IBM ThinkPad T30: Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement Guide

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This instructions tell you how to substitute a broken or lost laptop keyboard key. The keys have been provided as a courtesy by ReplacementLaptopKeys. Additionally there are some hints about getting a keyboard key removed, just in case you want to clean the keyboard inside out.



Ibm thinkpad t30 front view.jpeg
  A view of the IBM ThinkPad T30 from the front side before any disassembly.

Ibm thinkpad t30 case view from bottom.jpeg
  The laptop case from the bottom, the metallic covers of the compartments for WLAN/BlueTooth miniPCI cards and two RAM slots not yet opened. Note: these covers don't have to be removed to get the keyboard out. There are just two screws, marked with two little arrows in parallel, fixing the keyboard. Before proceed any further don't forget to remove the battery.

Ibm thinkpad t30 open ram slots.jpeg
  RAM and miniPCI compartments opened. The battery has been removed, too. Note, the BIOS battery, wrapped in yellow plastic, is now visible in the battery compartment.

Ibm thinkpad t30 minipci compartment.jpeg
  A detailed view into the miniPCI cards (WLAN and BlueTooth) compartment, with the WLAN miniPCI card removed.

Ibm thinkpad t30 keyboard removed.jpeg
  The laptop case with the keyboard removed. Fan, CPU, optical disk drive, PCMCIA compartment and parts of the mainboard are visible.

Keyboard Key Exchangement in Detail

Ibm thinkpad t30 separated keyboard.jpeg
The keyboard separated from the laptop case. Note the missing right cursor key in the lower right corner.

Ibm thinkpad t30 right arrow key lost.jpeg
  A view of all four cursor keys.

Ibm thinkpad t30 right arrow key lost detail.jpeg
  The place of the right cursor key with all the parts missing.

Ibm thinkpad t30 keyboard key parts.jpeg
  These parts have to be put into place (from left to right): laptop key cap (the piece of plastic which has the letter on it), laptop key retainer clip (the retainer clip holds the hinge piece to the base of the keyboard), hinge piece (the hinge piece connects all the parts together), rubber cup (the piece of rubber or silicone that acts as the spring to rebound the key after you have pressed it).

Ibm thinkpad t30 keyboard key part1.jpeg
  First: put the new key retainer clip in place.

Ibm thinkpad t30 keyboard key part2.jpeg
  Second: now fit the rubber cup in the middle of the key space.

Ibm thinkpad t30 keyboard key part3.jpeg
  Third: put the hinge piece in.

Ibm thinkpad t30 with new keyboard key.jpeg
  Fourth: the new shiny right cursor key cap can now be set in place finally.

How to Get a Key Out?

Ibm thinkpad t30 keyboard key removal.jpg
  In case you need to clean the keyboard in detail or to change the keyboard keys to achieve a different keyboard layout you have to know how to get the keys out. Just push a screw driver behind the key and wiggle it out carefully.

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Disclaimer, Copyright

Warning: These free IBM ThinkPad repair instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the above mentioned steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage the notebook and you WILL lose its warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.

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