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How to Build Custom-Made Laptop and Notebook Stands

Do you want to make your own laptop or notebook stand? Here are links to free do-it-yourself instructions to get better cooling as well as better ergonomics. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Laptop to Desktop Stands

Swiveling Laptop Workstation Work or view the screen from 3 different seats, and when not working the whole thing collapses and swivels out of the way.
PVC Laptop Stand A laptop stand with cable routing for under five bucks. No gluing necessary. Save deskspace. Save your neck. Save your eyes. Save the whales (with the extra time you can sit in front of your laptop before crippling fatigue overcomes you).
Laptop Workstation Laptops are nice, light, cool looking and a real pain in the back when you work for hours on them. Here is a guide to build a selfmade laptop stand.
Free Laptop Stand Notebook to Desktop Convertor: when using a laptop for long periods of time, it does get uncomfortable after a while. The keyboard and screen should ideally be separate to reduce neckstrain during prolonged use. If you are a full time laptop user, it is recommended you build something like this that will help you raise your monitor to a near eye level. This way you can have both the keyboard and the monitor in the right positions. A simple and inexpensive file sorter or desktop organizer solves your problem.
Coat-Hanger Stand How to use an abandoned coat-hanger to make a deskstand for a Tablet PC.
Universal Laptop Stand for a Buck and a Half Working on a laptop can cause some discomfort. If you don't want to spend money on a commercial laptop stand you can build your own from 2 pieces of flat aluminium bent into an L-shape, and screwed together. Put some electrical tape on there to prevent scratches.
Ikea Grundtal Stand This stand is cobbled together from an old Ikea grundtal paper towel holder and some plexiglass sheet.
Bed Laptop Stand Make a simple but incredibly useful Laptop Stand for around $15 and 30-60 minutes! Great for use in bed while typing, browsing, and especially watching movies.

Laptop and Notebook Lap Stands

Laptop Stand PVC Table This is a somewhat unusual laptop stand to support usage of a laptop in a horizontal position. Of course this is bad for you body, posture and worse for the laptop because of overheating but if you always end up with your legs propped up with an over heated computer on them this stand is right for you.
Simple Laptop Stand Using a laptop on the lap, it tends to get really hot. This stand is made out of a scrap of plywood and some rubber. Now the laptop sits nicely on the lap and still has airflow around it.
Insulating Laptop Pad When using a notebook/laptop computer actually in your lap, the heat buildup can get annoying. This pad is meant to insulate you from the computer-generated heat, while still allowing it to dissipate heat from below.

Laptop and Notebook Car Stands

Laptop/GPS Car Stand A laptop car stand from about a foot of 1 inch square steel pipe, an old music stand shelf, about 2 feet of water heater copper tubing and a couple of connectors.
Cup Holder Laptop Desk This PVC Pipe Laptop Desk was for a rental car that had two big cup holders between the bucket seats.
Tablet PC Mount Pictures of a selfmade metal car mount for a Tablet PC.

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