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LEGO Moddings for Laptops, Notebooks & Accessories

Do you want to play with LEGO(tm) bricks to build a custom portable computer or personalized accessories? Looking for cool modding instructions for laptops or notebooks? Here is a collection of links to fancy laptop and notebook modz for friends of LEGO(tm). If you have written a free guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Apple PowerBook 1400 This one isn't really Mac stuff it just happens to be a PowerBook that has been bejeweled. I guess you could glue LEGO(tm) to any computer that strikes your fancy.
Apple Powerbook 5300 Daniele Procida could not bear to see a dead Mac thrown away - so he reconstructed it using Lego bricks.
Sony VAIO PCG-CV1VR PictureBook How to replace a failed power connector with a nifty Lego connector. Includes disassembly instructions.
Sandisk 256 MB Cruzer Micro An illustrated Lego(tm) Jumpdrive conversion guide.
Sandisk 512 MB Cruzer Micro The Lego(tm) USB flash drive.
LegoStick I How to build an USB stick into a Lego(tm) brick.
LegoStick II How to fit an USB memory drive into a Lego(tm) brick.
Dick Smith Electronics USB Flash Drive 128MB Here is an illustrated step-by-step HOWTO to fit a USB stick into a Lego(tm) brick.

Software Useful for Laptop & Notebook Lego Modding

PicToBrick is a free and open source Java software which generates mosaics from digital pictures. All the stuff needed to create a mosaic, including colors and shapes can be chosen freely. For mosaics made from Ministeck(tm) and LEGO(tm) PicToBrick offers readymade configuration files which include available colors and shapes. All these listings can be edited and modified almost fully.


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