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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble an Apple/Macintosh Laptop or Notebook

Do you want to repair your Apple Computer Inc. laptop or notebook? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures or dismantling videos, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for iBook, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, PowerBook laptops and notebooks models made by Apple Computer Inc.. If you have written a repairing guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry. Also you can publish a guide in the Laptop and Notebook Repair Wiki.

Apple iBook 366MHz FireWireHow to overclock the FSB: take apart pictures and resistor schematics.
Apple iBookThe Glowing Logo Laptop Mod: Windows, Apples, and Penguins, Oh My! OS X users are instantly recognizable by the glowing Apple logo that sits squarely in the center of its lid. However, with the shift to the Intel processor, a Mac could also be a Windows or Linux machine. So, why not show support for all three operating systems? Seth Fogie describes the why and how, and illustrates what can happen when we all get along.
Apple iBook (1. Generation)How to repair the power connector (in French).
Apple iBook (1. Generation)A complete step-by-step illustrated dissection and surgery.
Apple iBookFurBook: are you tired of your boring naked laptop? get furry!
Apple iBookTronBook: how to remove the paint and spray a blue color on.
Apple iBook [archived link]Clarus: How to enhance the original Apple logo.
Apple iBookePicFrame: turning an iBook with a broken hinge into a digital picture frame.
Apple iBookA picture from inside the battery.
Apple iBookHow to convert an iBook AV cable to iPod AV cable. Includes pinouts of both.
Apple iBook [archived link]Description of a dead display and broken hinge wire disaster.
Apple iBookChameleon: a nice little painting of the cover lid.
Apple iBookHard drive and CD removal tips, including helpful pictures.
Apple iBook (BlueBerry)This page shows how to get at and possibly replace the hard drive.
Apple iBook (White)Tips, tricks and pictures about cleaning the keyboard.
Apple iBook (BlueBerry)How to replace a broken plug.
Apple iBook (Blueberry)FrankenBerry iBook (case, light, hard drive mods & upclock), add a white halo logo to the lid.
Apple iBook (BlueBerry)Creating a Digital LCD Picture Frame.
Apple iBook 2001Accelerate your MAC: Overclocking Guide 100Mhz bus speed, 600MHz CPU Speed.
Apple iBook [archived link]Trauma surgery on a laptop, repairing a fallen apple.
Apple iBook 500Illustrated hard drive replacement instructions [PDF].
Apple iBook 14''How to turn your laptop into a picture frame.
Apple iBookModdings, overclockings and disassembly (in French).
Apple iBookTaking apart an old, broken notebook and creating a digital picture frame with wireless network connectivity.
Apple iBook TangerineTearing apart instructions to install a hard disk.
Apple iBook ClamshellFrom a clamshell to digital picture frame.
Apple iBook G3 Clamshell (Indigo)Bezel modification for new optical drive.
Apple iBook G3 Clamshell (Indigo)PCMCIA mod: how to use a cheap Orinoco Silver PCMCIA card (or any other card with Lucent chip) instead of an AirPort card. An illustrated explanation.
Apple iBook G3 ClamshellComplete repair, upgrade and take apart guides.
Apple iBook G3 ClamshellDC power plug disassembly.
Apple iBook G3 12'' ClamShellA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple iBook 600A beautiful painted laptop lid (in French).
Apple iBook G3 12'' 900MHzThe best ghetto Apple iBook hack ever - Logic Board Fix: if you are a G3 or G4 iBook owner, chances are you are well aware of the terminal LOGIC BOARD FAILURE which has plagued these machines since their inception. The faulty logic board problems manifest itself one day as garbling the screen image and quickly results in total failure of the machine to boot up or otherwise to work.
Apple iBook G3Repair your iBook with fire and fix an infamous video-problem an iBook which boots, but gives no output, neither to it's own display nor to a hooked up external monitor.
Apple iBook Dual-USBAn overclocking HOWTO with pictures (in Japanese).
Apple iBook Dual-USBAn overclocking HOWTO with pictures.
Apple iBook Dual-USBDetailed hard disk upgrade instructions and pictures.
Apple iBook Dual-USB [archived link]A repainting for fun & and profit.
Apple iBook Dual-USB [archived link]A hard drive replacement and overclocking guide.
Apple iBook Dual-USB [archived link]Sticky hinge and flickering screen repair. How to check the backlight control cable with an oscilloscope.
Apple iBook Dual-USBFlowerBook: a beautiful lid painting.
Apple iBook G3 12''A SkyBook paint mod.
Apple iBook Dual-USBUpgrading the original 10GB hard disk.
Apple iBook Dual-USBThe i-Tablet: how to turn an iBook into a Tablet-PC.
Apple iBook Dual-USBHow to refit an iBook without AirPort card, with a Senao 200mW wireless PCMCIA card. With some dremel work on the antenna connector, the card just fits.
Apple iBook Dual-USBThe QuasiBook: how to paint the white case with black color.
Apple iBook Dual-USBA fiber optic backlit keyboard for the notebook.
Apple iBook Dual-USBA keyboard illumination hack, describing how to use white or blue LEDs to backlit the notebook keyboard.
Apple iBook Dual-USBHow to mod, overclock and disassemble (in French).
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USBWhat to do if your computer can start up but the built-in and attached external displays are exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms: scrambled or distorted video, appearance of unexpected lines on the screen, intermittent video image, video freeze, computer starts up to blank screen? This tutorial explains how to apply a thermal pad to the GPU (Graphic Processor Unit).
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USBHow to rebuild two broken notebooks into one and modding the motherboard into a smaller frame.
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USB (White)"Pimped-up" iBook: hard drive replacement instructions.
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USB 500MHz WhiteOverhaul leads to frustration as well as success. How to take the notebook to pieces, remove the 10GB hard drive and busted CD-R it came with originally, and replace them with a 40GB Samsung hard drive and a Sony CD-RW/DVD drive before putting the it back together again.
Apple iBook G3 Dual-USB 500MHz WhiteHow to install a new and faster Seagate 40 GB hard drive; 5400 vs 4200 RPM, 2 MB vs 8 MB cache. This guide offers many detailed take apart photos.
Apple iBook WhiteTake apart picture gallery with a useful screw handling scheme. Hard disk replacement.
Apple iBookFun with a sandblaster or testing ways to repair and paint a gummed-up clamshell iBook plastic shell.
Apple iBook G3Complete disassembly with pictures (in French).
Apple iBook G3Tired roadwarrior takes deskjob: converting an iBook with bent hinges it into a compact, kiosk style computer.
Apple iBook G3 [archived link]Here's the result of some spray paint, sandpaper, and a little creativity, presenting: steelBook.
Apple iBook G3Disassembly guide with pictures (in Japanese).
Apple iBook G3 466 SE IndigoCyBook: how to add some blue LEDs to the case.
Apple iBook G3An AirPort compatible PC card that fits inside iBook. This specific Buffalo (Melco, WLI-PCM-L11GP) card has the same chip as AirPort card does.
Apple iBook G3How to fit a DIY airport into the notebook.
Apple iBook G3Zen and the art of keyboard maintenance. How to take all the caps off and fix a broken keyboard cable.
Apple iBook G3How to modify the color of the Apple logo on the back of your iBook. This process is surprisingly simple. By simply removing the back of your iBook's screen you are enabled to place colorful plastic behind the glowing Apple on the back of your screen. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial complete with pictures to guide you.
Apple iBook G3YellowBook: taking apart the case and dyeing the plastic parts yellow.
Apple iBook G3Take apart picture gallery showing the replacement of a 10GB hard drive with a 30GB device.
Apple iBook G3RedBook: a complete disassembly as a preparation for a spray paint job of the whole plastic lid and case using Krylon(tm) color.
Apple iBook G3How to give the notebook a gree colour instead of plain white.
Apple iBook G3 500 (IceBook)AirPort card mod: how to fit a Buffalo AirCard (or a card with the same Lucent chipset) into the case.
Apple iBook G3 12'' White/IceBookA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple iBook G3 500MHzHDD replacement: the difficult part is to open the housing - in fact, to separate the top housing from the bottom housing. The two parts are not held together by screws (as one would appreciate it) but are clipped together.
Apple iBook (G3 and G4 White)RAM replacement instructions and illustrations.
Apple iBook G4 800MHzReplacing the hard drive and recovering of the built-in mike.
Apple iBook G4Deep insights: a skeleton modding.
Apple iBook G4Everything you need to know about modding, overclocking and disassembly (in French).
Apple iBook G4Keyboard blues: make a hybrid keyboard of a G3-iBook-keyboard and G4-iBook-keyboard.
Apple iBook G4Hard disk upgrade.
Apple iBook G4Sliced Apple: adding internal BlueTooth. Antenna modification for improved BlueTooth range. Interval hard drive replacement. Adding a SuperDrive (CDRW/DVD-ROM).
Apple iBook G4DVD-R (SuperDrive) upgrade (in German).
Apple iBook G4Dissection pictures and instructions (in German).
Apple iBook G4Selfmade AV cable to connect to a TV.
Apple iBook G4Zen and the art of keyboard-maintenance.
Apple iBook G4Giving a nice color to the notebook.
Apple iBook G4How to get a color modded machine.
Apple iBook G4Hard drive replacement.
Apple iBook G4 12''Put your iBook on steroids: A step-by-step to turn your iBook 12'' into a PowerBook 12'' killer.
Apple iBook G4 12''Take apart guide with illustrations.
Apple iBook G4 12''Take apart instructions, adding a 2x SuperDrive (DVD burner).
Apple iBook G4 12''Adding a 4x SuperDrive (DVD burner).
Apple iBook G4 12''Adding internal BlueTooth(tm) support for less than 10$ using a Billionton USB dongle (without rendering an external USB port useless).
Apple iBook G4 12''Restoration of a broken notebook by doing some soldering repairs of the motherboard.
Apple iBook G4 12''How to open the case and swap the hard drive disk, illustrations, tools and tricks.
Apple iBook G4 12''A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with a bunch of pictures [PDF].
Apple iBook G4 12''Building an iBook from broken parts.
Apple iBook G4 12'' 800MhzHere are some simple instructions of how to shim the chip to fix a logic board issue and to resurrect a dead notebook.
Apple iBook G4Apparently there is a problem with some notebook models. It can appear after a year or so in some machines. After being on for a few minutes, they get a blank black screen, the fan turns on, and the computer freezes. This article describes the problem and how to fix the faulty mainboard.
Apple iBook G4 800 12''A step-by-step hard disk replacement tutorial (in French).
Apple iBook G4 14.1'' 1GHzHow to add an internal USB BlueTooth dongle.
Apple iBook G4 14.1''LCD replacement guide.
Apple iBook G4 1.33GHzA logo color change tutorial. This is the easiest way to make your iBook stand out in a crowd. It takes under 15 minutes to do.
Apple iBook G4How to remove the display and change the color of the Apple logo.
Apple iBook G4How to fix an iBook G4 screen using an iBook G3 display.
Apple iBook G4Keyboards can rapidly be covered with mud. But they can keep on for years if one takes carefully care of them and do not use them as a food tray! Quick cleaning of an iBook keyboard.
Apple iBook G4Replacing a broken laptop screen is more often than not, a very easy project. If you have a broken screen, don't jump on ebay and sell it for considerably less than it's worth. Instead, go to ebay and try to find the replacement LCD, the entire cover for your computer, or even better, your computer with a blown motherboard but intact screen!
Apple iBook G4Generic LCD screen replacement guide.
Apple iBook G4DIY LCD screen replacement, with illustrations and tips and tricks.
Apple iBook G4Repair with a blowtorch: the graphics chip on an old notebook had the pins underneath it broken due to the bending of the board over time. Using a compression and heat method you are able to reconnect the pins with the use of flux [video].
Apple iBook G4DC power adapter plug repair HOWTO.
Apple PowerBook and iBook misc. modelsDetailed disassembly instructions, a great site.
Apple iBook/PowerBookPower jack and power supply schematics.
Apple iBook/PowerBookThe DC plug of Apple Power Adapters: have you ever wondered about how the illumination in the DC plug of the DC adapter of your PowerBook or iBook works? Occasionally the cap broke once when I was trying to unplug the connector, so it revealed its internals.
Apple iBook G4, PowerBook G4Repair your macintosh power cord: Tired of Mighty Apple charging you beaucoup $$$ for those badly designed power adapters which break all the time? Repair it yourself.
Apple iPadThe A4 microprocessor is the heart of the iPad. Here is a deep peek inside the chip.
Apple iPadGet a sneak peak inside this gadget. Also check out the YouTube video slideshow of the teardown.
Apple iPad 3These step by step directions will help you to replace a broken or cracked screen if you have dropped the phone and cracked the screen or broke other parts in it. Further tips and tricks on replacing the battery as well as other parts are included in the repair video.
Apple iPad miniApple repairs often are extremely costly. Though Apple repairs are by no means the easiest of tasks, with the correct knowledge, the correct tools and this manual you should be able to replace a broken screen yourself.
Apple MacBook 13'' [2006]Swapping hard drives on the 13-Inch MacBook, a step by step guide to replacing the stock drive.
Apple MacBook 13'' [2006]A step by step guide to upgrading memory.
Apple MacBook [2006]An origami solution to the squishy trackpad button problem. How to fix the trackpad with paper.
Apple MacBook [2006]Illustrated step-by-step take apart tutorial.
Apple MacBook [2006]Beneath the battery bay: installation of RAM, which is a new procedure that involves two little lever arms. Upgrade of the hard drive, which actually resides in the far left corner of the battery bay! As a result, the MacBook is probably the most easily upgradeable Mac laptop ever [Video].
Apple MacBook [2006]Memory and harddrive upgrade guide [Video].
Apple MacBook [2006]How to remove the built-in iSight camera.
Apple MacBookAlmost every screw in the MacBook belongs to a unique location. This guide shows how to deal with this issue when replacing a broken screen.
Apple MacBookVideo explaining how to get the top case disassembled achieving a complete dissection to get access to all the innards of the notebook, part I [video].
Apple MacBookVideo explaining how to get the top case disassembled achieving a complete dissection to get access to all the innards of the notebook, part II [video].
Apple MacBookVideo explaining how to get the top case disassembled achieving a complete dissection to get access to all the innards of the notebook, part III [video].
Apple MacBook 13''A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple MacBook 13.3''Laptop LCD Removal Instructions: this tutorial will help you go from laptop to LCD screen in 8 easy steps.
Apple MacBook 13.3''How to convert a almost dead Apple MacBook to a Mac Pro Ultra Mini by putting the motherboard into a Macally G-S350SUA Aluminum External Enclosure. The enclosure lookes like a Mac Pro, front mounted power button, & all aluminum case.
Apple MacBook Core DuoYou need to substitute or repair a customer replaceable part - CRU? This guide knows all you need to know.
Apple MacBook Core 2 DuoA comprehensive tutorial to get all the field replaceable parts - FRUs exchanged.
Apple MacBook UnibodyTake a peak inside the notebook, without getting nervous, shaking hands and the inevitable stripped and extra screws.
Apple MacBook Pro [2006]Performing a complete disassembly, with pictures.
Apple MacBook Pro 17'' [2006]Take apart picture gallery.
Apple MacBook Pro 17'' UniBodyThis review goes just a bit further than the average unboxing, stripping the laptop to its components.
Apple MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 15'' [2006]A look into the case, a take apart picture gallery and a complete guide for the replacement for almost all parts and accessories.
Apple MacBook Pro [2006]Hack Attack: How to install RAM in your MacBook and save big $$$ [video].
Apple MacBook Pro 2.16GHz [2006]Biometric hack: how to fit a Sony Puppy FIU-600 fingerprint reader into the case.
Apple MacBook Pro [2006]How to install a 160GB HD, illustrated tips and tricks to swap the hard drive.
Apple MacBook Pro Core Duo [2006]How to Upgrade a core Duo-based MacBook with a PCI Express 1x card to support WiFi 802.11n. Tools, parts, pictures and disassembly tips to get the switch done easily.
Apple MacBook Pro 13'' UniBodyThis notebook teardown provides a look inside the machine and should not be used as disassembly instructions.
Apple MacBook Pro 15''A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple MacBook Pro 15'' Core2Duo A1211A breakdown picture gallery and technical analysis of the inner parts.
Apple MacBook Pro 15'' UniBodyAll the tools and knowlegde you need to teardown this notebook.
Apple MacBook ProReplacing the hard drive in an Apple MacBook is pretty easy. You just pop out the battery, remove three little screws, and pull on a special "hard drive removal" tab to pull the drive out. The MacBook Pro is a different story. Replacing your MacBook Pro hard drive requires some minor surgery, and it will void your warranty.
Apple MacBook ProHow to dissect the notebook and replace the IO board (the board with the magsafe connector on it). This notebook originally was unusable due to the magsafe connector being broken off.
Apple MacBook ProUpgrading the notebook harddrive (Western Digital 500GB) is difficult since the manufacturere did hide the harddrive too deep. Therefore, it requires a little surgery. However, the harder part is the software bit.
Apple MacBook ProThe only way to get a stuck CD out was to disassemble the notebook as well as the optical drive as there is no 'emergency' mechanical ejection to override the electromechanical mechanism when it screws up.
Apple MacBook ProThis mod explains to change the logo of notebook to be any color that you choose.
Apple MacBook Pro UnibodyThis first look into the guts of the notebook is really fun. If you don't know how to take it apart, how are you going to know to put it back together?
Apple MacBook PolyCarbonate UniBody [October 2009]Are you curious to see why this notebook is so special, so take it apart.
Apple MacBook AirBattery replacement is easy.
Apple MacBook AirNo Waste Outside, Nothing but Waste Inside. A complete disassembly report from the Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad.
Apple MacBook AirAs you'd expect with a computer so devoted to aesthetics, getting to the "user-installable" parts (some manufacturers call them field-replaceable units - FRU) is going to be a bit more challenging than usual.
Apple MacBook Air 11.6''This notebook "is an exercise of proprietary engineering. While you can easily access everything once you remove the proprietary screws, you can't really replace any component with an off-the-shelf part, ... Unfortunately, like all previous MacBook Airs, the RAM is soldered to the logic board and is not upgradable."
Apple PowerBookExpansion Bay Module - EBM upgrades and hacks.
Apple PowerBookMarking a set of batteries by laser etching, to avoid confusion when switching the batteries.
Apple PowerBookLaser Etching. The appropriate files, laser settings, and methodology for putting your tattoo on your powerbook.
Apple PowerBookSCSI drives and IDE adapters.
Apple PowerBookOn death and dying: reconciling yourself to hard drive failure.
Apple PowerBook 1xxMemory upgrade, hard disk upgrade, modem installation, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 100Opening and dissecting.
Apple/Macintosh Powerbook 100 [archived link]How to build a monochrome digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook 180Illustrated how to replace a laptop screen.
Apple PowerBook 180cUsing a laptop LCD with a VGA connector.
Apple PowerBook Duo 270c/280cTearing apart any electronic product and mounting it in a new case is frought with perils, this guide will assist you in building a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook Duo 2xxMemory upgrade, keyboard exchange, hard disk upgrade, modem installation, backup battery replacement (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoOverclocking, cleaning the keyboard, changing the CAPS LOCK light to a red LED, adding a hard drive activity light, adding a ADB port in place of the modem, repairing the AC adapter port.
Apple PowerBook DuoProject X'tal: Using a twinkle crystal ball instead of a normal trackball and put LEDs underneath as a hard disk access lamp and a hard disk power indicator.
Apple PowerBook DuoDuo Dock disassembly and repair instructions (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoDuo Dock hard disk replacement guide (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoDuo Mini-Dock take apart tutorial (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoDuo Dock: VRAM installation hints (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoNewer PC-UltraDock: disassembly tutorial with photos (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoDuo Dock: some fixing instructions (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoA completely illustrated step-by-step take apart manual (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoExternal floppy drive HDI-20 disassembly (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoHow to repair a broken trackpad (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoHow to repair a broken ADB port (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoHow to replace a broken trackball (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoHow to replace the backup battery (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoA completely illustrated step-by-step display replacement guide (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoSome overclocking hints (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoSchematics of the internal Express Modem card (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoJumper settings of the internal Express Modem card (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook DuoDocking station take apart guide with photos.
Apple PowerBook DuoHow to get rid of a "clicking noise" inside the power supply of the docking station.
Apple PowerBook 5xxMemory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange, modem installation, CPU upgrade (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 5xx [archived link]How to fix cracked display hinges, with two selfmade L shaped pieces of aluminium.
Apple PowerBook 500Auxiliary PRAM battery installation.
Apple PowerBook 520cThis tutorial explains how to use plastic epoxy that becomes rock hard for fixing worn out display hinges.
Apple PowerBook 520/540How to install memory in 20 (easy) steps.
Apple PowerBook 520 & 540Modifications and fixes for FPU, battery cells and more.
Apple PowerBook 540cA notebook to Digital Picture Frame conversion. Disassembly tutorial, clock batter ressurection, wooden case HOWTO.
Apple PowerBook 1400Take apart pictures, overclocking. Examination and Repair of a Floppy Module. Examination and Repair of a CD ROM Module (12x). Putting in a 24 x CD ROM.
Apple PowerBook 1400Take apart pictures (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 1400Painting instructions for the laptop.
Apple PowerBook 1400Doing a laptop to digital picture frame conversion.
Apple PowerBook 1400 [archived link]Souping Up A PowerBook 1400 - Not; And Some Ruminations On Laptop Longevity.
Apple PowerBook 1400Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 1400This one isn't really Mac stuff it just happens to be a PowerBook that has been bejeweled. I guess you could glue LEGO(tm) to any computer that strikes your fancy.
Apple PowerBook 1400CBuilding a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook 1400CDetailed HOWTO about making a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook 2400 [archived link]RAM Installation Guide.
Apple PowerBook 2400Quick take-apart for the intrepid who want to replace the hard drive or add a G3 upgrade themselves (includes a video).
Apple PowerBook 2400C [archived link]Pictures of a selfmade RAM upgrade (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 2400CDoing a wrong disassembly.
Apple PowerBook 2400CUpgrading memory, hard disk and CPU (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 2400CDoing a wrong disassembly (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 2400Step-by-step take apart and CPU upgrade guide.
Apple PowerBook 2400Key-cap replacement instructions.
Apple PowerBook 3400Taking the notebook completely apart and building a digital picture frame.
Apple PowerBook 3400cLaptop to Digital Picture Frame conversion, ultimate picture frame resource.
Apple PowerBook 3400Changing cpu-to-bus ratio settings.
Apple PowerBook 3400/G3Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard exchange (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 5300Power jack replacement.
Apple PowerBook 5300Upgrading RAM and hard disk FAQ.
Apple PowerBook 5300Inside Out: A visual guide to the major motherboard features.
Apple PowerBook 5300Overclocking manual and resistor schematics.
Apple PowerBook 5300Disassembly and power connector repair.
Apple Powerbook 5300Daniele Procida could not bear to see a dead Mac thrown away - so he reconstructed it using Lego bricks.
Apple PowerBook 5300/190Memory and hard disk upgrade, keyboard replacement (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 5300CSHow to use the notebook with broken hinges and without display. Illustrated take apart and ethernet card installation guide.
Apple PowerBook 12''Pictures of a detailed disassembly (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook 12''Taken apart reassembled and alive.
Apple PowerBook G3A galore of information about modding, overclocking and disassembly (in French).
Apple PowerBook G3 14.1'' [archived link]LCD replacement, you can do it yourself.
Apple PowerBook 15''Pictures of a detailed disassembly (in Japanese).
Apple Powerbook G3 PismoTake apart instructions.
Apple PowerBook G3 (Pismo, Lombard)Upgrade instruction for RAM and hard drive.
Apple Powerbook G3 LombardTake apart instructions.
Apple PowerBook G3 Lombard [archived link]The FrankenBook story about ripping of a completely damaged notebook.
Apple Powerbook G3 WallstreetTake apart instructions.
Apple Powerbook G3 Wallstreet  [archived link]Fix loose sound ports, display hinge and the power plug using a tongue depressor. Replacing the original hard disk with a bigger one.
Apple Powerbook G3 WallstreetFix the hard to press clicker.
Apple PowerBook G3/1998 Wallstreet/MainstreetHow to increase the clock speed (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G3 WallstreetRe-using an old notebook by building a digital frame for pictures.
Apple PowerBook G3 WallstreetBroken hinges, detailed instructions on how to fix that wobbling screen.
Apple PowerBook G3 WallstreetTaking apart the CDRW/DVD combo drive.
Apple PowerBook G3 WallStreetHow to do a display hinge repair.
Apple PowerBook G3 Wallstreet [1998]Hinge/Clutch Repair: this PowerBook series commonly suffers from worn out LCD hinges. The main symptom of this problem is an LCD screen that just won't seem to stay in the upright position. The most likely cause of this is a broken or worn out hinge, or clutch assembly inside the machine.
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoRAM upgrade, top slot memory installation.
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoRAM upgrade, bottom slot installation.
Apple PowerBook G3 1400Upgrade (Exclusive Photos).
Apple PowerBook G3 SeriesWorried about an overly flexible keyboard.
Apple PowerBook G3 [1997] KangaHow to increase the clock speed (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G3 [1997] KangaHow to increase the clock speed.
Apple PowerBook G3 KangaHow to fix the powersource's connector by soldering.
Apple PowerBook G3 Kanga/3400cA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many photos [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G3 [1998]Pictures from a memory upgrade (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G3 [1999] LombardHow to increase the clock speed (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G3 [2000] PismoHow to increase the clock speed (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G3 LombardA story of an overclocking surgery.
Apple PowerBook G3 LombardA story of an overclocking surgery (in French).
Apple PowerBook G3 LombardFixing a broken fan by putting it into a PCMCIA card.
Apple PowerBook G3 LombardA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoSurgery of a fallen down and broken notebook.
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoUpgrade tutorial: from G3 processor to G4.
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoHard drive and memory upgrade (slot 1 and slot 2) tutorial. DVD drive installation guide. with dissection pictures.
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoBattery take apart photo gallery.
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with plenty of photos [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoA dissection slideshow telling about AC/sound replacement.
Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo/LombardReplace the cells in the battery.
Apple PowerBook G3Turning a laptop into a picture frame, includes take apart tutorial and pictures.
Apple PowerBook G3 WallstreetSoldering the power plug (in German).
Apple PowerBook G3 WallstreetAdding some hip factor to the notebook by removing the rubberized back from the aluminum plate with a Dremel. The result of this modding is hilarious, people think it's a new prototype.
Apple PowerBook G3 WallstreetA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many illustrations [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G3 Lombard/WallstreetMemory installation guide.
Apple PowerBook G3 Lombard/PismoiPowerBook G3: Turn a G3 Lombard/Pismo into a g5 iMac look alike.
Apple PowerBook G4 400/500A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with plenty of illustrations [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G4DIY Corner: an inexpensive replacement for lost feet.
Apple PowerBook G4Plenty of great information about modding, overclocking and disassembly (in French).
Apple PowerBook G4Bringing Back the Rainbow Apple Logo 12 Inch Powerbook Style.
Apple PowerBook G465W AC power adapter repair.
Apple PowerBook G4 12'' 867MhzHow to repair a 45W AC adapter, a step-by-step guide with pictures.
Apple PowerBook G4Inside the 65W power supply, an attempt to repair.
Apple PowerBook G4 DVIDisassembly and exploration (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G4Take apart picture gallery.
Apple PowerBook G4 AlBookHard Drive Swap: What Not To Do.
Apple PowerBook G4 AlBook 12''Opening instructions and pictures, hard disk replacement (in German).
Apple PowerBook G4 AlBook 12''Hard drive swap.
Apple PowerBook G4 12''A movile about a MCE Tech 16X Dual Layer Superdrive upgrade, new 100GB Hard Drive, and custom-made colorful rainbow logo.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)Replacing broken display hinges, an illustrated guide.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)Replace the hinges without removing the display but keep the cables attached.
Apple Powerbook G4 TitaniumTake apart instructions.
Apple Powerbook G4 TitaniumHow to repair broken $1600 hinges for ONLY $10!
Apple PowerBook G4 TitaniumFixing a broken LCD backlight.
Apple PowerBook G4 TitaniumHow to replace broken display hinges and cables.
Apple PowerBook G4Replacing and fixing the display hinges.
Apple PowerBook G4Speed bump from 400 to 500.
Apple PowerBook G4 (Titanium) TiBookHow to build a really short pigtail with a female SMA connector and a lucent connector. You have to remove the connector of the internal antenna from the airport card, because it can only handle one antenna. The pigtail can be fed only through the PCMCIA slot connected to the card. Now the notebook has an external antenna connector.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)Building an external antenna.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook) 667 DVIReplace a toasted chip.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' DVI TitaniumA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many tips, tricks, tools and pics [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' VGA TitaniumA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with plenty of pictures [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)Broken display hinges repurposed as a compact desktop Mac. New G5 iMac to look something like this?
Apple PowerBook G4 TitaniumAdding a BlueTooth adaptor to the inside (in Italian).
Apple PowerBook G4 Titianium (TiBook)Display take-apart, re-assembly and various other related infos.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titaninum (TiBook, 1. Gen.)Hanging Laptop Digital Painting: Take your old laptop, matte it, frame it, and convert it into a hanging framed digital LCD screen to do with as you like.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)Under the Hood: how to disassemble the PowerBook.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)TIre wall - a Ti-Book with a broken hinge turned into a wall mounted firewall.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)How to take apart and paint the notebook.
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook)How to replace the original power supply cable with a standard cable (Norm IEC C5, KSS 25, 2.5mm stereo jack) (in German).
Apple PowerBook G4 15''Poison Powerbook: how to make the backlit keyboard glow red, Apple logo color mod, keyboard cleaning and take apart instructions.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' (Aluminium)Complete disassembly guide.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' (Aluminium)Fixing the popping lid latch problem.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' [2004]Opening the notebook and reducing the horrible, loud clicking and ticking noise of the equipment.
Apple PowerBook G4 17''Need for speed: Cracking open the notebook.
Apple PowerBook G4 AlBook 1GHzLaptoposcopic surgery, a complete take apart guide with pictures.
Apple PowerBook G4 Aluminium (AlBook 1.25GHz)Collinear WiFi antenna: external miniature collinear WiFi (802.11b/g) replacement antenna for Apple Powerbook (Al, 1.25GHz).
Apple PowerBook G4 Aluminium (AlBook)The lower memory module seating area had failed (this seems to be a common issue with this notebook series), so this guide explains how to replace two 512MB RAM modules with one 1GB module.
Apple PowerBook G4 (AlBook)Some experiences with the RadTech Aluminum Powerbook Chassis Enhancement Kit aka AlGlide trying to fix weak display hinges.
Apple PowerBook G4 (AlBook)After a few years the display hinge can get a little loose. Thankfully this is just a matter of a few screws that need to be tightened! Here's how to do it.
Apple Powerbook G4 12'' AluminumA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual (unofficial) with many pictures [PDF].
Apple Powerbook G4 15'' AluminumA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual (unofficial) with many illustrations [PDF].
Apple Powerbook G4 15'' AluminumA complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual (unofficial) with many photos [PDF].
Apple PowerBook G4 12''Just a few quick cuts to modify a 12" Powerbook to take an external antenna.
Apple PowerBook G4 12''WallMac: a fully-functional, wall-mounted notebook.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' Aluminium [2005]Exchanging the LCD panel.
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' AluminiumThere are some technical skills required for this notebook teardown.
Apple PowerBook G4 17''A disassembly picture gallery (in Japanese).
Apple PowerBook G4 17'' 1.33GHzNeed for speed: Cracking open the notebook and replacing the hard disk.
Apple PowerBook G4 17''Pointers for opening the display the 17 Inch display is completely different from the 12 and 15 inch displays, do not waste your money on any take apart guides for those models, they won't help you; they will only confuse you. The main source of difficulty in separating the back from the display is that it is held on by these fiendish spring-metal fingers that actually tighten their grip when you attempt to pull the back off.
Apple PowerBook G4 1.67GHzIs your Powerbook/MacBook/iBook screen broken? Did Apple quote you the costs of a new laptop to replace it.
Apple PowerBook G4Engraving Quixote: watch a professional engraver using heavy machinery (IS800) to diamond engrave the notebook lid.
Apple PowerBook G4This notebook sometimes had adapter issues, the cord frays inside because of the stress from wrapping it up around the adapters "ears". The solution: Tear it apart and replace the broken section! The tools to use are heatshrink, chisel, hammer, razor blade (for cutting and stripping wires), and voltmeter. Additional items are tape (electrical, duct, vinyl) and fuel hose.
Apple PowerBook/iBookHard Drives: The Essential Upgrade Guide - a survey of interfaces, maximum storage capacities and maximum drive heights.
Apple N.N.How to fix a laptop power adapter.
Apple N.N.Your quick guide to replacing Apple keys: there are several types of Apple laptops and therefore a lot of different keycaps. Luckily, most of the keys work the same way across all of the PowerBook, iBook, and MacBook models. The only tool that may be needed for key replacement is a flat head tool such as a nylon spudger or a flat head screw driver [PDF].

Manufacturer Information, Customer Service

Hardware Maintenance Manual, User Guide, Service Manual

Apple itself offers official User Guides but unlike Service Manuals they only provide simple technical information, such as RAM upgrade guides. Other entry points to technical documentation: Support Site Map: Hardware & Software Product Support and a survey of Apple Customer-Installable Parts - CIPs. CIPs are replacement parts and memory upgrades that you may install using instructions available from this page. They require a moderate amount of technical ability to install using common tools, such as a screwdriver. Registered users may also get service manuals. The Apple discussion forums are filled with thousands of Macintosh, iPod and iPhone users from around the world. Search for an answer, post your question, or answer other users' questions in the Apple Discussions community.


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