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Free Laptop & Notebook Repair and Upgrading Service

Repair4Laptop already is the biggest online repository providing access to free repair tutorials. But we want to make it even bigger. Do you want to get a broken laptop or notebook repaired for free? Repair4Laptop provides a free repairing, upgrading and modding service for portable computers. Give your broken laptop or notebook to us, we will fix it, take some pictures and put together a repair guide. These repair guides will be available for free at Repair4Laptop to help others to fix their laptops and notebooks easily.

If the repair requires parts, you can either provide them to us or let us purchase them. You won't pay for the repair, only the cost of replacement parts.

In case you want to get your laptop or notebook repaired just send me an e-mail to discuss the details:

Werner Heuser <>

If you want to do repairing, modding or upgrading your laptop or notebook yourself check the Repair4Laptop webdirectory for good information on laptop and notebook repairing as well as fixing components, parts and accessories.


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