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Repairing or Upgrading of Optical Disc Drives - ODD (CD,DVD,MO,Blu-Ray) for Laptops & Notebooks

Here are some links to do-it-yourself repair and upgrade instructions for optical disk drives, such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and MO drives of laptops and notebooks.

N.N. How to remove a CD or DVD disc from the optical drive of a laptop.
Acer Aspire 1642 This very detailed guide explains and illustrates how to access and replace the optical drive (CD), to clean the fan and upgrade the memory (RAM) [PDF].
Acer Aspire 3023WLMi Instructions for optical drive replacement.
Acer Aspire 5100 This guide will explain how to take apart the laptop and exchange major components such as CD/DVD drive, memory, hard drive, wireless card, cooling fan and keyboard.
Acer Aspire 5517 This guide shows how to remove the hard disk drive, memory, DVD drive, wireless card and keyboard.
Acer TravelMate 513T How to change the CD-Drive. Upgrading the hard drive (in German).
Acer TravelMate 803LMi How to put a new internal burner LG GWA-4082N into an old laptop.
Acer TravelMate 2493NWLMi This blog entry describes how to replace the CD/DVD drive in the notebook (in Czech).
Acer TravelMate 4002 This guide explains how to replace the optical drive.
Apple iBook Hard drive and CD removal tips, including helpful pictures.
Apple iBook G3 Clamshell (Indigo) Bezel modification for new optical drive.
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USB 500MHz White Overhaul leads to frustration as well as success. How to take the notebook to pieces, remove the 10GB hard drive and busted CD-R it came with originally, and replace them with a 40GB Samsung hard drive and a Sony CD-RW/DVD drive before putting the it back together again.
Apple iBook G4 Sliced Apple: adding internal BlueTooth. Antenna modification for improved BlueTooth range. Interval hard drive replacement. Adding a SuperDrive (CDRW/DVD-ROM).
Apple iBook G4 DVD-R (SuperDrive) upgrade (in German).
Apple iBook G4 12'' Take apart instructions, adding a 2x SuperDrive (DVD burner).
Apple iBook G4 12'' Adding a 4x SuperDrive (DVD burner).
Apple MacBook Pro The only way to get a stuck CD out was to disassemble the notebook as well as the optical drive as there is no 'emergency' mechanical ejection to override the electromechanical mechanism when it screws up.
Apple PowerBook G4 12'' A movile about a MCE Tech 16X Dual Layer Superdrive upgrade, new 100GB Hard Drive, and custom-made colorful rainbow logo.
Apple PowerBook 1400 Take apart pictures, overclocking. Examination and Repair of a Floppy Module. Examination and Repair of a CD ROM Module (12x). Putting in a 24 x CD ROM.
Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo Hard drive and memory upgrade (slot 1 and slot 2) tutorial. DVD drive installation guide. with dissection pictures.
Apple PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Taking apart the CDRW/DVD combo drive.
DELL Inspiron E1505 Want better performance from your laptop? The conventional wisdom has long held that you should simply buy a new one. You can put such conventional wisdom aside: upgrading a laptop may not be for the timid or the impatient, but if you're handy with a screwdriver, and the sight of a circuit board doesn't scare you, an upgrade can be a far more affordable solution. Upgrades covered: RAM from 1GB to 2GB, HDD from a 5400RPM, 120GB drive to a 7200RPM, 200GB model, miniPCI wireless card from 802.11b to 802.11a/b/g, BlueTooth card added, optical drive, LCD screen with better resolution or matte instead of glossy, CPU from a 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo to a 2GHz Core 2 Duo T7200, graphics card nVidia 7300 with a more powerful ATI X1400.
DELL Latitude C840 How to upgrade the DVD/CD-RW with a DVD Super Multi Drive.
DELL CPi How to Swap the Drives in Dell Latitude Laptops: This information on how to swap the drives in Dell Latitude Laptops covers the method by which to change the Modular CDROM drive and the Modular Floppy drive in the Modular Bay.
DELL Studio 1737 This notebook comes with a slot-load DVD drive which is mounted inside the laptop case. The DVD drive cannot be removed until you remove the top cover assembly.
DELL Vostro 1220 This guide explain how to remove and replace a failed hard drive which is mounted deep inside the laptop case it will also show how to access and remove other main laptop parts such as DVD drive, memory modules, keyboard, wireless card and CMOS battery.
Fujitsu Amilo A A6600 / A7600 (CY26/FY26) Upgrade of the optical drive to DVD-RW. The original drive LiteOn LSC 24081M has been replaced with LiteOn SOSW-852SX and finally with LiteOn SOSW-833s (in German).
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xa 1526 How to open the laptop case and replace the CD/DVD drive (in German).
Fujitsu P-2120 CD-RW upgrade: how to replace the original optical drive with a Panasonic CW-8122-B slot loading DVD/CDRW drive.
GateWay Solo 9550 Upgrading a laptop can be a costly endeavor, depending on how many components need replacing. At some point you have to decide if it makes more sense (financially) to scrap the older system for a shiny new model. This HOWTO goes an upgrade path for: a new display, a bigger hard drive, some extra memory and a DVD burner instead of a CD/RW.
HP Pavilion N5190 Shared knowledge: a take apart picture gallery and disassembly guide. Cleaning the fan from dirt and remounting the CPU using thermal conductive paste. Upgrading the hard drive. Replacement of CD/DVD, LCD video driver board and BIOS battery. Fixing a broken power adapter jack.
IBM ThinkPad 560  [archived link] How to install a 3,5'' 15GB IBM harddisk and a 8x CD-ROM drive inside.
IBM ThinkPad (misc. models) How to build your own UltraBay drive. Survey of UltraBay 2000 drives (CD/DVD) and compatible alternative drives.
IBM ThinkPad T21 Commented photo manual about upgrading an UltraBay 2000 drive (DVD-ROM Hitachi GD-S200 -> DVD+-RW NEC ND-6650A (in Czech).
JVC MiniNote MP-XV841GB This tutorial explains how to replace the DVD Drive with a DVD burner.
Kapok NetWork 1100AT (aka Umax, Clevo, Gericom) A complete step-by-step upgrade tutorial: processor (Intel-Tillamook to AMD K6-II 400 Mhz or better to K6-III), memory (128MB 66Mhz SODIMM), hard disk (30GB), optical drive (TEAC CD-ROM to DVD-ROM Torisan DRD-U424 and TFT display replacement (in German).
Lenovo 3000 N200 0769 BNG This detailed tutorial shows how to change a DVD Drive to a Hard Disk, it works also for many other devices (in German).
MaxData Eco 4000A This tutorial covers upgrading components and parts of the laptop and details of the technical process involved in installing them. It details several upgrades: 1. RAM: 1GB DDR 400 (PC3200) in 2x512 2. CPU: AMD Sempron 3100+ (1.8ghz) 3. Internal Wireless 4. Internal Bluetooth 5. Hard Drive: 60GB 7200RPM with 8MB cache 6. Optical Drive: QSI DVD+-RW SDW-082S 7. Heatsinks and Cooling.
Medion MD9703 An illustrated DVD-ROM replacement HOWTO.
Panasonic CF-48 CD-ROM drive replacemnt.
Sony VAIO PCG-F807K  [archived link] Replacing the CD drive.
Sony VAIO PCG-FX210 DVD drive replacement instructions and pictures.
Sony VAIO PCG-S360S Three upgrade guides: hard drive replacement, CPU change and CD/DVD drive enhancement.
Sony VAIO VGN-AR61ZUInstructions for HDDs, RAM and optical drive replacement.
Sony VAIO VGN-FE855E This guide will help you to remove and replace memory, hard drive, optical drive and keyboard.
Sony VAIO VGN-S360s This Upgrade guide for the Sony VAIO S series of notebooks explains how to upgrade the following components: Hard Drive upgrade, CPU Upgrade using Arctic Silver gel coolant, CD/DVD Drive upgrade guide.
Toshiba Equium M40X-189 A small DVD drive replacement guide.
Toshiba Qosmio F40/F45 This guide explains how to remove all major parts from this laptop to replace sparte parts like keyboard removal, display, hard drives, memory, CD/DVD drive, motherboard, video card and cooling.
Toshiba Qosmio X305 This guide will explain the complete disassembly of the laptop. So you can use this guide for replacing the keyboard, video card, cooling fans, motherboard, hard disk drive, memory, optical drive and other internal parts.
Toshiba Portege A600/A605 In order to access the cooling fan you have to remove the bottom cover. This guide also explains how to access the laptop memory, DVD drive, hard drive, wireless card, audio board, SC card reader, CMOS battery and power jack.
Toshiba Satellite 2410 This guide explains how to replace the laptop DVD drive: pictures, parts and part numbers (in German).
Toshiba Satellite 4100XDVD Tear down manual and pictures.
Toshiba Satellite 5205 How to remove and replace laptop DVD/CD-rom drive.
Toshiba Satellite A505/A505D What could be easier than removing the optical drive, right? Not in this notebook. In order to remove and replace the CD/DVD drive you'll have to disassemble the entire machine.
Toshiba Satellite Pro 4290 Master/Slave-Jumper for CD-RW, for changing the CD to DVD/CD-RW Combo drive (in German).
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300DDVD drive replacement guide.
Toshiba Tecra M7 This manual shows how to access and remove all internal parts of the Tablet PC. This includes the keyboard removal and replacement procedure, the CD/DVD drive removal procedure, replaclement of both memory modules and the cooling fan.
N.N. CD/DVD emergency eject: how to open a CD or DVD drive, which want eject automatically, all you need is a bended paper clip.


  • SlimLine FAQ [PDF] - Everything you need to know about SlimLine drives for laptops and notebooks (CD-ROM, DVD, CD-RW/Combo, DVD-RW) (in German).

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