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How to Repair, Mod or add GPS to a Laptop or Notebook

Here are some links to free guides for modding repairing and adding GPS navigation modules of laptops or notebooks. If you have written a DIY guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

ASUS Eee PC Using a RoyalTek RGM-3550LP GPS module (from a broken MyGuide 3000 GPS unit) as a navigation system together with a notebook computer. Since notebooks don't have a serial port anymore you have to use an UART to USB bridge.
ASUS Eee PC 701 4G Some internal upgrades: to install devices internally, more USB-connections are needed this can be achieved by routing the D+/D- signals from the southbridge/controller to a 4 port USB-hub. Now you can add a GPS with antenna, a BlueTooth connector, a SD/HC CardReader and some FlashDrive storage. A separate power switch can switch off all additional USB devices.
DELL Inspiron mini 9 Want to add a GPS receiver to the netbook but don't want to have to use a dongle or other external device.
DELL Inspiron mini 9 How to add a real hard disk LED light to the UMPC.
DELL Inspiron mini 9 Ten ways to upgrade your netbook. Due to their diversity, netbooks don't share common upgrade paths as typical desktop PCs do. Here are instructions for: battery replacement, rearranging the keyboard keys, upgrading the solide-state drive, adding more RAM, overclocking the processor, improving the Wi-Fi from 802.11g to 802.11n, adding a touchscreen, adding a GPS receiver as well as adding a drive-activity light.


Pretec compactGPS CF-Card How to modify the CompactFlash Card to work with a standard serial port. This modding will allow you to use the device using your PDA serial port, a PC serial port, and a PDA/GPS car kit.

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes: Hacking GPS, 2005

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes: Hacking GPS "This is the "user manual" that didn't come with any of the 30 million GPS receivers currently in use, showing readers how to modify, tweak, and hack their GPS to take it to new levels! Crazy-cool modifications include exploiting secret keycodes, revealing hidden features, building power cords and cables, hacking the battery and antenna, protecting a GPS from impact and falls, making a screen protector, and solar-powering a GPS Potential power users will take the function and performance of their GPS to a whole new level by hacking into the firmware and hacking into a PC connection with a GPS Fear not! Any potentially dangerous mod (to the device) is clearly labeled, with precautions listed that should be taken Game time! Readers can check out GPS games, check into hacking geocaching, and even use a GPS as a metal detector."

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