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Repairing, Upgrading, Modding of Laptop & Notebook Hard Disk Drives and SSDs

Do you need to solve a problem with your laptop or notebook hard disk drive - HDD? Here are links to do-it-yourself repair, recovery, modding and upgrade instructions. Also Solid-State-Drive (SSDs) are covered. If you have written a free guide yourself (or if you know of a HOWTO not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Changing and Upgrading a Laptop or Notebook Hard Drive

N.N. Troubleshooting flowchart for laptop hard disk drive problems.
Acer Aspire One How to replace the SSD with a 1.8 Inch PATA hard drive. The UMPC SSD features the same ZIF connector found on 1.8 Inch PATA hard drives, which are small, light, efficient, affordable, plentiful, and somewhat shock resistant - all this while providing more storage and better performance than this particular SSD. Apparently, there's just enough space for a thin (5 mm) 1.8 Inch PATA hard drive under the motherboard.
Acer Aspire One How to replace the original 8G SSD with a 16G SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash card by way of a CF adapter and a ZIF flip cable.
Acer Aspire One 532H This illustrated take apart guide helps you upgrading RAM, HDD, WiFi and replacing a broken LCD screen (in Italian).
Acer Aspire One AO725 How to replace the Broadcom wireless device with an Atheros AR9485 and substitute the HDD with a Western Digital WD5000BPKT.
Acer Aspire One A0751h NetBook (Model ZA3) In order to remove the caddy simply remove four screws (two screws on each side) and separate it from the hard drive. A regular 160GB 2.5 Inches SATA hard drive is installed but any larger 2.5" SATA hard drive should work just fine.
Acer Aspire 5100 This guide will explain how to take apart the laptop and exchange major components such as CD/DVD drive, memory, hard drive, wireless card, cooling fan and keyboard.
Acer Aspire 5517 This guide shows how to remove the hard disk drive, memory, DVD drive, wireless card and keyboard.
Acer Extensa 502T Changing the hard disk drive, an illustrated replacement guide.
Acer TravelMate 513T How to change the CD-Drive. Upgrading the hard drive (in German).
Acer TravelMate 3004WTMi The notebook comes with an Intel 2200 b/g WiFi card, which has 100mW (20dBi) output power (nice), this card has been replaced by a Wistron NeWeb CM9 from Netgate, which is in fact a 5004 MP Atheros 4G: 802.11a/b/g miniPCI Card. Includes hard disk downgrading instructions.
Acer TravelMate C1xx An upgrade tutorial for the Tablet PC hard drive.
Acer TravelMate C100 How to upgrade the hard drive.
Acorn A4 Hard disk replacement.
Advent 6520 Detailed instructions for the replacement of the hard drive. How to clean the fan to prevent overheating.
Apple iBook Hard drive and CD removal tips, including helpful pictures.
Apple iBook 500 Illustrated hard drive replacement instructions [PDF].
Apple iBook (White)  [archived link] Detailed hard disk upgrade with pictures.
Apple iBook Dual-USB  [archived link] A hard drive replacement and overclocking guide.
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USB (White) "Pimped-up" iBook: hard drive replacement instructions.
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USB 500MHz White Overhaul leads to frustration as well as success. How to take the notebook to pieces, remove the 10GB hard drive and busted CD-R it came with originally, and replace them with a 40GB Samsung hard drive and a Sony CD-RW/DVD drive before putting the it back together again.
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USB 500MHz White How to install a new and faster Seagate 40 GB hard drive; 5400 vs 4200 RPM, 2 MB vs 8 MB cache. This guide offers many detailed take apart photos.
Apple iBook G3 Take apart picture gallery showing the replacement of a 10GB hard drive with a 30GB device.
Apple iBook G3 500MHz HDD replacement: the difficult part is to open the housing - in fact, to separate the top housing from the bottom housing. The two parts are not held together by screws (as one would appreciate it) but are clipped together.
Apple iBook Tangerine Tearing apart instructions to install a hard disk.
Apple iBook (BlueBerry) This page shows how to get at and possibly replace the hard drive.
Apple iBook Dual-USB Hard disk upgrade instructions.
Apple iBook Dual-USB Upgrading the original 10GB hard disk.
Apple iBook White Take apart picture gallery with a useful screw handling scheme. Hard disk replacement.
Apple iBook G4 800MHz Replacing the hard drive and recovering of the built-in mike.
Apple iBook G4 800 12'' A step-by-step hard disk replacement tutorial (in French).
Apple iBook G4 12'' How to open the case and swap the hard drive disk, illustrations, tools and tricks.
Apple MacBook Beneath the battery bay: installation of RAM, which is a new procedure that involves two little lever arms. Upgrade of the hard drive, which actually resides in the far left corner of the battery bay! As a result, the MacBook is probably the most easily upgradeable Mac laptop ever [Video].
Apple MacBook Memory and harddrive upgrade guide [Video].
Apple MacBook Pro [2006] How to install a 160GB HD, illustrated tips and tricks to swap the hard drive.
Apple MacBook Pro Replacing the hard drive in an Apple MacBook is pretty easy. You just pop out the battery, remove three little screws, and pull on a special "hard drive removal" tab to pull the drive out. The MacBook Pro is a different story. Replacing your MacBook Pro hard drive requires some minor surgery, and it will void your warranty.
Apple MacBook Pro Upgrading the notebook harddrive (Western Digital 500GB) is difficult since the manufacturere did hide the harddrive too deep. Therefore, it requires a little surgery. However, the harder part is the software bit.
Apple PowerBook G4 12'' A movile about a MCE Tech 16X Dual Layer Superdrive upgrade, new 100GB Hard Drive, and custom-made colorful rainbow logo.
Apple iBook G4 Hard disk upgrade.
Apple iBook G4 Sliced Apple: adding internal BlueTooth. Antenna modification for improved BlueTooth range. Interval hard drive replacement. Adding a SuperDrive (CDRW/DVD-ROM).
Apple iBook G4 Hard drive replacement.
Apple PowerBook Duo 2xx Memory upgrade, keyboard exchange, hard disk upgrade, modem installation, backup battery replacement (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook Duo Overclocking, cleaning the keyboard, changing the CAPS LOCK light to a red LED, adding a hard drive activity light, adding a ADB port in place of the modem, repairing the AC adapter port.
Apple PowerBook Duo Duo Dock hard disk replacement guide (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 1xx Memory upgrade, hard disk upgrade, modem installation, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 5xx Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange, modem installation, CPU upgrade (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 1400 Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 2400 Quick take-apart for the intrepid who want to replace the hard drive or add a G3 upgrade themselves (includes a video).
Apple PowerBook 2400C Upgrading memory, hard disk and CPU (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 2400C/180 Complete take apart tutorial to get the HDD exchanged (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 3400/G3 Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 5300/190 Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard replacement (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook On death and dying: reconciling yourself to hard drive failure.
Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo Hard drive and memory upgrade (slot 1 and slot 2) tutorial. DVD drive installation guide. with dissection pictures.
Apple PowerBook G3 (Pismo, Lombard) Upgrade instruction for RAM and hard drive.
Apple Powerbook G3 Wallstreet  [archived link] Fix loose sound ports, display hinge and the power plug using a tongue depressor. Replacing the original hard disk with a bigger one.
Apple PowerBook/iBook Hard Drives: The Essential Upgrade Guide - a survey of interfaces, maximum storage capacities and maximum drive heights.
Apple PowerBook G4 AlBook Hard Drive Swap: What Not To Do.
Apple PowerBook G4 AlBook 12'' Opening instructions and pictures, hard disk replacement (in German).
Apple PowerBook G4 AlBook 12'' Hard drive swap.
Apple PowerBook G4 17'' 1.33GHz Need for speed: Cracking open the notebook and replacing the hard disk.
ASUS Eee PC 900A How to upgrade the Solid State Disk - SSD (in Italian).
ASUS Eee PC 1005HA A description and guide on how to upgrade the netbook, including upgrading to a SSD and to 2GB RAM.
ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB You have to achieve an almost complete netbook teardown to get access to the hard disk drive.
ASUS Eee PC 1201n This guide shows how to remove the NetBook memory modules, keyboard, top cover, hard drive, cooling fan and CMOS battery.
ASUS M6000N DIY: Punch up your portable. Upgrading memory and hard disk.
ASUS W3J Ultimate hardware upgrade tutorial: this tutorial is for those lucky notebook owners who are considering upgrading, or replacing internal hardware parts inside the notebook. While this notebook is no longer manufacutred, there will be some who are considering upgrading the hardware to run Vista, or for those who have just purchased one at bargin prices! To perform the RAM, HDD and CPU upgrades, you will need a Phillips screwdriver, a credit card, and possibly some inspiration.
Averatec AV1050 Memory And Hard Drive Practically Not User Upgradeable: In its stock configuration, the laptop ships with 512 MB of RAM and an 80 GB hard drive. However, neither of the components is easily upgradeable by the user, if at all. The trouble is that the laptop doesn't sport any openings on the bottom of the case that would allow access to them.
BenQ JoyBook S73U This guide explains how to make a noisy notebook hard drive silent.
Canon Innova Book 200LS Hard disk drive installation guide.
CASIO Fiva MPC-101 Upgrading the hard drive.
COMPAQ Aero Upgrading the hard drive.
COMPAQ Armada 100S (aka Mitac 5133S)  [archived link] RAM upgrade, hard disk upgrade and AMD K6-2+ CPU overclocking as well as underclocking instructions (with jumper settings and voltage table). Battery replacement (in German).
COMPAQ Armada 1130T Changing a flat CMOS battery and upgrading the hard disk.
COMPAQ Armada 1592DT Some helpful hints about changing the hard disk.
COMPAQ Armada 4120 Disassembly and hard disk drive replacement guide with pictures.
COMPAQ (unknown model) Pictures from the inside of a Seagate model ST9440AG 420MB harddisc from an old laptop.
COMPAQ Presario 12XL500 Ready your torx driver! This HOWTO will show you how to easily install a new hard drive and memory in your laptop.
COMPAQ Presario 2580US This guide explains how you can remove and replace keyboard, memory and hard drive for the laptop. The keyboard replacement procedure is relatively simple and you can easily do it yourself at home. Proceed on your own risk.
COMPAQ Presario R3000 (and HP Pavilion Z 5000)  [archived link] RAM and hard drive upgrade diagrams and photos.
DELL Inspiron 3200 How to install 128MB SO-DIMM memory and a bigger hard drive.
DELL Inspiron 6000 How to install RAM and hard drive in a notebook.
DELL Inspiron 8100 Upgrading a laptop: RAM and hard disk change explained.
DELL Inspiron E1505 Want better performance from your laptop? The conventional wisdom has long held that you should simply buy a new one. You can put such conventional wisdom aside: upgrading a laptop may not be for the timid or the impatient, but if you're handy with a screwdriver, and the sight of a circuit board doesn't scare you, an upgrade can be a far more affordable solution. Upgrades covered: RAM from 1GB to 2GB, HDD from a 5400RPM, 120GB drive to a 7200RPM, 200GB model, miniPCI wireless card from 802.11b to 802.11a/b/g, BlueTooth card added, optical drive, LCD screen with better resolution or matte instead of glossy, CPU from a 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo to a 2GHz Core 2 Duo T7200, graphics card nVidia 7300 with a more powerful ATI X1400.
DELL Inspiron N5010 (15R) An almost full disassembly has to be achieved in order to access and remove the hard drive which is mounted deep inside the laptop below the keyboard and top cover.
DELL Inspiron N.N. Cracking open a laptop hard drive: here is a complete disassembly of the Hitachi Travelstar mobile hard disk. This model sported a 5400rpm motor, ATA interface and 40GB of data storage.
DELL Inspiron Mini 9 Unscrew the two small screws holding down the STEC SSD in place. Without the screws it should pop up at a 45 degree angle. Now pull it out and replace it with 32GB RunCore SSD and screw it into place. To get the RAM upgraded flip out the tabs on the side of the memory stick to remove the DDR2 512MB stick and replace it with the DDR2 2GB stick.
DELL Inspiron mini 9 [PDF]Instructions for adding a touchscreen to the netbook.
DELL Inspiron mini 9 Ten ways to upgrade your netbook. Due to their diversity, netbooks don't share common upgrade paths as typical desktop PCs do. Here are instructions for: battery replacement, rearranging the keyboard keys, upgrading the solide-state drive, adding more RAM, overclocking the processor, improving the Wi-Fi from 802.11g to 802.11n, adding a touchscreen, adding a GPS receiver as well as adding a drive-activity light.
DELL Inspiron mini 9 A plastic wedge allows you to pry open the case without damaging it. The so called Octopus hub is small enough to fit inside the WWAN space, leaving enough space for additional USB devices like a 16GB PNY Attache Premium USB Flash drive. In order to add an SSD activity light, you need to tap into pin 52 on the standard STEC SSD.
DELL Inspiron mini 9 Upgrading to a 32GB RunCore Solid-State-Disk SSD.
DELL Inspiron mini 10 There is no easy access to the hard disk drive from the bottom of the netbook, it is mounted inside the case, under the keyboard. Use this guide either for removing/replacing the keyboard or for removing/replacing/upgrading the HDD.
DELL Studio 1537 A complete step-by-step notebook tear down and basic troubleshooting techniques for: keyboard, memory, hard drive, cooling fan and heatsink.
DELL Studio XPS 1640/1645/1647 A pictorial explaining how to add a second hard disk drive to the notebook.
eMachines 250 NetBook This tutorial explains how to exchange the hard drive, memory and keyboard of the netbook.
eMachines M6811 The easiest and most efficient upgrades you can make to a notebook PC are to the memory and hard drive. Learn how and see the results in this guide.
Epson DIRECT EDiCube S150P Hard disk drive replacement tips (in Japanese).
Fujitsu FMV Biblo Loox-T Hard disk upgrade (in Japanese).
Fujitsu P-2120 Hard disk upgrade.
Fujitsu P series Hard disk upgrade step by step with pictures.
Fujitsu P-5000  [archived link] How to upgrade the RAM, the hard disk and access WiFi [video].
Fujitsu LifeBook T4010 A forum thread with some pictures about hard disk drive upgrading.
GateWay 2000 HandBook Extending the EDO-RAM to 16MB, replacing the hard drive with a 1GB CF card connected to a CF-mini-IDE adapter, changing the CMOS battery, extending the battery capacity six times and building an on/off switch for the internal speaker.
GateWay 2000 HandBook 486 How to open the machine, upgrade the RAM, replace the hard drive with an 800MB flash drive, replace the CMOS RAM backup battery and build a 4 AA NiMH battery pack.
GateWay 2000 HandBook 486 Pictures of a hard disk replacement.
GateWay Solo 5100 How to change the HDD, the LCD screen inverter, the LCD panel and the ribbon cable (in Japanese, partly translated into English).
GateWay Solo 9550 Upgrading a laptop can be a costly endeavor, depending on how many components need replacing. At some point you have to decide if it makes more sense (financially) to scrap the older system for a shiny new model. This HOWTO goes an upgrade path for: a new display, a bigger hard drive, some extra memory and a DVD burner instead of a CD/RW.
Hitachi Traveler Hard Drive Upgrade: the laptop comes with a Toshiba 1GB 2.5"x8mm 0.7A drive it has been upgraded with a IBM 3.2GB 2.5"x9.5mm 0.5A drive.
HP/COMPAQ TC1000 Memory and hard disk drive upgrades.
HP/COMPAQ TC1100 Memory, hard disk drive and wireless network upgrade instructions with pictures.
HP 530 How to replace the top cover assembly to get access to one of a broken touch pad button. In order to replace the top cover you will have to disassemble the notebook completely and remove all internal parts including hard drive, keyboard, motherboard, cooling fan and other key components.
HP 1151NR Mini-note Here is a short tutorial on how to get to the UMPC hard drive.
HP 2133 Mini-Note How to remove keyboard, replace memory and access hard drive of the UMPC. In the battery compartment can find three screws, which are securing the keyboard to the laptop base. Remove these three screws and carefully lift up the top side of the keyboard. The small plastic latches securing the keyboard on both sides should not be a problem.
HP Pavilion DV9000 How to remove hard drive, memory, wireless card and keyboard.
HP Pavilion N5190 Shared knowledge: a take apart picture gallery and disassembly guide. Cleaning the fan from dirt and remounting the CPU using thermal conductive paste. Upgrading the hard drive. Replacement of CD/DVD, LCD video driver board and BIOS battery. Fixing a broken power adapter jack.
HP Pavilion ZD 7140US This upgrade is all about getting more performance out of your existing laptop. Going from a 4,200 rpm to a 7,200 rpm HDD will result in a tremendous increase in disk access. The operating system will load faster, and programs will open quicker. Also, upgrading from 512MB of memory to 2GBs will greatly help when using memory hungry programs [Video].
IBM PS/2 L40SX hard disk removal and reinstallation.
IBM ThinkPad 560  [archived link] How to install a 3,5'' 15GB IBM harddisk and a 8x CD-ROM drive inside.
IBM ThinkPad 600 These instructions explain how to install a new CD, DVD, CD-RW, DVD-RW, Combo, etc drive in the caddy for your existing drive. While the description has plenty of pictures, this is for clarity, not because its a complicated process. In many laptops this process could involve removing and replacing as few as 8 screws. These instructions should apply for essentially any CD/DVD/etc drive which is designed to be removable and exchangeable from your laptop (so any drive that can be swapped with a floppy drive, battery, etc). Some laptops have their CD drives permanently built-in, in which case changing the drive will mean dismantling your laptop.
IBM ThinkPad T61 Both a technology urban legend, as well as a fact of physics -- putting your hard drive in a freezer can work to "repair" your hard drive long enough to pull your information off of the drive.
IBM ThinkPad X100eA take apart guide showing the access to RAM, HDD and SIM card slot.
JVC MiniNote MP-XP741 How to take the notebook completely apart to get the hard disk drive changed. This guide shows how to make a custom safety Torx screwdriver as well all the other tricks to get the job done.
JVC MiniNote MP-XP 7210 (aka InterLink/Victor) Hard disk change (in Japanese).
JVC MiniNote MP-XV841GB One of the more memorable things you can do with a Mini-Note is to install a new 160GB hard disk drive. Because of the tight design, there are no access panels therefore it is required to completely stripdown the notebook.
Kapok NetWork 1100AT (aka Umax, Clevo, Gericom) A complete step-by-step upgrade tutorial: processor (Intel-Tillamook to AMD K6-II 400 Mhz or better to K6-III), memory (128MB 66Mhz SODIMM), hard disk (30GB), optical drive (TEAC CD-ROM to DVD-ROM Torisan DRD-U424 and TFT display replacement (in German).
Lenovo IdeaPad S10 The notebook manufacturer has made it easy to access and replace the 2.5-inch SATA hard drive. All you need to do is grab a mini philip's head screwdriver and a replacement drive, and you can have a larger, faster hard disk or even an SSD. Before you start unscrewing things, here are a few things to keep in mind.
Lenovo IdeaPad S12 Hard disk drive replacement becomes easy with this forum entry, also SSD modding is covered (in German).
Lenovo G570 Upgrading memory to 8GB and the SATA hard disk drive either to SSD or a spinning disk.
MaxData Eco 4000A This tutorial covers upgrading components and parts of the laptop and details of the technical process involved in installing them. It details several upgrades: 1. RAM: 1GB DDR 400 (PC3200) in 2x512 2. CPU: AMD Sempron 3100+ (1.8ghz) 3. Internal Wireless 4. Internal Bluetooth 5. Hard Drive: 60GB 7200RPM with 8MB cache 6. Optical Drive: QSI DVD+-RW SDW-082S 7. Heatsinks and Cooling.
Medion MD9580F (Aldi Nord Oct. 2001) An illustrated hard disk replacement guide (in German).
Medion MD9703 Hard drive replacement guide with pictures.
Microstar (MSI) Wind Follow these seven steps to substitute the UMPC storage devices with a bigger hard disk drive or even an SSD: 1. Open the Wind Chassis 2. Disconnect the Mini PCI-e Card 3. Remove the Original Hard Drive 4. Swap the Hard Drive Bracket 5. Insert the New Hard Drive 6. Clean Up and Close up 7. Boot the Computer.
Olivetti Quaderno (PT-XT-20) Detailed disassembly instructions to get the hard disk replaced, but no pictures.
Palmax PD-1000/1100  [archived link] It is very simple to install larger hard disks and more RAM.
Panasonic CF-1 ProNote Jet mini Trackball disassembly and HDD exchangement guide (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-L1A Hard disk change (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-M1EV Let's Note Take apart and HDD replacement tutorial (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-M2 Let's Note Complete disassembly and HDD substitution guide (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-M32 Hard disk upgrade and overclocking manual.
Panasonic CF-M32 Let's Note mini Disassembly guide and HDD replacement hints and pics (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-M33W5M ToughBook Take apart and HDD exchangement HOWTO (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-R1/R2 Let's Note Hard drive upgrade instructions (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-R3 Let's Note 1.8inch 3.3V HDD to 2.5inch 5.0V hard disk conversion, including pinout schematics (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-R4 Let's Note This document presents instructions on how to take apart the Panasonic CF-R3, CF-R4 and CF-R5 laptops to upgrade the hard drive. The instructions are based on the upgrade of a CF-R4, these laptops share a common case design therefore the instructions should apply to the R3 and R5.
Panasonic CF-S23J8 Let's Note How to open the keyboard to get access to the hard disk drive (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-T1/T2 Let's Note Hard disk drive replacement tutorial (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-W2 Most Panasonic Toughbooks use a low voltage 3.3V hard disk drive. You can't readily buy them in retail shops, so you need to mod a 5V notebook HDD by clipping the pins 41 and 44.
Panasonic CF-W2 Take apart and hard disk drive substitution tutorial (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-W2 Take apart guide leading to HDD and WLAN miniPCI card replacement.
Panasonic CF-W4 Let's Note A complete step-by-step disassembly and HDD exchangement HOWTO (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-W5 Let's Note Disassembly and HDD (Seagate Momentus 5400.3 ST9160821A) exchangement guide (in Japanese).
Panasonic CF-Y2 ToughBook How to exchange the harddisk, an llustrated step-by-step manual. This machine is a 3.3Volt notebook and as such NOT compatible with standard 5 Volt notebook harddrives. 3.3Volt version of HDDs are only available via OEM suppliers. BUT most modern drives seem to be internally compatible with 3.3Volt usage and can be made to run on 3.3Volt by clipping two power supply pins.
Samsung Q1 Under the knife again: more RAM is the diagnosis. Step-by-step disassembly and upgrade tutorial from 512 MB to 1 GB of DDR2 RAM.
Samsung X10+ XTM1700RAM, hard disk and keyboard upgrade, with disassembly pictures.
Sharp Actius PC-A280 Hard drive upgrade instructions with pictures.
Sharp Actius PC-MM20 How to disassemble the laptop, replace the hard drive, and void your warranty.
Sharp Mebius PC-PJ1-M3V All you need to know for HDD swapping (in Japanese).
SonicBlue ProGear A disassembly and hard drive replacement guide.
Sony VAIO PCG-505F  [archived link] Changing a broken hard drive.
Sony VAIO PCG-505G/X  [archived link] Hard drive upgrade instructions.
Sony VAIO PCG-505V HDD replacement instructions (in Japanese).
Sony VAIO PCG-6C2L  [archived link] Disassembling your laptop and upgrading the hard drive/CPU.
Sony VAIO PCG-7X2LA service manual explaining how to substitute the HDD [PDF].
Sony VAIO PCG-962CA short HDD replacement guide.
Sony VAIO PCG-5426 How to take a laptop apart to replace the hard disk.
Sony VAIO PCG-21313M Hard disk drive and memory upgrade (SO-DDR2) will become a snap with this forum entry (in Italian).
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook) Upgrading the memory, upgrading the HDD, exchanging the motherboard.
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ  [archived link] Hard disk replacement (in Japanese).
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN PictureBook Hard Drive Install.
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XN PictureBook Upgrading the hard drive from 6GB to 40GB, illustrated take apart instructions.
Sony VAIO PCG-F280 Upgrading memory and hard drive.
Sony VAIO PCG-F630 Hard disk upgrade explained with pictures.
Sony VAIO PCG-F807K  [archived link] Changing the hard drive.
Sony VAIO PCG-FX190 A hard disk upgrade tutorial with pictures.
Sony VAIO PCG-FX501 An illustrated step-by-step guide explaining how to disassemble the laptop, open the hard drive caddy and upgrade the hard disk.
Sony VAIO PCG-N505E/BP A comprehensive guide to hard disk drive to disassembly and hard disk drive replacement (in Japanese).
Sony VAIO PCG-N505X Hard disk replacement.
Sony VAIO PCG-R600MX Opening to change the hard drive.
Sony VAIO PCG-S360S Three upgrade guides: hard drive replacement, CPU change and CD/DVD drive enhancement.
Sony VAIO PCG-SRX7(PCG-441N) Adding some more Micro-DIMM RAM and replacing the HDD are not to difficult (in Japanese).
Sony VAIO PCG-TZ130N (PCG-4L3L) In this little laptop the hard drive is buried deep inside the case and you will have to disassemble the complete machine apart. Do not forget to switch off the laptop and remove the battery first, work in static-free environment.
Sony VAIO PCG-V505DXP Here's how to upgrade notebook hard drive. This laptop had an older 60GB 4200RPM IDE hard drive (Toshiba MK6021GAS). The original hard drive failed and was upgraded with a faster one (an inexpensive 120GB 5400RMP Western-Digital Scorpio IDE drive (WD12000BEVE). The drive replacement procedure is pretty simple.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505 Disassembly, installation of new hard drive.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505 Hard drive upgrade and memory upgrade.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505 Hard drive exchange explained.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505JSK Here are photos of the process of opening the laptop and upgrading the hard drive.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505SX A dissection and hard drive replacement tutorial.
Sony VAIO PCG-Z600LEK Disassembly and hard disk replacement.
Sony VAIO VGN-AR61ZUInstructions for HDDs, RAM and optical drive replacement.
Sony VAIO VGN-C1S How to add 64MB(32MBx2) SDRAM memory and change the HDD (in Japanese).
Sony VAIO VGN-FE855E This guide will help you to remove and replace memory, hard drive, optical drive and keyboard.
Sony VAIO VGN-FS-70B An illustrated hard disk and CPU upgrade guide.
Sony VAIO VGN-S360s This Upgrade guide for the Sony VAIO S series of notebooks explains how to upgrade the following components: Hard Drive upgrade, CPU Upgrade using Arctic Silver gel coolant, CD/DVD Drive upgrade guide.
Sony VAIO PCG- A blog experience of replacing the laptop's internal hard disk drive with a Hitachi Travelstar 7K200 which has 200GB and 7200 RPM access speed.
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ260P This guide explains how to replace the stock (serial ATA) Toshiba 120GB hard drive with 5400RPM with a speedier 2.5-inch Seagate 100GB hard drive with 7200RPM.
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ370P Take a brief break from pontification to discuss a little computer brain surgery. Drive swap: tearing open a laptop for HDD exchangement.
Sony VAIO VGN-TX2XP A full disassembly to remove and exchange the Toshiba 1.8inch hard disk drive.
Tandy 1110HD Taking the Screwdriver to replace the Conner CP2024 IDE Hard Drive.
Toshiba Libretto  [archived link] How to insert a bigger hard disk.
Toshiba Libretto L1 Hard disk change (in Japanese).
Toshiba Libretto 50 How to upgrade the 9.5 mm hard drive.
Toshiba Libretto 50  [archived link] A hard disk upgrade to 2.1GB tutorial.
Toshiba Libretto Upgrading with a bigger hard drive, includes a survey of compatible 6.0mm HDDs.
Toshiba Libretto  [archived link] 2.1GB hard drive upgrade.
Toshiba Libretto L5 Hard Disk Drive - HDD 40GB HDD (MK-4019GAX) pin assignment and modification guide (in Japanese).
Toshiba Libretto L30 Taking apart pictures, overclocking instructions and hard disk upgrade (in Japanese).
Toshiba Portege 3010/3020 Easy repair, replacement and customisation of parts: memory upgrade, hard disk upgrade and lid painting.
Toshiba Portege 3010CT Disassembly to get the hard disk replaced.
Toshiba Portege 3110  [archived link] Hard disk replacement guide.
Toshiba Portege 3400 Hard drive upgrade.
Toshiba Portege 4000 Hard drive replacement and RAM upgrade.
Toshiba Portege A600/A605 In order to access the cooling fan you have to remove the bottom cover. This guide also explains how to access the laptop memory, DVD drive, hard drive, wireless card, audio board, SC card reader, CMOS battery and power jack.
Toshiba Portege R500 Take apart and hard disk drive substitution guide.
Toshiba Qosmio F40/F45 This guide explains how to remove all major parts from this laptop to replace sparte parts like keyboard removal, display, hard drives, memory, CD/DVD drive, motherboard, video card and cooling.
Toshiba Qosmio X305 This guide will explain the complete disassembly of the laptop. So you can use this guide for replacing the keyboard, video card, cooling fans, motherboard, hard disk drive, memory, optical drive and other internal parts.
Toshiba Satellite 1115-S103  [archived link] How to replace a hard disk.
Toshiba Satellite 1670CDS This How-To describes how to replace your hard drive.
Toshiba Satellite 2800-500 Upgrading memory, hard disk and exchanging the motherboard.
Toshiba Satellite 4010CDT Replacing Laptop Hard Drives: Illustrated how to replace a laptop hard drive.
Toshiba Satellite 4020CDT Instructions and pictures on how to upgrade the hard drive.
Toshiba Satellite E105 This guide explains how to take apart the laptop and remove the hard drive, there is no easy access to the hard drive from the bottom, because it's buried deep inside the laptop under the top cover.
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 Hard drive replacement guide.
Toshiba Satellite P10/15 How to access and remove the laptop hard drive.
Toshiba Tecra S1 This guide explains how to remove the system board from the notebook. It will also illustrate how you can disassemble the notebook and remove, replace or clean the following parts: battery, hard drive, modem card, memory module, Wi-Fi card, CPU, heatsink, fan, keyboard, touchpad, dvd-rom, top cover, display assembly, speakers.
Toshiba T3200SXC Pictures showing how to open the case. Replacing the hard disk, adding more memory, a 16bit ISA network interface and a 8bit ISA soundcard (proposed).
Toshiba (misc. models) Hard drive installation guides for (almost any) Toshiba notebook.
Voodoo Envy M:855 A view under the hood and some tips and tricks to get memory upgraded and the hard disk drive changed.
Voodoo Envy M:860 Upgrading and maintenance of memory and hard disk.
Zenith Z-Note MX Removing the keyboard to get the hard disk changed. Pinout of the strange external power connector.

External Hard Drives

Alcor Miro Corp. AU6390 Teardown report and disassembly photos of a mini USB-HardDisk.
i-rocks How to put a 2.5" laptop hard drive into a portable case.
LaCie External 3.5'' HDD Enclosure Troubleshooting tips for an external FireWire hard disk drive enclosure (with an internal parallel drive). This HOWTO explains in detail how to free your hard drive from its firewire enclosure and then either swap cases or install your drive into a G4 or G5.
N.N. Recycle a laptop hard drive using it in an external USB enclosure.
The Geekster Moleskine Modding an external HDD into a Moleskine notebook.
N.N. Recovering laptop hard drive files with a USB shell: how to swap a HDD from a laptop into an external shell.

Bay Drives and Second HDD Drives

DELL Inspiron 1720, 1721 (Vostro 1720) Hard disk drive installation guide for the second HDD slot. This is definitely an-easy-to-do DIY project. To begin, you will need a SATA 2.5" hard drive and a "DELL 1720 caddy".
HP Pavilion DV 7T-1000 How to access both memory modules and hard disk drives, removal of most internal components, access and clean the cooling fan.
HP Pavilion DV 9000 Hard drive installation guide for the second HDD. Take a SATA 2.5" hard drive and a "DV9000 hard drive caddy". Make sure the caddy includes the SATA connector.
Sony VAIO VGN-A63 Upgrade a 5400rpm laptop hard drive to a 7200rpm hard drive in under 13 minutes (video).
Sony VAIO VGN-AR61ZUInstructions for HDDs, RAM and optical drive replacement.
DELL-2SBSATA Media Bay Drive Assembly and disassembly Guide: remove the stainless steel top cover and insert the SATA hard drive into the SATA connector.
Universal HDD Caddy for Optical Drive Add a 2nd HDD using the CD/DVD Optical Drive Bay: if your laptop uses a standard CD/DVD drive, you can easily add a second hard drive to your laptop with the use of this Optical Bay Hard Drive caddy, also known as OBHD. The OBHD caddy goes in place of your laptop's CD/DVD. This hard drive caddy will fit "standard"/"universal" CD/DVD/Optical Drive bays.

How to Take Apart a Laptop or Notebook Hard Disk Drive

IBM TravelStar Some pictures from a hard drive autopsy.
IBM TravelStar Inside 2.5-Inch laptop hard drives - drive mounts and internal components.

Laptop or Notebook Hard Disk Moddings

IBM Laptop harddrive plexiglass window mod.



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