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How to Make a Silent Laptop or Notebook

Does the noise of your laptop bother you? Here are some guides about to get your laptop hardware silent, explaining noise reduction techniques for fan, hard disk drive, backlight inverter and keyboard (BTW: these are the main sources of noise).

If you have written a HOWTO yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Apple PowerBook G4 15'' [2004] Opening the notebook and reducing the horrible, loud clicking and ticking noise of the equipment.
ASUS A4740KBP The GPU gets really hot if you play games. The hotter it gets, the more cooling it needs. This is where the GPU/chipset fan kicks in, and wow, it sure is noisy! A simple solution is to take out your Dremel and file down the small net that covers the air tunnel. The fan stays off longer now, and air flow is much better.
ASUS M6N How to make the notebook silent, by fixing the rattling keyboard.
BenQ JoyBook S73U This guide explains how to make a noisy notebook hard drive silent.
IBM ThinkPad T43p How to reduce fan noise: a homemade cooling system (not very professional but it works) using arctic silver and an aluminium plate for the northbridge, which bounds both chipsets to the copper cooling system by using aluminium sheets (like for cooking).
IBM ThinkPad T43p A cooling system: this notebook has a real problem with the fan noise and cooling in general. The fan needs to be always on as the cooling system is not very sophisticated. Here is a description of the cooling system improvements using some small cooper sheets (0.7mm thick).
Sony VAIO PCG-FX501 How to change the CPU, fixing the noisy keyboard (in German).
Sotec 3120  [archived link] Fan noise repair instructions [PPS].
Toshiba Portege M400 Fan hack: how to solve the fan noise issue by removing the fan.
Toshiba Satellite P10 Cleaning the heatsink from dust prevents the laptop to overheat and to shutdown at random. This cures some fan noise, too (in German).
Heat Extractor Want your own customized heat extractor? So what is this heat extractor really? Well it's a device designed to make your laptop cool - in every meaning of the word. It will also make the fan obsolete and therefore completely silent.

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