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Repairing and Modifying of Laptop and Notebook Docking Stations and Port Replicators

Tips, tricks and pictures about how to repair or disassemble laptop and notebook accessories like docking stations and port replicators. Links to do-it-yourself instructions. If you have written a free guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Apple PowerBook Duo Duo Dock disassembly and repair instructions (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook Duo Duo Dock hard disk replacement guide (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook Duo Duo Mini-Dock take apart tutorial (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook Duo Duo Dock: VRAM installation hints (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook Duo Newer PC-UltraDock: disassembly tutorial with photos (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook Duo Duo Dock: some fixing instructions (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook Duo Docking station take apart guide with photos.
Apple PowerBook Duo How to get rid of a "clicking noise" inside the power supply of the docking station.
COMPAQ Armada 4120  NEW  The inner workings of the docking station can be reached fairly easy. The base plate and interface module are easily seperated. Because of the build in leaver, leaving a plastic enclosed interface module to be opened up. Remove six screws to open up the plastic enclosure exposing the metal box containing the electronics. Another a row of screws is holding everything together, so once these were removed the printed circuit board came out easily.
DELL Inspiron 3x00, 4x00, 8x00 Modifying your Inspiron to work in a Latitude C/Port or C/Dock.
Palmax PD-1000 When the PD-1000 is in the docking station, you can use a modified LapLink 5 cable. The modification is on pins 24 and 25. You have to connect them to Pin 23 on both ends. This is due to a design feature for autodetecting a floppy/parallel port. A Pin out scheme is included.
Sony VAIO PCG-D5M5 CD-RW/DVD Docking Station Take apart instructions and firmware upgrade.
Toshiba Libretto 50CT A quick guide on how to install PS/2 mouse and keyboard connections to the standard port replicator.

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