If you are one of the many employees of Publix, you will have to log in to your Publix employee Oasis Passport many times during your employment period. You will find below a step-by-step description of how to log in to your account and a description of the company, relating to the importance of its Oasis management system.

The Publix Oasis System: An Efficient Management Tool

When you own the largest chain of supermarkets in the South-Eastern States of America, you need to find solutions that will help you manage the relationship with your employees in the most efficient way. That is why the company created the Publix employee Oasis Passport. It enables them to manage their personal information, to have access to their salary history and also to their work schedule. This very innovative tool has been at the center of the company now for a while and it is under the supervision of the IT Department.

Although it usually functions without any problems, if one was to occur, it then becomes the responsibility of the in-store managers to take over and to inform IT of the situation, so that they can find and repair the glitch in the program.

My Publix Oasis Log In

The Oasis program resides online. Therefore, the first thing you will need in order to log in to your account is an internet connection. Once your computer or mobile phone is linked to the World Wide Web, you will need to open a browser page. We strongly suggest that you do not use Mozilla Firefox. Instead, go for Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Make sure that whichever browser you use has the latest versions of the software, otherwise, you may have problems to log in.

If it is your Publix passport first time log in, you will have to speak with your supervisor first. This is not a social network. You cannot just go to the page and create an account. It is for employees only, so your account has got to be created internally first. Therefore, to reach your account, your manager will provide you with an ID and a temporary password, which you will be able to change, once you have connected to the Publix Oasis system.

You need to type www.publix.org in the address bar, to reach the portal. Once on it, look on the left side of the page for the log in box. Once you have found it, enter the ID you have been given and the temporary password as well. It should direct you to your account instantly. If you are not a first-time user and you have a problem to log in, you may be using a wrong password. If so, click on “Forgot your password” and it will direct you to a security page. On it, there will be questions which you will need to answer. Since you were the one entering the information when you open your account, you should be able to answer them. Once that is done, you’ll need to create a new password.

If you find any other problems with your account, or you can’t get in with the right answers, this may mean that your account has been hacked. These things can happen on the internet, and you’ll need to let the IT Department know as soon as possible. The hackers could have access to sensitive information inside your account, even ones that include money transfers (salary). That is why you can’t wait to inform the people in charge of this problem.

Publix: A Supermarket but also Much More

Today, customers don’t want to have to travel from one store to another to buy the various products that they need. That is why some of the most important supermarkets, like Publix, have become megastores. Whereas before you could buy mostly food when you visited a supermarket, today you will find almost everything you can think of. Products vary from clothes to mobile phones and from televisions to sports equipment.

Not only can you find everything at Publix, but you can also do so directly from the comfort of your home. Thanks to their e-commerce, Publix offers its clients the possibility of being delivered, right on their front door, the food or any other article that they have bought online at Publix. Missing milk on a Sunday morning to complete your breakfast? Fresh fruits to go with those crepes you have just cooked? No worries! Order online and Publix will deliver it to your home.

A Superpower in South-Eastern States of America

Publix was built in 1930, in the state of Florida. Today they are also present in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. But the largest number of stores can still be found in Florida. They employ a lot of people in these states, inside their supermarkets, but also in their IT Department, where they handle all the information going through the Oasis system.


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