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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble an IBM (now Lenovo) Laptop or Notebook

Do you want to repair your Lenovo (IBM) laptop or notebook? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures or dismantling videos, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for PalmTop, ThinkPad, TransNote laptops and notebooks models made by Lenovo (IBM) . If you have written a repairing guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry. Also you can publish a guide in the Laptop and Notebook Repair Wiki.

Please see here for repair guides for original Lenovo laptops and notebooks.

IBM Palm Top PC110 Disassembly picture gallery (in Japanese).
IBM Palm Top PC110 Overclocking to 40Mhz, take apart pictures.
IBM Palm Top PC110 PC110 as Industrial Art: Installing a Double Height Battery.
IBM ThinkPad (misc. models)  [archived link] Investigation and repairing of a non-charging Li-Ion battery (in German).
IBM ThinkPad (misc. models) How to build your own UltraBay drive. Survey of UltraBay 2000 drives (CD/DVD) and compatible alternative drives.
IBM L40SX (8543) Upgrading of RAM and HDD (in German).
IBM PS/2 L40SX Hard disk removal and reinstallation.
IBM L40SX, ThinkPad 710T, 350 Detailed soldering instructions to achieve a memory upgrade.
IBM PC110 Dissection pictures, RAM upgrade (in Japanese).
IBM ThinkPad 240 How to repair the notebook batteries.
IBM ThinkPad 240  [archived link] Conversion of a laptop without display and no keyboard into a file server (in German).
IBM ThinkPad 240, 310, 315D/ED, 365X, 380E/ED, 380XD, 535, 535E, 560/E/X/Z, 600, 760/XD/XL Overclocking HOWTOs and disassembly pictures (in Japanese).
IBM ThinkPad 365XD Making a pictureframe from an old broken laptop.
IBM ThinkPad 370C The Swedish Chef: How an old laptop gets a second chance in life as a picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 380 How to create a digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 380D Converting an old laptop into a digital picture frame, a picture gallery about the conversion.
IBM ThinkPad 385ED Paint your Laptop - Project: Big Red. Have a new or old laptop? Tired of the way it looks? Wish you could do something to fix those yucky keys and scratches?
IBM ThinkPad 390 LCD Replacement Instructions.
IBM ThinkPad 390 A LCD replacement tutorial.
IBM ThinkPad (unknown model) DIY digital picture frame runs Windows CE.
IBM ThinkPad 560 Making an electronic picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 560  [archived link] How to install a 3,5'' 15GB IBM harddisk and a 8x CD-ROM drive inside.
IBM ThinkPad 560  [archived link] Repairing a design flaw of the keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad 560/560E Case Mod: Digital Picture Frame. A complete and illustrated assembly guide.
IBM ThinkPad 560X Project Bling: How to take some glue and a bit of patience to make digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 560X How to remove the power-on password.
IBM ThinkPad 600 Complete disassembly and upgrade instructions with pictures (in German).
IBM ThinkPad 600 Battery Page.
IBM ThinkPad 600 Battery problem.
IBM ThinkPad 600 A laptop converted into a rotating digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 600 These instructions explain how to install a new CD, DVD, CD-RW, DVD-RW, Combo, etc drive in the caddy for your existing drive. While the description has plenty of pictures, this is for clarity, not because its a complicated process. In many laptops this process could involve removing and replacing as few as 8 screws. These instructions should apply for essentially any CD/DVD/etc drive which is designed to be removable and exchangeable from your laptop (so any drive that can be swapped with a floppy drive, battery, etc). Some laptops have their CD drives permanently built-in, in which case changing the drive will mean dismantling your laptop.
IBM ThinkPad 600 How to get inside the battery, some take apart instructions and pictures.
IBM ThinkPad 600E What's inside the laptop, disassembly pictures.
IBM ThinkPad 600E LCD CCFL Replacement.
IBM ThinkPad 600E LightPad: Turning the display from a broken laptop into a light box.
IBM ThinkPad 600E How to power an external microphone. BIOS battery replacement instructions with pictures.
IBM ThinkPad 700 Take apart instructions (in German).
IBM ThinkPad 701 (ButterFly) Laptop CPU Upgrades: some remarks about upgrading 486 CPUs.
IBM ThinkPad 701c (ButterFly) How to repair, disassemble, take apart the laptop.
IBM ThinkPad 701CS, X20 Mirage-Coloring: how to airbrush the lid in red, an illustrated guide (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad 710T Complete restoration guide for the outside appearance of the tablet pc.
IBM ThinkPad 710T How to disassemble the unit with pictures of all components, materials and such that comprise one of the early tablet notebooks.
IBM ThinkPad 710T How to turn a leaky laptop battery into a safe state, so it will look like new, will attach to the laptop and look totally functional, but without the nasty leaky cells inside.
IBM ThinkPad 760C Picture gallery of an autopsy.
IBM ThinkPad 760EL Supervisor password bypass, hexediting and booting tutorial.
IBM ThinkPad 760XD Repairing some accessories (in German).
IBM ThinkPad 770 Moonlight Illumination, Modifying with LEDs.
IBM ThinkPad 770 DaliPC: an old laptop being transformed into an "electronic painting". Booting with no keyboard hack.
IBM ThinkPad 770E Take apart an old notebook and reassembly it as a digital picture frame. The keyboard hack describes how to go along without keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad 770Z An illustrated explanation of the key mechanism, how to remove the spring, ring and frame of a keyboard key.
IBM ThinkPad 770Z How to extend the RAM to 512MB.
IBM ThinkPad A21p Solar Powered Wireless Laptop Web Server.
IBM ThinkPad A31 Adding internal WiFi by featuring a DELL TrueMobile miniPCI 1400 card.
IBM ThinkPad A31 A gallery of pictures documenting the motherboard substitution of the laptop.
IBM ThinkPad i1400 The making of a digital picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad i1400 HOW-TO: Laptop resurrection and upgrade, battery revival, membrane keyboard repairs, trackpoint transplant, adding USB ports and wireless LAN.
IBM ThinkPad R31 Explanation how to re-flash the BIOS after changing the miniPCI card.
IBM ThinkPad R40  [archived link] Complete disassembly instructions.
IBM ThinkPad R50 Revitalizing an aging notebook on the cheap: this tutorial will show you how to clean the notebook up, replace its slow and overloaded hard disk drive, install extra memory, replace the keyboard, and gave it a software tune up.
IBM ThinkPad R50p  [archived link] Investigation of a broken fan behaviour (in German).
IBM ThinkPad R500This HOWTO explains how to substitute the keyboard of the notebook.
IBM ThinkPad T20 How to change a broken keyboard key.
IBM ThinkPad T20, T21, T22 Keyboard replacement instructions.
IBM ThinkPad T21 Commented photo manual about upgrading an UltraBay 2000 drive (DVD-ROM Hitachi GD-S200 -> DVD+-RW NEC ND-6650A (in Czech).
IBM ThinkPad T21 The DIY Digital Photo Frame: Turn an old laptop into a digital frame that automatically displays new shots from your Flickr account, then give it to your mother.
IBM ThinkPad T22  [archived link] Take apart instructions to get the BIOS reflashed.
IBM ThinkPad T23 Picture gallery about an installation of an internal WLAN miniPCI card and antennas (in German).
IBM ThinkPad T23 Wireless internal antenna installation instructions.
IBM ThinkPad T2x Rebuilding a laptop battery: when your laptop battery is about to give up the ghost, you are probably thinking of the typical three alternatives. The most obvious, of course, is "wow, what a great justification for buying a new laptop". With laptop prices falling and no such luck with battery prices, this almost makes sense. But, most of us will probably just bite the bullet and buy a new battery. The third alternative would be to replace the cells in the battery you already have. If you are not fairly skilled in working on electronics, this is not necessarily a good alternative. Financially, it also looks like a good choice.
IBM ThinkPad T30 LCD replacement guide.
IBM ThinkPad T30 An illustrated disassembly tutorial.
IBM ThinkPad T30 You can easily remove and replace the keyboard at home without taking your laptop to a repair shop. This guide should work for many other ThinkPad laptops because they all have similar cases.
IBM ThinkPad T30Keyboard key substitution in all details.
IBM ThinkPad T40 Instructions how to replace the LCD screen.
IBM ThinkPad T40, T41, T42, X24, X30, X40 IBM laptop harddisk password bypass. A feature badly configured or a bug on most of the IBM laptops T model and X model allows to access to the hard-disk without entering the password by using the WakeOnLAN feature.
IBM ThinkPad T40/T40p, T41/T41p, T42/T42p According to the official hardware maintenance manual these laptops can take up to 2GB memory total. You can install up to 1GB memory module into each slot, but before you have to take off the keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad T40p Adding a miniPCI WLAN card.
IBM ThinkPad T40p How to substitute the original 802.11ab card, with a 802.11abg miniPCI WLAN card for 2.4 and 5GHz (in German).
IBM ThinkPad T41 Some pictures from the inside
IBM ThinkPad T41 Screen inverter replacement guide, explaining how to fix a laptop backlight problem.
IBM ThinkPad T41p CPU Upgrade: from Pentium-M 1.7GHz Banias to 2.0GHz Dothan.
IBM ThinkPad T42 Lost your IBM ThinkPad Supervisor password? No problem, this guide will show you how to recover your old password. Although IBM claims their ThinkPad BIOS passwords are impossible to break, there is an easy and cheap way to fix this. The stuff you need cost about 5 $ at your closest radio shack type of store. Also you need a spare PC with a serial port.
IBM ThinkPad T4x Let's say you turn the notebook on but all you get is a black screen with a "Fan error" message. What could be wrong?
IBM ThinkPad T43 Hardware mod for thermally attaching the southbridge (and to a lesser extent the mini-PCI card) to the PCMCIA card cage. Since the PCMCIA cage is a major air intake and gets significant air flow when the fan is running, this effectively cools the southbridge to a comfortable temperature even under full system load.
IBM ThinkPad T43 This guide explains how to replace the cooling fan assembly, this laptop was starting up with a Fan Error message indicating the cooling fan failure. Also you can use this guide for removing and replacing the keyboard and hidden RAM module.
IBM ThinkPad T43p How to reduce fan noise: a homemade cooling system (not very professional but it works) using arctic silver and an aluminium plate for the northbridge, which bounds both chipsets to the copper cooling system by using aluminium sheets (like for cooking).
IBM ThinkPad T43p A cooling system: this notebook has a real problem with the fan noise and cooling in general. The fan needs to be always on as the cooling system is not very sophisticated. Here is a description of the cooling system improvements using some small cooper sheets (0.7mm thick).
IBM ThinkPad T43p Failure description: the laptop starts with a reddish screen (white color appear to be pink). After a minute or two the backlight goes completely off but you still can see a very faint image on the screen if you look very closely. When you restart the laptop, the screen lights up again but a minute later the light goes off. Solution: the laptop has a failing backlight lamp which is a part of the LCD screen. The whole screen has to be replaced. You can try replacing just the backlight lamp without replacing the screen, but it's not easy and should be done only by an experienced technician.
IBM ThinkPad T60 The screen on any notebook is one of the most vulnerable components and is the single most expensive part to replace in many models. If you are out of warranty, this type of repair can force you to buy a new machine as costs can spiral upwards of 500 dollars for a new panel. If the failure falls under the protection of an extended warranty you can be in great shape, but sending your notebook out for repair can take weeks. This article covers the DIY LCD replacement procedure as well as explain how you might acquire a panel through warranty services for an at-home repair. Take it as a valuable extension to the Lenovo Hardware Maintenance Manual which describes, in a very detailed fashion, how to disassemble the entire notebook in order to replace any component you can think of.
IBM ThinkPad T61 Both a technology urban legend, as well as a fact of physics -- putting your hard drive in a freezer can work to "repair" your hard drive long enough to pull your information off of the drive.
IBM ThinkPad T61 This post explains how to replace a noisy or failed laptop cooling fan, the cooling fan is a part of the heat sink assembly, so if the cooling fan fails, the whole heat sink assembly has to be replaced.
IBM ThinkPad T410s You can find a new replacement keyboard by the FRU number (not part number): 45N2071 and this guide will help to attache the new keyboard.
IBM ThinkPad T500 Some pictures from the inside of the case, with the notebook keyboard taken off.
IBM ThinkPad X30  [archived link] How to build a miniPCI WLAN card into the laptop (in German).
IBM ThinkPad X20 How to replace the original manufacturer logo which is attached to the lid (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad X20 An illustrated Track-Point(tm) disassembly (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad X20 How to fix a broken PCMCIA slot cover, an illustrated guide (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad X20/X21 Power supply cable grounding (earthing) (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad X22 It is considered the lid hooks and the hinges as the most likely potential troubles of the ThinkPad X2x series. Here are some photos and explanations to share the repair process.
IBM ThinkPad X31 A nice paintjob tutorial.
IBM ThinkPad X31 How to fix a broken lid latch, an illustrated guide (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad X31 Some pictures of the innards.
IBM ThinkPad X31 How to clean a laptop thoroughly, an illustrated step-by-step explanation (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad X31 How to make a stand case from a folder (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad X31 Elective Thinkpad surgery: how to replace a broken fan.
IBM ThinkPad X31 A short take apart tutorial with pics (in Japanese).
IBM ThinkPad X60s This guide explains how to remove a broken LCD screen from the laptop and replace it with a new LCD screen. The display disassembly procedure will work for some other ThinkPad laptops. Before you start, please turn off the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery.
IBM ThinkPad X100eA take apart guide showing the access to RAM, HDD and SIM card slot.
IBM ThinkPad X300 An almost complete laptop disassembly tutorial (in Italian).
IBM ThinkPad X300Keyboard replacment made easy.
IBM ThinkPad Z60m Take apart picture gallery.
IBM ThinkPad N.N. Make a stencil, and custom spray paint your laptop.
IBM ThinkPad N.N. How to clean the Track-Point(tm) cap (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad N.N. How to replace the original IBM manufacturer logo at the laptop lid (in Korean).
IBM ThinkPad N.N. A photo documentation about sanding and painting a complete laptop case.
IBM ThinkPad N.N. ThinkSafe: A Magnetic Power Connector for Thinkpads.
IBM ThinkPad N.N. A BIOS password recovery proposal.
IBM ThinkPad N.N. (Literally) Debugging a Laptop: this guide illustrates how to take apart the display to remove a bug from behind the screen glass.
IBM ThinkPad N.N. How to repair a missing notebook key.

Manufacturer Information, Customer Service

Hardware Maintenance Manual, User Guide, Service Manual

IBM (Lenovo) itself offers an official Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) index for current and older ThinkPad systems . The Hardware Maintenance Manuals (HMM) contains information regarding hardware installation and removal; diagnostics and troubleshooting; hardware interfaces; and field replacement unit (FRU) service part numbers. Attention: IBM (Lenovo) doesn't provide manuals for every model, e.g. except the documentation for the ThinkPad 770 all the other manuals for the 7xx series are missing. IBM has placed some of them here instead. There are also hardware removal and installation movies available, I don't have a generic link yet, but here is an example for the ThinkPad A20m/p, A21m/p, A22m/p .


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