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How to Make, Repair and Upgrade Laptop and Notebook Power Supplies, AC/DC Adapters and Power Jacks

How to make, repair and upgrade power supplies for laptops and notebooks. Links to free do-it-yourself instructions. If you have written a do-it-yourself guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Acer Aspire 5000 A complete disassembly to fix and resolder the little circle PSU port which went inside and somehow snapped of the motherboard.
Acer TravelMate 3260 Inside this laptop power from the AC adapter goes to the motherboard through the power board. When the power board goes bad, the laptop stops working at all and appears to be dead. In order to get access and replace the power board the entire laptop has to be taken apart.
Acer TravelMate 6292 These picture gallery illustrates how to replace a fried charger chip (ISL6251) on the laptop motherboard. The manufacturer did not bother protecting against idiots who connect power adapters with the wrong polarity. Fortunately it is possible to fix this issue by replacing the chip, a diode, two FETs, one inductor and one resistor.
Advent 6418XP (aka Gericom Webgine) [PDF]A power charger socket repair guides, with take apart pictures.
Amstrad NC100  [archived link] It seems that many NC100 owners plug in a third-party power supply instead of running the machine on batteries. Unfortunately, the standard-looking power connector has its polarity reversed from what is usual: The outer side of the connector is +, the inside is -. Alas, a fuse in the NC100 blows up when you get the polarity wrong. This results in a dead machine. Null modem cable trouble: The normal way to communicate with the NC100, lacking a disk drive, is to use a null modem cable, but standard cables don't work here is the fix: solder a wire between RTS and CTS on the NC connector - short pins 7 and 8.
Amstrad NC100 "A surgical guide to the Amstrad Notepad Computer" includes a table of what is in the NC100, a block diagram, IC's and PCMCIA card connector pinouts.
Amstrad NC100/NC200 How to fix a broken mains lead and other tips and tricks for repairing the laptop.
Amstrad NotePad/Book NC100/150/200 How to detect and repair the fuse to revive a dead laptop.
Apple iBook (1. Generation) How to repair the power connector (in French).
Apple iBook G3 Clamshell DC power plug disassembly.
Apple iBook/PowerBook Power jack and power supply schematics.
Apple iBook/PowerBook The DC plug of Apple Power Adapters: have you ever wondered about how the illumination in the DC plug of the DC adapter of your PowerBook or iBook works? Occasionally the cap broke once when I was trying to unplug the connector, so it revealed its internals.
Apple iBook G4DC power adapter plug repair HOWTO.
Apple iBook G4, PowerBook G4 Repair your macintosh power cord: Tired of Mighty Apple charging you beaucoup $$$ for those badly designed power adapters which break all the time? Repair it yourself.
Apple PowerBook 5300 Disassembly and power connector repair.
Apple PowerBook Duo Overclocking, cleaning the keyboard, changing the CAPS LOCK light to a red LED, adding a hard drive activity light, adding a ADB port in place of the modem, repairing the AC adapter port.
Apple PowerBook Duo How to get rid of a "clicking noise" inside the power supply of the docking station.
Apple PowerBook G3 Kanga How to fix the powersource's connector by soldering.
Apple Powerbook G3 Wallstreet  [archived link] Fix loose sound ports, display hinge and the power plug using a tongue depressor. Replacing the original hard disk with a bigger one.
Apple PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Soldering the power plug (in German).
Apple PowerBook G4 65W AC power adapter repair.
Apple PowerBook G4 12'' 867Mhz How to repair a 45W AC adapter, a step-by-step guide with pictures.
Apple PowerBook G4 Inside the 65W power supply, an attempt to repair.
Apple PowerBook G4 This notebook sometimes had adapter issues, the cord frays inside because of the stress from wrapping it up around the adapters "ears". The solution: Tear it apart and replace the broken section! The tools to use are heatshrink, chisel, hammer, razor blade (for cutting and stripping wires), and voltmeter. Additional items are tape (electrical, duct, vinyl) and fuel hose.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook) How to replace the original power supply cable with a standard cable (Norm IEC C5, KSS 25, 2.5mm stereo jack) (in German).
Apple N.N. How to fix a laptop power adapter.
ASUS L2400D How to fix a loose power supply plug. Disassembly for removal of mainboard and for resoldering.
COMPAQ Contura 4/25cx Pictures from inside the laptop. Voltages on the power supply interface and battery pinout. Circuit diagram of the 4 MB memory module. Circuit diagram of the 16 MB memory module. Motherboard outline with chip product numbers.
COMPAQ Presario 1210 (HP Pavilion XF235) Broken AC power plug repair.
DELL Inspiron 1300/B120/B130 The power jack started failing intermittently. The laptop started switching from AC to battery power on its own. In order to switch it back to the AC power you have to fiddle with the adapter plug and find the right position. If the laptop failes exactly the same way with another adapter, the conclusion is that the DC power jack is not making good contact with the motherboard and has to be repaired. Inside this laptop the DC power jack is soldered to the motherboard. If the jack is broken, you'll have to unsolder it and replace with a new jack.
DELL Inspiron 5150/1100 How to repair a bad power jack on for under 20.00USD.
DELL Inspiron 5150/110 This slideshow provides good quality pictures of the power jack repair process. The cause which broke the power cord is too much wiggling.
DELL Inspiron 8600 How to fix a loose power flex cable connector, which prevents the notebook to power on.
DELL Latitude A quick fix to run a laptop from a DC-DC convertor. The only trouble is, the laptop has an odd square plug and the convertor only has round plugs. An in-line adaptor made from a pen barrel solves the problem.
DELL Latitude D500 In a this laptop the power jack is soldered to the motherboard. If the laptop looses power intermittently when you wiggle the power plug, most likely the power jack is damaged and has to be repaired. In order to repair the power jack you will have to remove the motherboard.
Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook S-2020 How to repair a bad AC jack, includes disassembly instructions and pictures.
Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook S-6110 An illustrated guide to power connector repair, instead of buying an expensive replacement part a few pigtails have been soldered to the motherboard.
Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook S-7010 Showing it's age this laptop model is being pulled apart here to repair a loose connection on the power socket.
GateWay NV5302u (aka MS2285) Taking the notebook apart in order to fix a broken DC jack. Since the DC jack is soldered to the motherboard, the whole notebook has to be disassembled and the motherboard removed.
GateWay NX570 This laptop stopped charging the battery even though the AC adapter worked properly and provided correct voltage. The adapter was tested with a voltmeter. It charged the battery but only intermittently, when the AC adapter was pushed in firmly. In order to charge the battery the AC adapter plug inside the power socket on the back of the laptop had to be adjusted and resoldered.
HP Pavilion DV8 When the LED light on the DC jack starts flickering when adapter plug is moved, you can test the laptop with another known good AC adapter, but if this approach does not fix the problem you can assume this is a DC jack related failure and you need to replace it.
HP Pavilion N5190 Shared knowledge: a take apart picture gallery and disassembly guide. Cleaning the fan from dirt and remounting the CPU using thermal conductive paste. Upgrading the hard drive. Replacement of CD/DVD, LCD video driver board and BIOS battery. Fixing a broken power adapter jack.
HP Pavilion ZE 5400EA A complete disassembly with four objectives: clean fans and exhaust airways of dust to improve air flow and cooling - investigate poor wireless performance - investigate faulty power switch - investigate broken floppy drive.
HP Pavilion ZT 1141S How to fix a broken power-connector. Disassembly photos and instructions.
IBM ThinkPad A21p Solar Powered Wireless Laptop Web Server.
IBM ThinkPad X20/X21 Power supply cable grounding (earthing) (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad N.N. ThinkSafe: A Magnetic Power Connector for Thinkpads.
Medion MD40100 (aka WID2000)Re-soldering a wobbly power jack to the mainboard.
NEC LitePad Tablet PC Healing a 'crazy cursor' bug which causes the pen/cursor to move to and click at the top right hand corner of the screen (in Portrait mode) or the button right hand corner of the screen (in Landscape mode). This can cause randomly close windows or open up the Date and Time dialog box. Very annoying! The real hardware reason for this problem is caused by AC leakage from the power supply (which should be outputting only DC and very low amounts of AC). 80VAC zooming around trying to earth the device probably generates quite a bit of EM interference which screws around with the tablet digitizer. You can permanently fix the problem by adding additional electro-magnetic shielding to your Tablet PC. All you need are a screwdriver and some aluminium foil.
OQO 01+ Hacking the power supply because the original power supply fails every two months.
Sony VAIO PCG-CV1VR PictureBook How to replace a failed power connector with a nifty Lego connector. Includes disassembly instructions.
Sony VAIO PCG-FX310 How to disassemble an old laptop and repair the power connector.
Sony VAIO PCG-K25 The main reason to open up the laptop was replacing a broken power jack. Proceed disassembly on your own risk.
Sony VAIO VGN-C240E (aka PCG-6R3L) Complete take apart tutorial explaining how to fix a broken power connector.
Sony VAIO VGN-FZ220 How to replace a broken DC-IN power jack. The jack is soldered to the power harness and can be easily replaced if you have basic soldering skills.
Sony VAIO VGN-S360P This guide explains how to take apart a laptop and replace a broken power jack (aka power connector or DC jack).
Toshiba Portege A600/A605 In order to access the cooling fan you have to remove the bottom cover. This guide also explains how to access the laptop memory, DVD drive, hard drive, wireless card, audio board, SC card reader, CMOS battery and power jack.
Toshiba Satellite A70, A75, M35X Failed power jack workaround.
Toshiba Satellite M35X/M30X Does your laptop randomly shut off and not fully charge the battery? Fixing a power jack issue.
Toshiba Satellite L305/L355 How to fix a power jack which got pushed into the laptop base so it feels loose. We replace the original plastic jack with a generic metal jack purchased at RadioShack for about $3.
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 How to fix the power on connector.
Toshiba Tecra 8100 [PDF]Complete disassembly to get a broken power jack re-soldered.
VPR Matrix 175-B4 [PDF]DC jack repair guide. Modification of power supply plug.
Zenith 8088 Hardwired power supply to the mother board, bypassing the battery equipment.
Zenith Z-Note MX Removing the keyboard to get the hard disk changed. Pinout of the strange external power connector.
N.N. How to power a notebook with solar energy (in German).
N.N. Laptop power system overview and troubleshooting.
N.N. A cool portable AC adapter.
N.N. How to resolder a broken power jack.
N.N. Notebook Won't Turn On With AC Power Adapter Plugged In? Here is the troubleshooting flowchart for laptop power supply problems before you rip it apart.
N.N. Step by step power jack replacement and re-soldering instructions. This guide will fork for all laptops with the power jack installed on the motherboard.
N.N. Laptop power plug multimeter tests for voltages and shorts.
N.N. Different AC/DC connector types used for notebook computers.

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JerkStopperHow to secure a laptop power port and prevent damage.

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