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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a NEC Laptop or Notebook

Do you want to repair your NEC laptop or notebook? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures or dismantling videos, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for LitePad, Versa laptops and notebooks models made by NEC . If you have written a repairing guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry. Also you can publish a guide in the Laptop and Notebook Repair Wiki.

NEC PC8201  [archived link] A highly modified first generation laptop: added a second bank of 32K RAM for bank 3 utilising a 32Kx8 bit chip mounted in ROM1 socket with some slight changes to the PCB for the correct wiring. This bank is switch selected to choose between the added internal RAM and the expansion port RAM cartridge.
NEC Versa 4050H How to change the clock battery which is located under the right wrist wrest, disassembly required (Sanyo CR2430 with Leads added. MnO2-Li cell 3V.) The Bridge Battery (Resume Battery) powers the system for up to 5 minutes while in suspend mode so you can swap main batteries without an AC connection. If you don't plan to do this, you may be able to function with this battery dead. Disassembly is required for replacement, too (NEC Corporation BH072600-54 7.2V 60mAh NiMH 29601A. This is a shrink wrapped pack of 6 Varta V60H NiMH batteries with leads and connector. Maybe the V60H has been replaced with the V70H which appears to be the same dimensions but 16% more capacity. Main Battery: NEC OP-570-61001 10.8V 25000mAh Lithum Ion.
NEC Versa LX Overclocking instructions.
NEC Versa M300 Putting an IPW 2200 BG WireLess mini PCI card into the laptop. To make this card work can cause a lot of trouble, because there is no BIOS option for wireless radio switch on/off, and there is not any button either in the keyboard. In some cards you can switch the radio on by covering some pins of the card, they are normally pins 7 or 13, sometimes 11, in this case.
NEC Versa M300 A short video tutorial explaining the disassembly of the laptop.
NEC Versa V50 A digital photo frame built into a nice wooden case.
NEC LitePad Tablet PC Healing a 'crazy cursor' bug which causes the pen/cursor to move to and click at the top right hand corner of the screen (in Portrait mode) or the button right hand corner of the screen (in Landscape mode). This can cause randomly close windows or open up the Date and Time dialog box. Very annoying! The real hardware reason for this problem is caused by AC leakage from the power supply (which should be outputting only DC and very low amounts of AC). 80VAC zooming around trying to earth the device probably generates quite a bit of EM interference which screws around with the tablet digitizer. You can permanently fix the problem by adding additional electro-magnetic shielding to your Tablet PC. All you need are a screwdriver and some aluminium foil.

Manufacturer Information, Customer Service

Hardware Maintenance Manual, User Guide, Service Manual

As far as I know NEC doesn't provide free service manuals.

Manufacturer Information, Customer Service

Hardware Maintenance Manual, User Guide, Service Manual

NEC itself offers official user guides but unlike Service Manuals they only provide simple technical information, such as RAM and hard disk drive upgrade guides.


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