Keyboard Replacement Guide for the ASUS X50R Laptop

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This free guide illustrates how to take off the keyboard of the ASUS X50R laptop. Additionally there is a picture at the end showing how to access CPU, fan, memory, wireless antenna and WLAN miniPCI card.


Step-by-Step Keyboard Replacement Instructions

  • Press the five clips down with a pair of tweezers or a flat screw driver (number 1, 3 and 5 down, number 2 and 4 upwards). Now you can lift the keyboard.
  • Turn the keyboard and put in on the touchpad. Don't remove the keyboard fully, because the ribbon cable is still connected.
  • Use a flat screwdriver to open the cable lock. Now remove the ribbon cable carefully. Close the cable lock to avoid damage.
  • Now you can lift off the laptop keyboard.

Keyboard Replacement Pictures

Asus x50r keyboard opened.jpeg
  A view of the laptop from the top with the lid opened.

Asus x50r keyboard.jpeg
  The five keyboard hooks are marked with red squares and yellow numbers.

Asus x50r keyboard clips.jpeg
  This picture shows the different hooks (aka clips).

Asus x50r open slots.jpeg
  A view of the laptop from the backside. The slots for RAM and HDD are opened.

Other Resources

Credits, Disclaimer, Copyright

This free laptop repair guide is based on a pictures and explanations provided by Imbert Dessin.

Warning: These free instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the above mentioned steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage your notebook and you WILL lose your warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.

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