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Make Yourself a Laptop or Notebook: BareBones, White Box and DIY Machines

Do you want to build a custom made laptop or notebook? Here is a collection of free do-it-yourself explanations. If you have written about your barebone experience (or if you know of a guide not linked here), please submit a new entry.

DIY Custom Laptops and Notebooks

Commodore Amiga Prelude 1200 How to make a unique laptop from an Amiga PC, a 2.5" hard disk and a TFT display (in German).
Commodore Amiga Portable How to fit different Amiga PCs into cases made from wood or aluminium (in German).
Commodore Amiga 600 How put the desktop PC into a suitcase (in German).
Genesi Pegasos Portable Pegasos: converting a PowerPC desktop into a laptop (in German).
Atari 800 8-bit luggable with old-school LED lights and an authentic keyboard that even pops up after the laptop is opened.
Atari 800 XE Laptop The making of a homebrew laptop in a plastic box. A complete DIY guide with pictures.
Briefcase Laptop The orignal version of the briefcase laptop was simply a desktop PC dismembered and crammed into a briefcase. All essential components are included (minus a monitor). The final version of the briefcase laptop was a complete, free-standing, mobile computing system that could be set up anywhere that an electrical outlet was handy.
HardWood Deja 2.0 How to build a custom notebook case from wood.
HardWood Deja 1.0 Making a custom laptop in a wooden case.
Laptop from Scratch Ever felt like building your own laptop from (almost literally) scratch? This is a microcontroller-based "laptop" built from the ground up from a handful of chips and other hardware found lying around.
Mac Mini Portable - MMP The Worlds Smallest Mac G4 Battery Portable!
Mini-ITX Laptop This guide explains how to build a custom laptop with a Mini-ITX motherboard inside. Imagine to upgrade every component as they grew too old. For very little money, here is a 2GHz processor laptop with 1GB RAM, and an ATI Radeon 9200 128MB graphics card.
PROP-6502 Propeller Laptop This is a selfmade Propeller laptop - with a 6502 co-processor and 64K of static RAM! The hardware for this computer is minimal. The entire address space of the 6502 is devoted to a single 64K static RAM chip. The system includes no ROM in the 6502 memory map, no startup BIOS, nor any dedicated I/O at any address. The machine is built inside a toy laptop which had a real keyboard. The screen comes from a portable DVD player.
PS3 Laptop How to make a laptop of your very own.
RedWood 3.0 A homebrewed laptop n a wooden box.
RiscOS Box  [archived link] How to build a RiscOS laptop from scratch, using a steel box.
Toshiba Libretto 110 The ZX Spectrum laptop is a combination of two vintage computers: a ZX Spectrum 48k and a Toshiba Libretto 110.
WANDER A Portable Linux Data Collection System.
Wii Laptop This HOWTO describes how to convert a Wii into a laptop, starting with the disassembly of the unit, initial computer drawings, and "reworking" of the heat sink.
Xbox 360 Laptop How to turn a Xbox 360 into a laptop case.

Selfmade Tablet PCs and Webpads

Apple MMP MKIII Tablet Edition The Worlds Smallest & lightest Mac Tablet Palmtop (includes a HOWTO video).
Apple iBook Dual-USB The i-Tablet: how to turn an iBook into a Tablet-PC.

BareBone Laptops and Notebooks

AOpen OpenBook 1551 A short experience guide to open the laptop, barebone assembly picture gallery.
AOpen OpenBook 1557GLS BareBook: how to assembly a barebone laptop, an illustrated guide.
AOpen OpenBook 1559AS How to assemble the barebone laptop, a short first hand experience.
AOpen OpenBook 1559JL Mobile barebone system review.
ASUS BareBone Do It Yourself Notebook: barebone picture tutorial.
ASUS M6N  [archived link] Building your own laptop.
ASUS Z71A A step-by-step guide to assemble a barebone DTR notebook. Includes some overclocking tips.
ASUS Z96JS Centrino Duo Whitebook: A Do-It-Yourself Laptop.
Clevo, UniWill, etc. Building Your Dream Notebook: Does Building Your Own Notebook Really Make Sense?
Compal CL56 How to build a custom laptop: laptops were perceived as a hard compromise between performance, size, battery life, and price. More often than not, you got to pick two of those four things, or three if you were lucky. The nice thing about building your own barebone laptop is that you have control over what parts you put in it.
ECS DeskNote G556 A photoset of the barebook uncovered.
MicroPro MicroDesk Essential 200B Desknote (aka ECS?) Barebone assemblation and overclocking instructions.
Microstar (MSI) MS-1029 This article explains how to build your own laptop. It guides you to put together the basic components to build a so-called barebone laptop.

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