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How to Modify Notebook & Laptop Parallel Ports

Do you need instructions for repairing or modding the parallel port of a portable computer? Here are links to free guides. If you have written a DIY guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

GateWay 2000 HandBook 486 Pinout for the proprietary parallel converter (HONDA "PCR E28FS"), and pinout for the AC adaptor.
Palmax PD-1000 When the PD-1000 is in the docking station, you can use a modified LapLink 5 cable. The modification is on pins 24 and 25. You have to connect them to Pin 23 on both ends. This is due to a design feature for autodetecting a floppy/parallel port. A Pin out scheme is included.
Toshiba Tecra 530CDT Notebook BIOS password removal via parallel port, backdoor schematics and soldering tips.


LaCie External 3.5'' HDD Enclosure Troubleshooting tips for an external FireWire hard disk drive enclosure (with an internal parallel drive). This HOWTO explains in detail how to free your hard drive from its firewire enclosure and then either swap cases or install your drive into a G4 or G5.

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