How to Replace the WiFi Antenna of a Panasonic ToughBook CF-29 Laptop

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Warning: The following instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the following steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage your notebook and you WILL lose your warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.


Remove right or left WiFi cover next to latch, and replace PC board antenna with an SMA connector mounted on a piece of bar stock. Solder connector to the coaxial cable, screw into existing mounting holes and then test with an external antenna. If satisfied, then cover area with epoxy or silicone. One other tip on antenna connectors is to use a standard female SMA and then couple it to the RP-style antenna connector with a center conductor from small coax such as UT-141. This antenna configuration allows me to use a 7 db Linksys antenna and regularly see 5-6 db of actual gain. Other antennas (dishes, loop yagis and omni verticals) do even better! Also can use amps!

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This guide is a courtesy of J. Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT.

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