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How to Build a SelfMade IrDA Device

Links to free do-it-yourself InfraRed (IrDA) devices to use with your laptop, notebook, mobile phone, printer and other devices. If you have written a DIY guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

N.N.  [archived link] Selfmade IrDA port.
N.N. IrDA-Infrarotport for PCs with Vishay Telefunken TFDS 4500.
N.N. How to build an IrDA motherboard adaptor using the Vishay TFDS 4500 IrDA Modul (in German).
N.N.  [archived link] Open air infrared link.
N.N. HOWTO build your own IrDA SIR transceiver (dongle) for Linux using the MCP2120.
N.N. Infrared adapter for motherboards.
N.N. Infrared adapter for mainboards using the TFDS4500 Transceiver (in German).
N.N. Selfmade IrDA modul for PC to PDA or mobile phone connection (in German).
UIR Schematics for an universal InfraRed receiver.
PC IrDA Interface A short guide to construct a selfmade onboard IrDA port, which uses the TFDU 4100 plugs to the motherboard 4 pin header.

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