800 modules, they should work fine.
HP/COMPAQ NX6110 A detailed step-by-step dissection manual with photos (in Spanish).
HP/COMPAQ NX6125 This aims to be a short how-to providing guidelines to "hack" HP notebooks bios protection which prevents to boot the system when an uncertified Atheros wireless adapter is inserted into the miniPCI slot.
HP/COMPAQ NX6310 Some take apart instructions and photos (in Spanish).
HP/COMPAQ NX7000 This direction will teach you how to remove the laptop keyboard and replace it.
HP/COMPAQ NX7300 Have you ever taken apart a laptop? It's not as easy as you might think. This motherboard replacement guide is based on the official service manual which explains step by step how to replace any component, and the order in which they need to be replaced.
HP/COMPAQ TC1000 Memory and hard disk drive upgrades.
HP/COMPAQ TC1100 Memory, hard disk drive and wireless network upgrade instructions with pictures.

Manufacturer Information, Customer Service

Hardware Maintenance Manual, User Guide, Service Manual

As far as I know Compaq doesn't provide free service manuals.


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