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Repairing, Modding & Upgrading WireLess LAN Access Points

Do you want to build, repair or upgrade a wireless LAN accesspoint? Here are links to free do-it-yourself instructions. If you have written a repair guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Repairing or Upgrading a WireLess LAN AccessPoint

Agere Systems ORiNOCO RG-1000 Residential Gateway (aka HP 802.11b Wireless LAN Small Business Access Point)Upgrading encryption from 64-bit WEP to 128-bit WEP (104-bit RC4).
Apple AirPortBuilding an external antenna.
Apple Airport Base Station - ABSHow to repair a broken WLAN access point.
Apple Airport Base Station - ABSAn illustrated step-by-step repair guide for a broken power supply.
Apple Airport Base Station - ABSA short overview about repairing two weak capacitors, included detailed pictures and links to schematics (in French).
Apple Airport Base Station - ABSA short repair guide which explains how to replace two broken capacitors in the power supply.
Apple Airport Base Station - ABSRepairing a dead Airport Base Station.
Apple Airport Base Station ABS (1. Gen.)Upgrading encryption from 64-bit WEP to 128-bit WEP (104-bit RC4) by swapping the original Lucent WaveLAN PCMCIA card with a better one.
Apple AirPort ExpressConnect an external antenna to the Airport Express to extend its range.
Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11nThis teardown provides a look inside the access point and should not be used as disassembly instructions..
ASUS WL-700gEHow to tear down the wireless LAN router and add a serial port.
Belkin F5D7130Pictures from the inside of the Access Point.
Belkin F5D7230How to repair a dead wireless DSL/cable router.
Buffalo AirstationDisassembly picture gallery.
D-Link DI-614+Reverse Engineering: very basic stuff, just playing with hardware and firmware, disassembly pictures.
FON La FoneraHow to open the wireless router and access the serial port (RS-232).
FON La FoneraHow to improve the antenna gain (in Italian).
LinkSys WRE54GHow to increase the range by adding a cantenna.
LinkSys WRT54G(C)Wireless LAN accesspoint disassembly pictures.
LinkSys WRT54G(S)How to change the frequency (in German).
LinkSys WRT54GTutorial: Adding an SD card reader.
LinkSys WRT54G(S)How add a LCD display to the WLAN router (in German).
LinkSys WRT54G(S)Have you ever dreamed of having a cheap toilet radio that is able to stream MP3 music from the internet? Are you eager to push your Linksys WRT54G even further? Then this tutorial is for you. It will explore how to build a small Covox device that can be mounted inside the router and output 8 bit 11 KHz sound to a set of speakers.
LinkSys WRT54GHow to recover from liquid inside your equipment.
LinkSys WRT54G(v4)SD/MMC Card Fits in Floppy Edge-Connector: You can attach a SD memory card to any homebrew DIY project that has a few I/O pins, using ordinary connectors you probably have right now. SD cards are very popular for this purpose, because they only need a few pins (using SPI mode), and can be driven with simple "bit-bashed" SPI serial communications protocol, using free device drivers. An unused 5.25" floppy drive card edge connector just hanging off the end of the floppy drive cable, may be used as a cheap connector. This project shows how to put one of these connectors on your WRT54G(v4).
LinkSys WRT54GSThis HOWTO contains instructions on how to add two serial ports (one DB9 Female DCE port and one DB9 Male DTE port) to the wireless router.
Linksys WRT54GS v4How to provide the WLAN accesspoint so that it provides two serial ports using a custom made circuit featuring a MAX232 and a voltage regulator.
LinkSys WRT54GSHow to attach a USB console cable to the WLAN router, including schematics and soldering instructions.
LinkSys WRT54GThis guide shows how to take apart the WLAN accesspoint and properly remove the PCB from its enclosure.
LinkSys WRT54GHere are some pics from a max233 based serial port modification.
LinkSys WRT54G v4 [archived link]SD card mod, with GPIO pinouts and instructions to get a SD card slot added.
LinkSys Wap11Take apart pictures.
LinkSys WAG54GPictures from the inside.
Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 54 (WLAN Accesspoint) [archived link]Disassembly instructions with pictures.
SMC 2804WBRP-GAn illustrated dissection.
Mobile Repeater and Mesh NodeMobile Emergency Communications: Here is a plan for a mobile mesh repeater node to be used while you are setting up permanent installations, doing site surveys or for completely mobile teams.

Selfmade UMTS Routers

Low Cost UMTS RouterThis guide explains how to create a low cost wireless UMTS router from a Xybernaut MAIII mini PC, a Mobile Connect UMTS PCMCIA Card and fli4l Linux (in German).

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