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Selfmade Laptop and Notebook Bags, BackPacks and Cases

How to make laptop and notebook bags, backpacks or cases. Here is a collection of do-it-yourself instructions. If you have written a free do-it-yourself guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Do-it-Yourself Laptop Computer Pannier That's a "saddle bag" to many of you. ;-).
Custom Laptop Bag A complete step-by-step guide to build a custom made laptop bag.
Neoprene Laptop Bag Have no use for your old wetsuits? Try this, make safe secure, soft and waterproof laptop bags out of old wesuits.
Pelican Laptop Case Pelican Duct-Tape Laptop Case.
Plastic Box Case How to make a carrying case from a plastic box (in Korean).
Foam Bag DIY laptop case: a 12-step program for a tailormade bag from closed-cell foam and duct tape. Just in case you have lost the original cardboard box, this bag seems to be an alternative shipping case.
iShirt DIY tee-shirt laptop case: a soft pouch with three compartments, plus a pocket for the power brick. Keeps the dirt off your shiny laptop and confuses potential thieves.
Undercover Laptop Case Make something useful out of whatever you find and create a laptop case that is functional and fun to carry. What we like most about this case is that it is not obvious to others that you are carrying a laptop. We are using readily available materials from the recycling bin and the junk bins. For materials we used a cardboard box, a anti-static bags as a lining, packing bubbles for padding, and wire as fasteners. Some discarded nails, a pair of scissors, an exacto knife and a pen are the tools we used. BTW: if you need to ship the laptop but have thrown away the original cardboard box, this case comes handy.
Knitted Case A knitted laptop case design.
Felted Laptop Bag I Some pictures of a selfmade laptop bag.
Felted Laptop Bag II A custom made laptop sleeve.
Targus 17 Inch XL Notebook Backpack An easy fix to held the outermost pocket in place.
Stand Case How to make a stand case from a folder (in Korean).

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