Display Hinge Replacement Guide for a Samsung X10 Laptop

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Does your laptop encounter wobbly display hinges? This guide explains how to disassembly (at least partially) a Samsung X10 (for example model code NX10RH04QG/SEG) laptop to get the display hinges replaced. Click on the thumbnails below to view step-by-pictures, showing how to take the case and display apart and replace the display hinges. This procedure could work with other notebook brands and models as well, for example the Samsung X05 series (e.g. model code NX05RH0C1U/SEG). For the X05 series the same part numbers apply.

Attention: remove the power supply and the battery before starting to do the repair work.

Important note: even if only one hinge is broken, replace both of them. If you replace just one, it will have to bear more tension from the worn-out second hinge and it will make the new hinge break faster. Also almost always when you have disassembled the display you will find out the second hinge is broken, too.


0: Identifiying the Replacement Parts

Samsung x10 hinge replacement parts.jpeg
  The product numbers (P/Ns) for the display hinges are BA61-00531A (right) and BA61-00532A (left). The price for each hinge is around 25USD (May 2009). It is recommended to replace both hinges at the same time. They are made from zamak 2, according to the writing on the bag they are delivered in. Both hinges have slightly different sizes. The right hinge is marked with an "R". It is longer than the left hinge. The left hinge is marked with an "L". The two moving parts of a worn out hinge can be separated from each other easily. The parts of new hinges hold together very firmly. Note: there seem to be newer part numbers for ROHS compliant hinges (BA61-00907A right hinge BA61-00908A left hinge).

1: Remove the Hinge Covers

Samsung x10 hinge cover removal.jpeg
  The left and right hinge cover can easily popped off with a screw driver. There is no need to apply force. Note: the picture besides showing how to put the screwdriver under the plastic cover suggests a bad approach. Actually there is a small hole provided at the inner side of each cover to fit the screwdriver in.

Samsung x10 hinge replacement overlook.jpeg
  This picture shows the laptop with both hinge covers removed.

3: Remove the Connectors for Display and Wireless LAN Antenna

Samsung x10 display hinge left without cover.jpeg
  Under the left hinge cover there is the connector for the ribbon cable from the graphics card to the display. The connector is not locked into its socket, just lift it up in vertical direction carefully. You can use the black plastic ear to pull the connector upwards. See below for a detailed picture of the connector lock with the ribbon cable removed.

Samsung x10 display hinge right without cover.jpeg
  Under the right hinge cover there are the two connectors for the wireless antenna cables (black and white). Note the white base at the bottom of the connector for the white cable. You can remember easily where to attach the white cable back. See below for a detailed picture of the connectors with the antenna cables removed.

4: Remove Two Hinge Screws at the Backside

Samsung x10 hinge replacement base backside.jpeg
  Turn the laptop around. On the backside there is one screw near the left and right hinge. Take a Phillips screwdriver and remove the screws.

Samsung x10 hinge left case without display.jpeg
  Left hinge base without display, you can see the display adapter with cable removed.

Samsung x10 hinge right case without display.jpeg
  Right hinge base without display, you can see the wireless antenna adapter with cables removed.

5: Take the Display Apart

Samsung x10 hinge replacement left screw cover.jpeg
  Remove the covers of the two screws left and right.

Samsung x10 hinge replacement left screw closeup.jpeg
  Remove the two screws fitting the display halves together.

Samsung x10 hinge replacement display cramps.jpeg
  Around the display border there are some cramps which clip the top and bottom halves of the display frame together (three cramps at the bottom, four cramps at the left side, four cramps at the right side, three cramps at the top). Take a screwdriver and pry both halves open. Note: the report mentioned in the resource section below, states that it is possible to remove the hinges without taking the display apart completely. IMHO this is to much risk to break the display, when taking the hinges out.

Samsung x10 hinge replacement glue on display.jpeg
  The bottom side of the display is glued to the bottom frame. Pry the glued strip open, too.

6: Substitute the Display Hinges

Samsung x10 hinge left replacement closeup.jpeg
  You are able to replace the display hinges easily now. Remove the two screws holding each hinge. Assembly the parts in back order and you are done. Before putting the hinge covers back in place, you should test whether your laptop boots well. If not, you can check all connections without taking it apart again.

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Warning: These instructions are given without any warranty. They don't have to be complete or correct. Don't do any of the following steps if you're not sure of what you're doing. You could damage your notebook and you will lose your warranty. Everything you do will be at your own risk.

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