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Repairing or Upgrading PCMCIA/CardBus/CF Cards

Do you want to repair or upgrade a PCMCIA/CardBus/CF Card? Here are links to free do-it-yourself instructions. If you have written a repair guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

3Com 3CRSHPW796 Disassembly pictures.
3Com 3CCFE574BT PCMCIA Card Pin out schematics of the 10/100BaseT network card RJ45 dongle (in Czech).
Billionton BlueTooth Class 1 PCMCIA  [archived link] How to add an external antenna.
BuffaloTech AirStation 54Mbps Wireless CardBus card (WLI-CB-G54) Pictures from the inside of the CardBus Card.
CNet CNWLC-811-3V Wireless PC-Card External Antenna Mod. This piece of surgery reveals the concealed PCB pads for an external antenna jack. A coalition of the willing was formed to expose the secrets of this PC-Card.
D-Link DWL-650 Air (aka Compaq HNW-100, Dr. Neuhaus FuryLAN The PC-Card does not have any means of connecting to an external antenna, but can be easily modified to do so.
D-Link DWL-650 How to pry apart instructions to add a MMCX connector for an external antenna.
D-Link DWL-G650 AirPlus Xtreme Wireless G Card Disassembly to add an external antenna.
D-Link DWL-650+ AirPlus WLAN CardBus Attaching an external antenna to the wireless card.
D-Link DWL-650+ AirPlus WLAN CardBus (aka Pheenet WL-0022, USR 2210 etc) How to take apart and to 'pigtail' the card.
D-Link DWL-650+ AirPlus WLAN CardBus (aka TEW-301PC) Detailed explanation and pictures about pigtailing an external antenna (in Croatian).
IBM 14,4K modem PCMCIA card DIY PCMCIA RS232 card.
LinkSys WPC11 PC-Card How to add an external antenna.
NetGear MA401 PC-Card An illustrated guide about adding an external antenna connector.
Pretec compactGPS CF-Card How to modify the CompactFlash Card to work with a standard serial port. This modding will allow you to use the device using your PDA serial port, a PC serial port, and a PDA/GPS car kit.
SMC EZ Connect SMC2632W WLAN PC-Card 802.11b Mods: Adding an external antenna to a PCMCIA WLAN Card.
SMC-2632 PC-Card Transceiver modification to add an SMA connector for external antennas. This is an inexpensive (under $100 US Dollars) 802.11b wireless ethernet card. The thing that makes this card remarkable is the fact that the manufacturer left mounting holes in the PCB to accomodate a PCB mount SMA RF connector. With a little patience, soldering skills and crafty x-acto knife handiwork, you can modifiy your card to accomodate any antenna you deem necessary to close that RF link. The maximum output power of this card is 50mW.
Sony Ericsson GC83 Wireless Network Card Make a new antenna to replace the one broken off inside the PCMCIA card.
56K PCMCIA Modem Dismantelling instructions and pictures.
Apple iBook Dual-USB How to refit an iBook without AirPort card, with a Senao 200mW wireless PCMCIA card. With some dremel work on the antenna connector, the card just fits.
Apple iBook G3 Clamshell (Indigo) PCMCIA mod: how to use a cheap Orinoco Silver PCMCIA card (or any other card with Lucent chip) instead of an AirPort card. An illustrated explanation.

Repairing, Modding or Adding PCMCIA Slots

Everex gBook Add a versatile compact flash boot drive to an inexpensive laptop. Now you can easily swap large CF cards for multiple OS booting and quasi-SSD storage.
Fujitsu Stylistic LT P-600 (aka PenNote T1) A proposal for adding an additional CardBus slot and some take apart photos.
IBM ThinkPad X20 How to fix a broken PCMCIA slot cover, an illustrated guide (in Korean).
External WiFi Antenna in PCMCIA Slot Add range to your laptop's WiFi card by installing a removable antenna which is connected to the internal wireless card via the PCMCIA card slot. You need: an antenna, a short pigtail connector, a pigtail to RP-TNC connector and a "blank" PCMCIA card.

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