Sony VAIO PCG-V505CP: Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement Guide

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These instructions tell you how to replace a broken or lost laptop keyboard key. The laptop is an old Sony VAIO PCG-V505CP. The keys are a courtesy provided by ReplacementLaptopKeys [links.html File:Extlink.png ] . Additionally there are some hints about getting a keyboard key removed, just in case you want to clean the keyboard completely.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_front_view.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp front view thumb.jpg]  The Sony VAIO PCG-V505CP laptop, a front view with the lid opened.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_keyboard_from_above.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp keyboard from above thumb.jpg]  The keyboard of the laptop viewed from above. The keyboard is not fixed with screws, there is just one clip (spring) on the left side (near the ^ key) of the keyboard and one clip (spring) at the right side (near the backspace key). Just push a screwdriver under the keyboard from above (between the F7 and F8 function key) and lift the keyboard up. It has to be bend a little to get out.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_keyboard_opened.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp keyboard opened thumb.jpg]  The laptop keyboard opened and partly removed.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_keyboard_removed.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp keyboard removed thumb.jpg]  The laptop without keyboard, viewed from above. At the right there are the two memory banks and at the left you can see the CPU fan and the BIOS battery (wrapped in green plastic).

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_keyboard.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp keyboard thumb.jpg]  The laptop keyboard in detail.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_keyboard_key_replacement_parts.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp keyboard key replacement parts thumb.jpg]  All the keyboard key replacement parts in detail (from left to right): the Laptop KeyCap this is the piece of plastic that has the letter on it, the Laptop Key Retainer Rubber Cup the piece of rubber or silicone that acts as the spring to rebound the key after you have pressed it (note: the rubber cup is part of the packkage provided by ReplacementLaptopKeys [links.html File:Extlink.png ] but will not be used in this case, because there is still a working rubber cup in place), the Laptop Key Retainer Clip (two parts) or hinge piece holds the laptop key cap to the base of the keyboard.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_lost_keyboard_key.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp lost keyboard key thumb.jpg]  The deserted space of the lost F12 function key.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_keyboard_with_new_key_clip.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp keyboard with new key clip thumb.jpg]  The new key clip in place.

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_new_keyboard_key.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp new keyboard key thumb.jpg]  The Sony VAIO PCG-V505CP laptop with the substituted F12 keyboard key.

How to Remove a Key from the Laptop Keyboard

[contrib/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp/pics/sony_vaio_pcg_v505cp_keyboard_key_removal.jpg File:Sony vaio pcg v505cp keyboard key removal thumb.jpg]  To extract a key from the laptop keyboard use a screw driver and push it under the key from above.

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