How to Take Apart a SanDisk 128MB SD-Card

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This tutorial explains how to dissect a SanDisk 128MB SD-Card.

Sandisk 128mb sd card dissection front view.jpeg
  A view of the SD-Card from the top.

Sandisk 128mb sd card dissection opening the notch.jpeg
  Run the blade of a flat screw driver around the notch at the side to get the frontside and backside covers separated.

Sandisk 128mb sd card dissection back and front cover separated.jpeg
  Backcover and frontcover taken apart.

Sandisk 128mb sd card dissection back front and circuit board.jpeg
  From left to right: frontcover, backcover, circuit board and lock separated. You may reassemble all the parts by applying some glue.

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Warning: These instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the above steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage your storage card and you will lose your warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.

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