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Cleaning Guides for Laptops and Notebooks

How to keep your laptop clean and looking like new. Here is a collection of do-it-yourself cleaning instructions. If you have written a free do-it-yourself guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Acer Aspire 1603 How to remove dust, which is blocking the air intakes and the fan, includes take apart pictures.
Acorn A4 How to cleanup a laptop by removing brown nicotine.
Advent 6520 Detailed instructions for the replacement of the hard drive. How to clean the fan to prevent overheating.
Apple iBook (White) Tips, tricks and pictures about cleaning the keyboard.
Apple iBook G4 Keyboards can rapidly be covered with mud. But they can keep on for years if one takes carefully care of them and do not use them as a food tray! Quick cleaning of an iBook keyboard.
Apple PowerBook Duo Overclocking, cleaning the keyboard, changing the CAPS LOCK light to a red LED, adding a hard drive activity light, adding a ADB port in place of the modem, repairing the AC adapter port.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' Poison Powerbook: how to make the backlit keyboard glow red, Apple logo color mod, keyboard cleaning and take apart instructions.
Averatec AV6200 Laptop deconstruction: this is a quick guide on taking apart the laptop almost completely. How to replace a broken RJ45 ethernet connector plug. Cleaning the heatsink and applying fresh thermal paste.
COMPAQ LTE 5000  [archived link] This page discusses how to safely and easily clean the keyboard on a notebook computer.
DELL Inspiron 5100 How to clean and replace the heatsink to fix a thermal problem which caused unexpected shutoffs.
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D-8820 How to cure overheating problems which caused a shut down everytime an application was started more demanding than Mozilla Firefox. Some under the skin dust-cleaning of the heatsink, reattaching the CPU and applying a fresh set of cooling paste fixed the issue.
Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook N series A tutorial for the reduction of temperature in your laptop. It involves three main steps and about $20 worth of material. This instructions will help especially if your laptop keeps shutting down unexpectedly. It explains how to determine that temperature is causing the problem actually. It shows how to take apart the beast, how to remove dust from the heatsink and the vent and how to applicate thermal compound to the processor.
HP Pavilion N5190 Shared knowledge: a take apart picture gallery and disassembly guide. Cleaning the fan from dirt and remounting the CPU using thermal conductive paste. Upgrading the hard drive. Replacement of CD/DVD, LCD video driver board and BIOS battery. Fixing a broken power adapter jack.
Toshiba Satellite A30 Clean a laptop heatsink: If your notebook is experiencing BSODs or complete shut-downs then the culprit be a dusty, dirty CPU and heatsink. This means it's time to clean it and gain back stability. Just how to do it is what this guide is all about.
HP Pavilion ZE 5400EA A complete disassembly with four objectives: clean fans and exhaust airways of dust to improve air flow and cooling - investigate poor wireless performance - investigate faulty power switch - investigate broken floppy drive.
Toshiba Satellite A100-081 How to open the notebook and clean it from spilled liquid, Cola in this case [video].
Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 HThis video guide explains how to take apart the notebook completely and clean the residues from spilled Coca Cola (in German) [video].

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